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Title: Collected by Khylara
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): 2004
Medium: print
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Language: English
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cover by Wav

Collected by Khylara is a 184-page slash Horatio/Speed CSI: Miami anthology with all fiction by Khylara and art by Wav.


Summaries from Knightwriter:

  • Caught in the Rain (That's an idea, he thought, a mischievous little smile appearing on his face. Curl up in Horatio's bed, naked and willing and waiting for him...)
  • Dreaming (I've wanted him, loved him, for so long now that I really wish I could find a way to tell him how I really feel.)
  • Hopefully (But with Tim it's to the point where I literally don't think I could live without him and I don't want to try.)
  • To the Highest Bidder ( "She's family," Horatio said quietly. "Yelena and Ray Jr. are all the family I have left.")
  • Shopping at Artie's (Horatio stopped him with a hand on his arm, blushing a little. "Actually, I was looking for something built for two.")
  • The Ride (Horatio opened his eyes and smiled. "Mmm. Wonderful." He slid his arms around Speed's neck. "You weren't kidding, were you? About taking me for a ride?")
  • The Ledge (Step out onto the ledge, take a last look at Miami and just...fall. It was simple, really. An easy way to die.)
  • Chance Meeting (It was the last face he expected to see, the last person he ever thought of seeing here.)
  • Comfort ("Hi." For his part, Speed didn't look surprised to see him standing on his doorstep. In fact it was almost like he had been expected. "I'm getting drunk. Would you like to join me?")
  • Emotional Rescue (He just looked at me with those incredible dark eyes of his. There was so much pain, so much sadness in them that I felt my heart ache."Where...where am I?" he finally asked, looking away.)
  • Stay With Me (The love I saw in those dark eyes... It was enough to make my heart ache.)