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Name: Rosemary Callahan
Alias(es): Rosemary C., Tira Nog, Katie O'Neill
Type: fanzine editor and publisher, fan fiction writer, vidder
Fandoms: due South, Harry & Johnny, Harry Potter, Kiefer/Lou, Man From Uncle, Miami Vice, Star Trek, Sentinel, Starsky & Hutch
URL: tiranog at AO3
tiranog at the S&H Archive
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Rosemary was a much published and much awarded writer in many fandoms. She started writing as a teenager in the mid-1970s, and was founder of the zine publisher CrowRow Productions, as well as a member of GloRug Productions. Rosemary passed in November 2018.

Some 2007 Comments

In 2007, some fans submitted their memories of ZebraCon to the last program book.

Rosemary wrote:

I'd like to share my memory of the very first Zebra Con. I was still in high school and had only been to Townsley Star Trek cons, where you never saw anything but scifi in the dealer's room. The first morning of the first Z-Con, I walked into the dealer's room. It had an eastern exposure, so bright morning sun light was streaming through the windows, making everything and everyone in the dealer's room seem to glow. My eyes just about bugged out when I saw all the S&H stuff for sale. I met Teri White and Ruth Kurz in those first few minutes, and felt like I'd met royalty, LOL. There was a new Teri White novel, all manner of photos, a pillow with the guys on it, there were wooden plaques with Starsky & Hutch, dolls, handmade jewelry... just about everything a person could imagine. I spent $300.00, all the money I had with me, in 15 minutes and a friend had to feed me for the rest of the con.

I'm not sure if this is from ZCon 1 or 2, but it was one of the Kalamazoo cons. Saturday night, we all gathered in the ballroom for a banquet. [Melanie R] came out in an evening gown and sang some amazing songs to us. Afterwards, several of the con members performed Paula Smith's Graven Mirages, a takeoff of Jane Aumerle's Graven Images, which was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. I have a clear memory of the Starsky character holding up his hand and asking 'Why is there an eye in my hand, Hutch?' - a reference to the Connie Faddis artwork which showed Starsky with an eye in his palm. This was the first fan play I and most of the con had ever seen. We were laughing so hard, we nearly lost our dinner and I was wheezing with asthma and barely able to breathe from the non-stop laughter. By the time that play was over, I was glad I'd brought extra underwear with me!

Later cons... I think the thing I remember clearest is the entire con joining together to sing The Rose, with [ April Valentine ] up front leading us on guitar. I might be a euphoric sentimentalist, but I think those moments bound the people in that room to each other as few other cons ever have. The last time I was there it brought tears to my eyes, because I was remembering many of the people who used to sing it with us who were no longer alive. ZebraCon will always be a special time and memory for me, and I am incredibly grateful to Karen and Jean for giving us this lovely convention for so many years. [1]

Fan Comments: Fiction

Anyone else ever find themselves reading a story and then find themselves wishing they could write like that author? I just realized that I do that every time I read something by Rosemary Callahan. She has to be one of the best S&H fanfic writers around. She has this awesome ability to make you feel. You feel every motion our guys are feeling. You feel like you're right in the center of everything going on in the story. I'm doing a terrible job of describing what makes her writing so great. Anyway, I think she's awesome. [2]

In Memoriam

Ro was a sweet person. I had read some of her fic in Pros and when I met her at SHarecon, I was in awe! She was warm and welcoming, giving big hugs. Truly a gem. I will miss her. Love, Kat W. aka LilyK [3]

Rosemary's stories were among the first I read in the Starsky and Hutch fandom. Her depictions of the boys and her ability with words resonated so strongly, and were an anchor in helping me find my way through the vast treasure trove of writings. When I was fortunate enough to meet Ro, I was so pleased to discover how much she was like her stories...kind, intelligent, willing to entertain all manner of ideas and viewpoints. Her love of animals and her caring heart also stood out. She was a standout. Rosemary was not careless with her words, and she was never careless with her friendships. She welcomed me like an old friend, she invited me to join in festivities, large and small. I wish I could have known her better. I will always cherish the times I was able to spend in her company. Rosemary--the vastness beyond this world has claimed you now. But I know that you are holding the door open for those of us who come along in the fullness of our time. Godspeed. Love and tremendous respect. Angel (Ashevran). [4]

Ro was close to the very first person I ever met in person in fandom, when I arrived at SHareCon in 2004 and walked up to Flamingo's table looking to introduce myself, shy and nervous af. Rosemary put me at my ease immediately with her warmth and smart humor and generous, generous spirit. I will always miss her. Wherever you are, Ro, I know you are writing some excellent porn. Much love, Agent Molo (Esteefee). [5]


Rosemary was the 1997 Author of the Year in theSTIFfie Awards as well as Best Writer in the Huggy Awards. For awards regarding individual fanworks, see below.

Example Fanworks

Due South


Individual fic:

Harry & Johnny

Harry Potter



Man from UNCLE


Some individual fic:

Miami Vice

The Professionals

Some individual fic:


The Sentinel

Some individual fic:


Starsky & Hutch

Some individual fic:


Star Trek: TOS

Some individual fics:



Fan Recs and Reviews

[ladyclio16 at Slash Slut's Recs]
[about A Nick in Time ] The main reason is it's a beautiful story. It'sa story about second chances. Getting a chance at a clean slate. Just for little while. In this one Severus and Harry both get turned into children. No it's not chan or anything like that. If you have ever read any of my recs or my bitch fest you should know I'm not into that. That isn't why they get turned into children. The story remains more in gen that pre-slash realm really. With hints at it's slashy nature only after this spell has worn off and the pair are returned to their true forms. It's a gift, it doesn't last forever. It's just a chance for them to be free for a short while. To get all the things that never had the first time they were growing up. People raising them who actually love them. A chance to see what living in an accepting and nurturing environment is like. It's a gift that is bittersweet because it's all to brief. They can't stay in this place. Only visit if for a short while. It's a balm to the soul in a way. A chance for healing. That's where the beauty in this story lies. What makes it so heart-breakingly touching. How short a while they have to enjoy it. It's an excellent read. I've seen it rec'd all over the place, with good reason. If you've never checked it out. Give it a chance.[6]


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