CSI: Miami

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Name: CSI: Miami
Abbreviation(s): CSI:M,CSIM
Creator: Jerry Bruckheimer
Date(s): 2002-present
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: USA
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CSI: Miami is a spin-off of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and was later spun off into CSI: NY. CSI:M is noted for being much cartoonier and more brightly colored than its parent show. Itty-bitty bikinis, night clubs cooler than any found in nature, car and boat chases, gun battles, explosions, and ridiculous gang and mafia villains have tended to overshadow the science aspects of the series, especially in later seasons. (No doubt this has something to do with certain other shows set in Miami.)

The show is perhaps best known for its main character, gun-toting Crime Lab Lieutenant Horatio Caine. Actor David Caruso has become notorious for his larger than life portrayal of the character, dreadful oneliners, and trademark sunglasses. The character has become so over-the-top and invincible in recent seasons that he is now often referred to facetiously as "Super H".

The Fandom

Despite being one of the most popular shows on the planet, CSI:M has produced a relatively small amount of fanfiction and traditional vids. However, what it lacks in fandom fandom it makes up in other ways: the show and its lead are favorite targets for parodies and cultural references of all sorts. In particular, people mock the standard CSI:M pre-credits sequence where Horatio utters a bad oneliner, dons his "shades of justice", and swings out of frame to the opening scream of The Who's Won't Get Fooled Again (see section title). This behavior has been memorably parodied by Jim Carrey[1], xkcd[2], most of the rest of the cast in interviews[3], and endless numbers of youtube videos [4]. There was even an Instant Caruso webpage that played the scream and showed a picture of H putting on his shades.

Characters and Cast Changes

Like many long-running ensemble shows, CSI:M has seen some cast changes over the course of its many seasons. The most significant to the fandom was the death of Tim "Speed" Speedle and his replacement with Ryan Wolfe at the beginning of the third season. Many Speed fans disliked the new direction of the show (less science, more exploding stuff) and resented the new character while many Wolfe fans continue to feel that the character is unfairly maligned. The introduction of Jesse "Gary Stu" Cardoza in season 8 was also viewed less than favorably by some fans.


As in the case of its parent show, CSI, many CSI:M pairings are referred to by name smooshes or fanciful pairing names.[5]

  • Calleigh Duquesne/Eric Delko ("Hiphuggers")
  • Horatio Caine/Timothy Speedle
  • Ryan Wolfe/Eric Delko ("Hardy Boys")
  • Horatio Caine/Rick Stetler
  • Horatio Caine/Yelina Salas
  • Timothy Speedle/Eric Delko

Pairings with some of the characters from CSI:NY are also popular.



The CSI franchise tends towards all-franchise or pairing-specific rather than show-specific archives, lists, communities, and forums.

LJ Communities






Mailing Lists

  • csimslash csimslash (created Feb 9, 2003) Description: "This is a group for fanfiction about the show CSI:Miami. Specifically, slash fanfiction, that is, fanfic containing homosexual themes, undercurrents, blatant sexual activity, etc. All pairings, m/m, f/f, and bisexuals welcome; dicussion too! Can be as hot and steamy as Miami in August or as domestic and boring as Lake Wobegon, MN. ;-)"
  • Slash CSI Miami Slash CSI Miami archive link Description: "There's a spin-off of the popular Crime Scene Investigation, this time based in Miami. This list is for the discussion and slashing of that new show. All stories posted here will eventually be included in the list archive unless you includes "Do Not Post" Notation. "


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