The Prisoner of Love Affair

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Title: The Prisoner of Love Affair
Author(s): Rosemary C
Date(s): 2004 or before
Genre: slash
Fandom: Man from U.N.C.L.E.
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The Prisoner of Love Affair is a Napoleon/Illya story by Rosemary C.

Summary: "Illya has been in love with Napoleon for the 6 years of their partnership and he finally realises it. At a nightclub one night Napoleon taxes him it - but can Napoleon handle Illya's feelings for him?"

Reactions and Reviews

Very nicely done - intensely emotional. Contains an interesting shared consciousness when they have a simultaneous orgasm from frottage. Illya is pretty much the repressed virgin here - but Napoleon is also portrayed as nervous when faced by the depth of love they share. The complicated emotional state of each man is intelligently explored and I adore the fact that this story is technically so well written that I don't have to wade through grammatical or punctuation errors - what bliss! [Rosemary C.]'s work is consistently good. Sometimes her stories can have less than happy endings, which is not my cup of tea, but this one ends very satisfactorily.[1]


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