Miami Vice Collected Stories

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Title: Miami Vice Collected Stories
Publisher: Savannah Velvet Press
Date(s): late 1990s?
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Miami Vice
Language: English
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Miami Vice Collected Stories is a set of two zines that contain Miami Vice fiction reprinted from multi-media zines.

These reprints appear to be without permission making this either a pirated zine sold for money, or a custom zine created for personal use.

Volume 1

Miami Vice Collected Stories Volume 1 contains three slash stories and one gen story.

  • Dancin’ as Fast as We Can by Jonnie Corday (from Dyad #18) (30 pages)
  • Free Fallin’…Safe Landing by Rosemary C (from Adult Situations #5, 1992) (27 pages)
  • Homecoming by Robyn LaSalle (Wild Cards #5, 1997) (26 pages)

Volume 2

Miami Vice Collected Stories Volume 2 contains ten slash stories.

  • Miami Spice or Fun in the Sun by Roberta Rogow (from Mixed Media, 1986) (17 pages) (crossover with Harry & Johnny)
  • Miracle Men by Dovya Blacque (from Dyad Vice #1) and Dyad #12 ) (16 pages)
  • No Box of Candy by Rosemary C (This story is notable for being Crockett/Tubbs rather than the later ubiquitous Crockett/Castillo. From Adult Situations #2, 1987) (16 pages)
  • Shade by Dovya Blaque (from Dyad Vice #2) (31 pages)
  • Twist in Time by MerLyn (from Dyad Vice #2) (7 pages)