Dyad: The Vampire Stories

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Title: Dyad: The Vampire Stories
Publisher: MKASHEF Enterprises
Editor(s): Dovya Blacque
Genre: slash
Fandom: multimedia
External Links: online flyer, Archived version
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Dyad: The Vampire Stories is a slash, multimedia fanzine.

It's a vampire special series of the Dyad zines, which were published by MKASHEF Enterprises as well.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, KOZ

Dyad: The Vampire Stories 1 was published in 1991 and is 148 pages long.

  • Moondance by Tosya Stohn (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) (4)
  • Bloodbond by Atira Kei (Miami Vice) "I'm a vampire." Crockett's first instinct was to laugh, but there was a glint in Castillo's eyes that stopped him cold, his mind going numb with shock. Vampire... (5)
  • Blood and Sand by Brendan O'Cullane The Lost Boys (30)
  • Keep Me in the Dark by Robyn LaSalle (21 Jump Street) Penhall's heart lunged into his throat. "Tom? What's happened to you?" Before he knew it, the heavyset detective was on his back, pinned by a power that was stronger than anything he had ever confronted. It stunned him that it was possessed by his friend... (31)
  • Night Sun by Susan K. Dundas (Miami Vice) No one else sees either of us for what we really are, not even our co-workers at OCB with whom we work... they think I'm distant, unreachable, enigmatic. But Sonny understands my secrets... (53)
  • Dreaming David by Taerie Bryant (The Lost Boys) (60)
  • Time of Truth by Robbie (Starsky and Hutch) He looked around, especially at the elaborately carved casket resting on a stone shelf. "This says 'David Michael Starsky' and it's dated... 1640? You never told me your family was as old as this. This is a joke, right?" (61)
  • Golden Vampire by Taerie Bryant (Miami Vice) (73)
  • Corruption by Deveraux Dane (Wiseguy) "You are not a vampire, Vince, there are no such things as vampires!" Frank insisted through gritted teeth. "You explain it, Frank!" Vince shouted. "No. I want to hear your rational, reasonable explanation of why I've sudden developed a taste for sucking blood out of people!" (75)
  • Corrupted by Dovya Blacque (Wiseguy) (87)
  • Guardian by Dovya Blacque (Wiseguy) (88)
  • Rough Boys by MerLyn (21 Jump Street) "They can't fix this, Tommy. It's a family thing." Confused, Hanson kept his voice slow and soothing. "What is it, Dennis?" "You'll never believe it. I didn't believe it, until he came here to take me through the first step." (89)
  • Long in the Tooth by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Lethal Weapon) "I'm a vampire"... "No! I heard you already! Oh, shit! Yeah, baby, right," I snorted, getting impatient with him. I took my hand away, and he looked like he wanted to cry. What the hell...? "And I'm the fuckin' tooth fairy..." (111)
  • Night Hunter by Merlyn (Miami Vice) "I'm sorry, Sonny," Castillo said softly and tugged... Crockett struggled, spluttering indignant objections, not really fighting yet. Until Castillo loomed over him, teeth bared prominently. (119)
  • Orinoco Flow by Dovya Blacque (Mission Impossible) ""Look, stay here for a few minutes. I'll bering you... someone -- " "Thank you," Paris cut him off, unwilling to listen to his friend speak the actual words that would bring his need into too-sharp clarity. "I knew you would help me." "You knew I love you," Nicholas agreed. Paris nodded, his voice suddenly lost to the Sirocco dryness in his throat and mouth."
  • art by KOZ (front cover), Cooper, Susan K. Dundas, Anja Gruber, Kay Wells, Dragon

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, KOZ

Dyad: The Vampire Stories 2 was published in 1992 and is 182 pages long.

  • Full Moon Over Miami by DeLaine (Miami Vice) Was it a dream, this strange memory Sonny has of Castillo coming to him, loving him... biting him on the neck? (5)
  • Amazing, the Night by Starr Copeland (The Lost Boys) (14)
  • The Vampyre Morgan by Stew (reprinted by permissions from the Australian BB zine Samurai Errant) (Buckaroo Banzai) Buckaroo and Rawhide are offered a gift, a gift that is more than difficult to turn down, but which poses some hard moral questions for Dr. Banzai. (15)
  • Betrayal by Robbie (Starsky and Hutch) (33)
  • Gift from the Gods by MerLyn (Houston Knights) Levon Lundy has a secret, a secret he will do anything to keep his partner, Joey LaFiamma, from discovering. But LaFiamma has other ideas. (35)
  • Full Moon by K.L. Fidelius (Hardcastle and McCormick) The gypsy warned the Judge and Mark that the case they were on involved more than they realized, but neither man believed her warning about the vampire... until the Judge has a far-too-close encounter with the creature. (43)
  • Full Moon Aftermath by K.L. Fidelius (Hardcastle and McCormick) Dealing with the Judge's "death" and "resurrection", Mark is forced to face a few unpleasant, seemingly impossible facts: Milton C. Hardcastle is, in fact, now a vampire; and he, Mark McCormick, is unspeakably relieved about it. (67)
  • Dark Magic by Starr Copeland (Miami Vice) (110)
  • In My Blood by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Lethal Weapon) Adjusting to their vampiric state, Martin and Roger learn a few new elements to this wonderfully strange existence. (111)
  • Eye of the Storm by MerLyn (Garrison's Gorillas) Casino should have had no memory of Chief feeding from him... but he does... (119)
  • Sunlight on Shattered Glass by Dovya Blacque (Wiseguy) It was just another mid-night run with Sonny, or so Vince thought... until his handsome enemy/friend started to talk about hidden truths... (125)
  • Panel Games by Tarot (This has appeared in a limited British run) (Lovejoy) Lovejoy's suspicions of The Brat are nothing compared to the truth when it finally is revealed. (129)
  • art by KOZ (front cover), Anja Gruber, Alayne, Cooper, e.k.

Issue 3

cover issue #3

Dyad: The Vampire Stories 3 was published in 1997 and is 156 pages long. It has front cover by Marilyn Cole.

  • Miami Skies by Alayne (Miami Vice) (4)
  • Coming Out: Friends by K.L. Fidelius (Hardcastle and McCormick) The continued story of Milt Hardcastle's journey into the life of the undead. How do the Judge and Mark explain Hardcastle's sudden youth? Who can they trust with the truth? (5)
  • Black Bird by Alayne (Interview With the Vampire) (20)
  • Blood on My Pillow by Robbie (Twin Peaks) Just how different is Dale Cooper from the inhabitants of Twin Peaks? Join Harry Truman in finding out. (21)
  • Louis by Alayne (Interview With the Vampire) (26)
  • Desperate Need by Corwalch & Falcone (The Professionals) Unable to free his trapped partner from a collapsed building, Bodie is forced to learn... and accept... some startling information about Ray Doyle. (27)
  • Home Folks by Gene S. Delapenia (Starsky and Hutch) Life with David Starsky, vampire, is not easy for Ken Hutchinson. Through journal entries, letters, and private thoughts, we learn more about Starsky's unusual family... and the surprise Hutch has been keeping from his lover. (43)
  • A Devotion of Hues by Alayne (Interview With the Vampire) (56)
  • The Best of Reasons by MerLyn [Originally printed in Uncharted Waters #12]. (Freejack) Fleeing New York, Alex Furlong and Viktor Vacendak face many dangers but the one they never could have seen coming could, perhaps, be the last danger they ever face. (57)
  • In the Dust Again by Dovya Blacque (Miami Vice) When Martin Castillo saw Sonny Crockett exiting one of the more notorious gay nightclubs in Miami, he couldn't have imagined the true reason for Crockett's presence. But he was determined to find out. Everything. (93)
  • Night in Our Veins by Dovya Blacque (Miami Vice) (120)
  • Under My Skin by Dovya Blacque (Miami Vice) A sequel to In The Dust Again. Castillo was not mistaken. Now it's time for Crockett to do some explaining. (121)
  • Nick's Shadow by Faris Vincent (Forever Knight) (130)
  • An Angel Standing By by Time Dahlquist (Kindred: The Embraced) Eight years after the episode "Romeo & Juliet", Julian Luna has a surprise for his dear friend, Daedalus... And Daedalus recalls just how special his friendship with Julian truly is. (131)