Miami Dreams

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Title: Miami Dreams
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): 2007
Medium: print
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Language: English
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cover by Ara

Miami Dreams is a slash CSI: Miami 168-page collection of stories by Khylara. The cover and two color interiors are by Ara.

  • Reach Out and Touch Someone (Excerpt: "I locked it before I called you," Speed answered, his voice quickening with desire. "I was hoping we this." There was a pause. "Tell me what you're wearing. Your purple shirt?")
  • Homecoming: (Excerpt: The moment Tim Speedle got close enough, he dropped his carry on and flung himself into his lover's waiting arms. "God, I missed you," he murmured, the words coming out in a choked whisper.)
  • Accidents Will Happen (Excerpt: "What in the hell is the matter with you - jumping off a three story building after a perp who you didn't even know was armed or not! What the fuck were you thinking?")
  • Leather & Silk (Excerpt: Horatio couldn't help preening a little under his lover's lust filled gaze. "See something you like?" he asked, turning so Speed could get the whole picture.)
  • The Supply Closet (Excerpt: Speed let out a soft moan as Horatio began to nuzzle his neck. "H...wait. We can't," he managed to get out. "Someone could come in and see us. We're in the middle of the the middle of the afternoon!")
  • Lonely Together (Excerpt: What free time he had away from the crime lab he spent alone, and he didn't see that changing anytime soon.)
  • Taking a Break (Excerpt: From where he was standing, he could see directly into his lover's office and while he usually enjoyed the fact that he was so close by, this time he couldn't be anything but annoyed.)
  • Fortune Cookies (Excerpt: "Come on, H. If there's one thing that's worse than cold Chinese, it's reheated Chinese. It never tastes right." He paused. "Besides...I'd like the company.")
  • Happy Anniversary (Excerpt: A confused look suddenly appeared on the younger man's face. "Celebrate the day?" he echoed.)
  • A Little Less Conversation (Excerpt: "It's a long story," Speed warned as they headed down the hall.
  • Under the Mistletoe (Excerpt: "I know she would miss you if you ever decided to leave." He tried another hint. "We all would.")