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Title: Starsky and Hutch Virtual Season
Publisher: Blackjag Publishing
Date(s): 2001-2004
Medium: print, online
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
External Links: online versions
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The Starsky and Hutch Virtual Season fanzines are slash.

Season 5

over of issue #5, #1
cover of issue #5, #2

Starsky and Hutch Virtual Season 5 was published in 2001-02. It was published in two volumes. The first had 131 pages. The second is 260 pages.

BlackJag Zines ad for this zine, Archived version

Starsky & Hutch Slash Virtual Season 5 TOC, Archived version

  • Best Thing by Candy Apple ("Starsky grapples with his recovery, Hutch begins working with a temporary partner, and both men face changing feelings about their relationship.")
  • A Time to Hurt, Time to Heal by Lucy ("As Starsky continues to heal he discovers that not all wounds leave scars one can see--and he's not the only one healing.")
  • The Unforgotten by Sarah Problem ("Back on the force, Starsky's instincts lead him and Hutch to discover that some deaths aren't quite as clear cut as they seem.")
  • Mirror, Mirror by Elizabeth Alexander ("Starsky is back in action, and Hutch must learn to let go.")
  • Faithful to Thee, Cynara by jat sapphire ("In the midst of an IA rampage and a murder case that comes too close to home, Starsky and Hutch both must consider exactly how much loyalty they owe to the women they once loved.")
  • Mine to Lose by Keri T. ("Caught in a deadly prison riot, Starsky and Hutch are separated and Starsky held hostage by the enraged convicts. Can Hutch let his head rule his heart as he negotiates for his partner's life or will he fall apart when once again he's faced with the possibility of losing Starsky Unable to ignore the unanswered questions about his father's murder, Starsky asks Hutch to accompany him to New York in hopes of learning the truth.")
  • Echoes of the Past by Candy Apple ("A disturbing murder case prompts the revelation of a painful secret from Starsky's past.")
  • Some Night Work Can Really Kill You by Blue Starsky ("As things heat up in their personal lives, the guys work to solve a series of murders before the trail goes cold.")
  • Lie Down Like a Sigh by Lucy ("As a serial killer murders brutally, and the pressure builds for the police department to make it stop, the latest victim turns the case into something very personal for Starsky and Hutch.")
  • When the Chips Are Down by Sarah Problem ("With a few days off, the guys are gambling on having a good time...but will The Baron let them? Are things really as they seem, or does The Baron have some other cards up his sleeve? Starsky and Hutch will soon find out!")
  • When Looks Can Kill by Keri T. ("When a famous model disappears without a trace, Starsky and Hutch have to find creative ways to uncover what may have happened to the missing girl, including going undercover at a glamorous photography studio.")
  • Revenants by Candy Apple ("Mysterious reminders of death and loss haunt Starsky and Hutch as they begin work on a chilling murder case centering on a closed funeral home. As Halloween draws nearer, the ghostly images from their past become more threatening for Starsky and Hutch, while their current case draws them further into the unexplained realm of the dead.")
  • Voices Interrupted by Paula Wilshe ("Hutch's reluctance to undergo a minor surgery is puzzling to Starsky, until he realizes there's more to Hutch's reticence than fear of going under the knife. After Hutch is finally persuaded to have the operation, their current case begins to infiltrate the hospital where he is a patient.")
  • No Words for Thanksgiving by Lucy ("Starsky takes Hutch away for a special Thanksgiving celebration. With just the two of them in a rustic setting, Starsky never suspects what he will come to be truly thankful for by the time the retreat is over.")
  • Elemental Forces by Sarah Problem ("When a rich man dies under very unusual circumstances, Starsky and Hutch must follow their instincts to find the killer. But will they find the killer before they become the target?")
  • You Are My Holiday by Candy Apple ("As the guys celebrate the holidays for the first time as lovers, they are handed a baffling robbery-homicide case.")

"Day in the Life" and "Missing Scenes":

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

[Faithful to Thee, Cynara]: Why this must be read: Because it's by Jat Sapphire, and she's one of the best. Because she doesn't fill in all the gaps; she trusts to the intelligence of her readers. Because it's long and plotty and angsty and hot and lovely. Because the love between the guys is so gorgeous and so understated. [1]

Season 6

cover of issue #6

Starsky and Hutch Virtual Season 6 was published in 2003 and has 471 pages.

BlackJag Zines ad for this zine, Archived version

  • Targets by Sarah Problem ("When a man ends up dead, a vacation turns deadly for Starsky and Hutch, who find themselves prime targets.")
  • The Called Earning Our Daily Bread by Blue Starsky ("A new mob boss from Southern California comes to town with hopes of taking over the auto theft business in Bay City. He's got a penchant for Pekingese but ice in his veins when it comes to fellow humans. If he'd kill one of his own, what chance do two of BC's finest have?")
  • The Stranger by Candy Apple ("When a serial rapist turns murderer, Starsky, Hutch, Lizzie and Arturo join forces to take him off the streets. Meanwhile, Hutch makes a discovery that causes a painful conflict with Starsky.")
  • The Veil by Ellis Murdock ("A forced link-up with a retired detective obsessed with the continued investigation of an eighteen-year-old murder case leads Starsky and Hutch through old leads and new clues that eventually bag them more than they ever bargained for.")
  • To Bear Witness by Keri T. ("While escorting a prisoner to trial by train, Starsky and Hutch are both met by more than one deadly surprise.")
  • Surprises by Lucy ("Caught up in a horrifying case, the guys get a bit careless with their personal life.")
  • Big Men on Campus by Kaye Austen Michaels ("To kick off Starsky's collegiate career, Starsky and Hutch enroll in a course perfectly suited to their lives outside the classroom. But when the professor's former research assistant receives death threats, will the detectives earn extra credit for saving the day or find that the halls of Academia can be as deadly as life on the streets?")
  • House of Mirrors by Hutchrules3 ("A long weekend visit to his parents' home finds Hutch torn between his feelings for Starsky and his parents' anticipated response. When Hutch's sister asks them to become involved in her friend's rape case, Hutch's dilemma grows as he seems trapped in a house of mirrors that both reflects and distorts the key issues and people in his life.")
  • Victoria Don't Live Here Anymore by Lutra Cana ("In a well-meaning effort to help out Huggy's cousin, the partners get involved in real estate, bigotry, and a little murder. Along the way, they take a hard look at "officially" living together and what changes it would mean in their lives.")
  • Broken Oath by Lucy ("A stocking strangler is killing little old ladies, and Starsky and Hutch are called in to help a smaller precinct with the serial crimes. Feeling the pressure to solve the crimes against elderly widows living alone gives it a personal edge for Starsky, following so closely behind Hutch's family visit turned fiasco. But Hutch isn't quite up to par. Are his headaches a leftover from his injury while at home, or a sign of something worse?")
  • Love Remembers by Sarah Problem ("When strange things happen in an old closed theater, a friend of Starsky and Hutch's asks them to investigate. What they find, or don't find, draws the guys into the investigation of a suspicious death, and makes them wonder if they're starting to see things that aren't there.")
  • One on One by Candy Apple ("When a popular teacher is found murdered in the gymnasium of Rosie Dobey's school, Dobey orders Starsky and Hutch to make the puzzling case their top priority, juggling it with the ongoing investigation into the mysterious murder of a local attorney.")
  • Heartfelt Thanks by pepcidDC ("The station is in an uproar, their personal lives are in chaos, there's good news and bad news coming from all sides, and they've got a homework assignment. Must be the Thanksgiving Episode! Note:This is a flashback episode.")
  • Time for Easy is Over by Blue Starsky ("As Starsky and Hutch prepare for the holidays, the partners are aware that Captain Dobey is becoming increasingly suspicious of their relationship. What should they do? Their worries about this take a back seat when they discover that Starsky could have a serious illness. So much for a Merry Christmas.")

"Day in the Life" and "Missing Scenes":

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

See reactions and reviews for To Bear Witness.

Season 7

cover of issue #7

Starsky and Hutch Virtual Season 7 was published in 2004 and has 141 pages.

BlackJag Zines ad for this zine, Archived version

  • Death Before Dishonor by Lucy ("Starsky and Hutch try to look into a neighborhood issue as a favor to Minnie, only to find themselves embroiled in a Covert Ops betrayal.")
  • Freeze-Frame by Candy Apple ("When a prominent photographer is murdered, Starsky and Hutch are surprised to find themselves among her subjects. Meanwhile, Starsky tries to discover why Hutch doesn't want to go to the Fourth of July fireworks.")
  • The Mirror Crack'd by Hutchrules3 ("After an exhausting working weekend, Starsky and Hutch receive some frightening news: his father has been assaulted by a psychotic patient and lies critically injured in a Duluth hospital. Despite the painfully fresh memories of Dr. Hutchinson's rejection, Hutch cannot deny his sense of family obligation, and the two detectives postpone a well-deserved vacation to fly to Minnesota. As they search for a patient whose paranoid madness is dangerously enhanced by a brilliant mind and a haunting trauma, Hutch struggles with the question of how to reconcile with his father--and whether he even wants to.")
  • Hell's Afire by pepcidDC and Firefly ("The burning reality is that someone's after the boys with deadly intentions. With no warnings, no clues, no leads, and no idea of the identity of the killer will Starsky and Hutch survive? One thing's clear--nothing will ever be the same again.")

Season 8

cover of issue #8, art by Lorraine Brevig

Starsky and Hutch Virtual Season 8 was published in 2005 and contains 170 pages with illustrations.

Original ad on website: BlackJag Zines, Archived version.

  • All the King's Horses by Lucy ("Starsky & Hutch are enjoying the start of a happy future in their new home, but will a ghost from Hutch's past shatter their happiness? Hutch must hang onto his life and his sanity through a terrifying ordeal while Starsky races against the clock to save his partner")
  • Shout at the Devil by Candy Apple ("When two teenagers are found dead in shallow graves, evidence points to a Satanic ritual and a link to a popular heavy metal band. Starsky and Hutch must uncover the real motive behind the killings before the body count rises.")
  • Sing a Song of Gladness and Cheer by Theresa Kyle ("As the partners investigate the brutal murder of an elderly neighbor, the trail leads to a mysterious kidnapping-murder of 26 years before. Meanwhile, in the midst of Christmas preparations, Starsky gets an unpleasant surprise from his bank.")

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

This is kind of a monumental rec, since there are dozens of stories in this project, all of a really good length. Seasons 5 and 6 seem to be full-length seasons but 7 is maybe half-size and then 8 is just a handful of stories. I guess the whole thing kind of faded out over the years or something - not sure exactly why that happened and it's kind of a shame. [2] Having the opportunity to follow the guys for years at a time in the same fic universe is pretty unique and very enjoyable. There are a bunch of writers that contributed to this, and out of all of them there is only one author that I really can't stand, and thus only three stories out of many that I really didn't like or couldn't stand to read. These authors really think of great situations to put the guys in, and of course new ways to beat them up. ;) There are some really amazing, intense, poignant moments here. Last thing, read the "graphics free" versions of each story in order to avoid the cheesy photo-manips. [3]

The Virtual Season Guidelines

The following general guidelines have been developed in the interest of maintaining continuity within the slash virtual season.

Please be familiar with our virtual season canon. If you will be writing an episode later in the series, please read those stories which come before your episode (and are made available to you prior to your writing deadline). The Steering Committee will be checking eps for continuity issues, but your familiarity with virtual season canon will make the process smoother.

Please use your fertile imaginations to come up with some innovative and interesting episodes, but bear in mind that since this is a virtual season, and your work will be part of an overall "tapestry" that must be woven together well, extreme or controversial ideas should be discussed with the Steering Committee prior to writing. We very much want a number of different author "voices", but we also want to maintain a certain "flow" to the season.

Please respect writing deadlines and answer promptly requests for information, review of beta/editing/revision suggestions. The success of the season depends on all of us moving "on schedule", so once we're rolling, please keep the Steering Committee apprised of any potential problem with the meeting of deadlines. If we have warning, we can much more easily shuffle things around to keep our episodes "airing" regularly and on-time.

Please DO NOT discuss virtual season list topics, canon development and other "confidential" issues in other forums. Our list communication is to be considered closed and private. Spoilers will be tossed around freely, and list members are encouraged to communicate openly about their stories and ideas. In order to protect this environment, it's necessary to trust that it is "for our eyes only".

Please don't hesitate to make use of our list resources. We have two medical consultants, a psychological consultant, and probably some experts in a few other fields as well. We're a resourceful bunch who collectively know a lot of "stuff", and we have some terrific researchers/resource folks who have already posted informational messages on subjects ranging from sexuality to weapons and ballistics. If you have a research question, by all means, post it to the list. Consider the list your workshop--all story discussions, questions, requests for help/info are welcome. Please label such posts as "Story Help Needed" or "Medical Question" as a heads-up.

Please feel free to use your fellow list members as a sounding board for your ideas, either as you develop your story or as you're looking for plot bunnies. Many folks have plot bunnies up for adoption, and we're all in this together, so if you want to get some feedback on a plot element or event you're just not sure about, run it by the list. Again, this is your workshop.

Not surprisingly, as we are engaging in a group effort among authors of widely varying tastes and writing interests, and are hoping to appeal to a reasonably broad audience of Starsky & Hutch slash fans, we are asking that you adhere to the following specific guidelines in developing your episodes (NOTE: "major characters" are Starsky, Hutch, Dobey and Huggy):

No death of a major character.

No rape of a major character.

No partner betrayal between Starsky & Hutch (including but not limited to sexual infidelity or domestic violence).

Absolutely NO explicit depictions of any type of underage sexual activity (either through flashbacks or current casework). This restriction is necessary for the legal protection of our website and its authors and administrators. (NOTE: Non-explicit/non-graphic references to such situations involving minors for purposes of a case or memories of a past incident(s) may be appropriate--if you question the suitability of your content, please contact the Steering Committee for further discussion.) This provision primarily applies to "step-by-step" descriptions or the eroticism of such activity in a manner which could be construed as exploitive to minors.

If you wish to incorporate very light or playful occasional BDSM, the Steering Committee reserves the right to make the final call regarding continuity with sexual "atmosphere" of season. Heavy BDSM or lifestyle themes will not be permitted as they are not to all authors' tastes and will present too great a challenge for continuity.

Please be conscious of consistency in the way dialogue is presented. For example, please use moderation with the use of profanity by the main characters. While it is logical to assume they would be more profane than network television allows, authors do vary in their vision of the guys' word choices. Also, please use caution with Starsky's dialogue (this widely varies among authors, which is why it bears mentioning)--he has a New York accent and drops a few "g's" off his "ing" words on occasion, but he should still speak recognizable English and not drown in "ain'ts", double negatives and grammatical errors--he expresses himself much better than this in canon. As with most issues, please try to avoid extremes.

AU's will not be accepted at this time. Our purpose is to create a virtual "fifth season"--which will entail storylines that continue on in the canon universe created by the series itself (with the exception that ours will be slash), and hopefully will have an "episodic" feel to them..

The virtual season will continue the tradition of being set in "Bay City, California", and S&H will be employed by the fictitious Bay City Police Department (affectionately known as the BCPD on all the uniforms in series canon <g>). The only genuine locations you must be concerned with are those used in the actual series canon--for example, street addresses given for "The Pits", the boys' apartments, or other canon lcations. Bay City is a fictional town--have fun with it.

If you will be using a non-major canon character in your episode, you must clear this with the Steering Committee. For example, if you want to bring back an old villain, let us know so we can prevent having three authors all working on "The Revenge of Villain X". Also, your use of series non-major-character regulars and one-time characters may impact other authors' plans. Non-major canon characters are available on a first-come, first-served basis. First one to speak for a character will take precedence in the planning of that character's future, and subsequent authors will be asked to adapt.

Landmarks in the boys' lives will be discussed with the group prior to the beginning of writing our season. Sexual landmarks, as well as "coming out" of any kind, major status changes (like Starsky being reinstated on the force, for example) will be clearly the domain of specific authors--again, determined by volunteering, polls, or some combination thereof to fairly determine and distribute the "goodies" among our writers. [4]


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  2. ^ The writers/artists/other contributers were more than likely affected by the death of beloved fan Paula Wilshe.
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