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For similar titles, see The Awakening.

Title: Awakenings
Publisher: Markate Press, then In Person Press
Editor(s): Marion McChesney
Date(s): 1995-2001
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Awakenings is a slash multifandom anthology.

Issue 1

Awakenings 1 was published in 1995 and has 157 pages.

It has a full-color Wiseguy cover by Suzan Lovett. There is no interior art.

issue #1, Suzan Lovett, "Awakenings" [1]

From the editorial:

Welcome to the first issue of AWAKENINGS: the first of what I hope will be many. While I have done zines before (VAULT OF TOMORROW -Star Trek & POWERPLAY - Blake’s 7), I have been out of it for more than four years. I stopped publishing because I had lost that all important excitement with my subject matter. It ceased being fun, and became work. Despite that, however, after a couple of years layoff I began to miss it. But unfortunately, I no longer had any interest in either Star Trek or Blake's?, except for watching the shows. And, there was nothing else around that fired me up, that is until last year. I had some old zines that a former roommate had left behind that were slash. I hadn't read them before but hadn't got around to getting rid of them. I'm not going to go into detail as to what prompted me to finally pick them up, but I started to get a little interested. It wasn't until Farpoint in Baltimore in 1994, however, that I really got hooked. On the way home from the convention (I drove cross-country) I spent one night at a friend's house in St. Louis. Suzan Lovett. She showed me the artwork I'd missed (I practically forced her), we watched The Wedding Banquet and talked a lot, and then before I left the next morning she lent me a batch of her slash zines to take home. So between the two I'd bought at the convention and Suzie's, I had plenty to read in motels at night. By the time I got back to Los Angeles (two days later) I had read them all, and was thoroughly hooked. She did it to me again....She's the one who originally got me hooked on Blake's 7.

By the way, for those of you who've known me in the past, stop laughing. You see, back then I couldn't see what the fascination with slash was....why all these women liked to read about two men, I thought it was stupid. Well, I take it back I understand now. No...actually, I don't But who cares, I enjoy it And who says everything has to have an explanation.

I'd like to dedicate this first issue to the infamous trio who got me hooked on either slash in general, or a particular couple: Suzan Lovett, Jane Terry and [April Valentine]. Suzie was the one that got me thoroughly hooked on slash in general. I also have two other people to blame for individual fandoms. Jane Terry, who kept insisting on sending me scenes from an UNCLE novel she's been working on, not only got me hooked on Napoleon and Illya, but got me writing again. This was something I had stopped doing even before I stopped doing the zines themselves. Then, of course. [April Valentine's] novel "DISTANT SHORES" got me hooked on Starsky and Hutch. Wiseguy of course, I always liked, and finding out that Suzie's favorite, Frank McPike, was also mine was great. In short, I have three favorite pairs. However, aside from this, I also have very eclectic tastes and open to pretty much everything.

I've had so much fun doing this issue that I plan doing another. I also have an UNCLE zine in the works titled CLASSIFIED AFFAIRS, and am considering doing a Slarsky & Hutch zine. I haven't decided on the later as yet.

  • Remember When by Theresa Kyle (""Yes, isn't it?" Longolis broke in. "And the long and short of it is that we want you to be the one who stimulate Solo's libido.") (Man from UNCLE) (1)
  • Logic Baby (poem) by Robin Hood (Man from UNCLE) (20)
  • Warmth by Jane Terry (""Don't knock it if you haven't tried it, my friend." Illya removed his clothes. He gathered up a pair of pajamas from his suitcase and headed toward the bathroom. He couldn't resist a parting shot as he closed the bathroom door. "Really, Napoleon, you might like it if you did."") (Man from UNCLE) (21)
  • Notes on a Pillow by Kate McChesney (Man from UNCLE) (30)
  • The Truth and Honesty Affair by Mary Millard (Man from UNCLE) (31)
  • Safe Harbor by Kate McChesney ("Napoleon reached for something to wipe the chocolate off, but Illya threw his glass aside and stopped his hand. "No, let me." He leaned in and began to lick around the sensual mouth. "Delicious," he murmured. A wave of renewed desire washed through him and he began to trace circles on Napoleon's chest with his tongue.") (Man from UNCLE) (39)
  • We That Are Young by NJ Kippax (""It's all right. It's not so bad." Doc's eyes steadily met those of his friend. Chavez felt his need, his fear and anger at life, and the desire to replace some of the ugliness and horror, if just for a short while, with something good and right, something from yesterday.") (Young Guns 2) (47)
  • Rainy Days and Birthdays by Kate McChesney (Starsky & Hutch) (55)
  • The Night of the Apology by Mary Millard ("Jim was never sure who suffered more during the next ordeal, himself or Artie, the delicate cleansing of Artie's wounds. It seemed virtually none of his body had been spared from the lashing.") (Wild Wild West) (61)
  • Lost Night, poem by Robin Hood (Blake's 7) (76)
  • Head and Heart Together by Calico ("The author wishes to note that the scene herein was inspired by a fan story she read many years ago. She has forgotten the details but wishes the writer to know that many nights of fantasy followed that initial reading.") ("How long they would've stayed this way is anyone's guess, but the ignored cat whimpered. The whine broke them apart and Castillo reached over to pick up the cat.") (Miami Vice) (77)
  • Prickly Pear by Robin Hood (Blake's 7) (88)
  • Dream Lover (Quantum Leap) by Theresa Kyle (89)
  • Softly, While You're Sleeping by Psmyte (New Teen Titans) (91)
  • Notes on a Pillow by Kate McChesney (Starsky & Hutch) (94)
  • The Visitor by DVS (""Antique!" Garak pretended to take offense at a reference to his greater age, but did not have the energy to make it sound real.") (Deep Space 9) (12 pages) (95)
  • Earth Lost by April Valentine ("George looked up into his eyes. 'You feel it, too, don't you, Matthew? Here, like this...together...we're free." He swallowed, seeming to gather courage to say something else. "Do you think....we might...share this way again?"") (Alien Nation) (107)
  • Just One Night by Matilda Willard (""Lee," Nelson's vioce was husky yet tremulous; gone was the impatience and anger. And suddenly, he felt a lot more sober. "Don't. Just because I'd had a little too much to drink doesn't mean I don't know what you're doing." He faced the younger man. "We've been over this ground before and you know nothing can happen.") (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (125)
  • Notes on a Pillow by Kate McChesney (Wiseguy) (134)
  • The Story of My Life by Kate McChesney ("Giving in to panic he ran down the hall, hesitating just a moment before the closed door. Then he quietly pushed the door open and looked in. Moonlight shone through the curtained windows, spilling across the bed. Seeing the gentle rise and fall of the sleeping man's chest, his knees went weak and he leaned heavily against the doorjamb. God, when is it going to end? he thought.") (Wiseguy) (135)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[zine]: When I first heard about this zine all I could think was, "Marion McChesney is doing a *slash* zine?!" I for one put this forth as Exhibit A in the Editorial/Shmeditorial debate. I found it very interesting how she talked about her transformation from someone who 'just didn't get it' to one of us. Too bad I didn't find the rest of the zine as interesting.

Overall, I'd classify this as a Lezlie's Reece's Cup (remember the whole 'You got your chocolate in my peanut butter' thing? Try explaining to people why I keep snickering when passing the candy lane in the drug store now...) kind of zine. With the exception of about two stories, they are almost all first-time, spontaneous pwps. (Please hold down the choruses of 'Not that there's anything wrong with that!') I also had a problem with the general editing of this zine, namely that I wish there had been more of it. Some stories seem to have been done fairly well with only the few expected typos while others have more typos, grammar errors and inexplicable placements or non-placements of quotation marks. When you get enough of these minor irritations together that they detract from the stories themselves, then this is something that has to be looked at. This is far from the worst editing I've seen in a zine, even just among the ones I got at Z-Con (that honor goes to Playfellows 8 and if I ever feel in a particularly bitchy mood, I might sit down and review that puppy), but it was still something that bothered me.

Now to the individual stories:

I would like to say that not only did I skip over all the poetry in this zine, but I also skipped three stories which were in universes that I have absolutely no interest in right now: 'Night of the Apology' by Kate McChesney (WWW), 'Softly, While You're Sleeping' by Psmyte (and no, that's not a typo; NEW TEEN TITANS), and 'Just One Night' by Matilda Willard (VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA).

This zine dabbled in a bit of every fandom, which was one of the things that first wanted me to get the zine. (Okay, that and the Suzi Lovett color WISEGUY cover.) There is basically one story representing each fandom, except MUNCLE which has several.

'Remember When' by Theresa Kyle (MUNCLE)--It's hard to have a problem with the ludicrous plot, this being UNCLE and also this particular story being just a slight reworking of one of the aired episodes, 'The Nowhere Affair'. It was an okay story for me, kind of cute, up until the point Illya started crying... I'd also put on an alert to Shoshanna on this one: There is gratuitous translation in this one; Napoleon says a phrase in Russian for no real reason, and it's translated in a footnote.

'Warmth' by Jane Terry (MUNCLE)--Lezlie would *really* hate this one, it's such an incredible pwp without even a slight swipe at plot. Napoleon is horny, single and curious on a Saturday night, he asks Illya (who is, of course, gay) to have sex, and they do. The one twist on this that I liked was the fact that Napoleon wanted to be 'on the bottom'; anytime I've ever seen this before it's always been the other way around. And Illya doesn't cry in it, at least...

'The Truth and Honesty Affair' by Mary Millard (MUNCLE)--This must be the Issue of the Weepy Illya. Except in this story, he's not just weepy but suicidal. If you're looking for a death story, though, keep looking, this one turns out all right.

'Safe Harbor' by Kate McChesney (MUNCLE)--A sweet, sappy, honeymoon story and for all of that, possibly the best UNCLE story in here. This one is about as far away from angst as you can get.

'We That Are Young' by NJ Kippax (YOUNG GUNS II)--A good story from one of this (very) small fandom's best writers. This is a 'missing scene' from the movie and as such carries with it the air of tragedy necessary. Definitely bittersweet, but one of the best stories.

'Rainy Days and Birthdays' by Kate McChesney (S&H)--Definitely a soapy outing. This story is based upon April Valentine's ULY, er, DISTANT SHORES, but while it has them say and do (almost) all the right things, it just doesn't have the emotional feel. There is also a bit of overuse of eclipses (...) in this story. That said, I will admit that I would have liked this story more if it hadn't hit one of my S&H pet peeves: The author has Hutch calling Starsky "David". ACK!

'Head and Heart Together' by Calico (MIAMI VICE)--My big complaint about this story is that it just didn't *sound* like Castillo and Crockett. The dialogue felt off through the whole thing, but wat really stopped me was the following sentence said by Castillo to Crockett: "'Slow down, tiger.'" Marty calling Sonny (with whom he is in bed with and not a 12-year old boy he's out playing catch with) "tiger"? I think not.

'Dream Lover' by Theresa Kyle (QL)--This is the shortest story of a zine and once someone can explain to me how Al can not only have no interest in sex and fake an orgasm while having vaginal intercourse with Tina, I'll probably enjoy it alot more.

'The Vistor' by DVS (DS9)--I consider this to be the best story in the zine. Part of it is is that there is a point other than just the sex, although that's nice, too, and I think it's one of the stories with the best editing in it. All that said, I will admit that my enjoyment of this story also had something to do with the fact that it's a relatively new fandom for me, and I know that that does make a difference sometimes.

'Earth Lost' by April Valentine (ALIEN NATION)--Yep, it's George/Matt and it's pretty good. Actually, it's probably more than 'pretty good' since this is the first story that comes close to making me believe the possibility of this. I'd rank this as another non-Reece's Cup story in the zine.

'The Story of My Life' by Kate McChesney (WISEGUY)--Details can make or break a story for me, especially one that's already teetering on the so-so border. This one had two things, both of which I realize are relatively small things in the story, that I felt went against it. One was that it's stated that Vinnie thought Frank was already dead when he went after Kousakis. (What was your first clue, Vince? The fact that he was gasping for air and grasping at you?) The other was the fact that the few times they referred to Lynchboro by name, it was called 'Lynchburg' instead, which, the first time I saw it, made me pause in reading and go, 'Where?'

The only other things in this zine were three short pieces called 'Notes on a Pillow...a love letter', one each for UNCLE, S&H, and WISEGUY. Not only should all three of these come with a warning to diabetics, but they all sound like they were written by the same person, a person who was none of the people supposedly writing these notes!

So overall, it's a zine with the exception of about two well done stories, ranged from so-so to I-don't-think-so, but a gorgeous cover. (It's Suzi's Frank/Vinnie color piece with the picture of Vinnie kissing Frank on the forehead in the hospital during 'Brump-Bump!') If you're looking from a words per dollar pov, I'd say it's probably worth it, though I can't remember the exact cost--between $18-20, I believe. (Let me take this moment to strongly encourage zine eds to put the prices of zines as some of the info actually on the title page. Bless those of you who already do.) If you're looking after a "I want x-amount of stories to be good for x-amount of dollars I spend," I'd suggest trying to find someone to borrow it from. I tend to look at things a bit differently, though: I consider the fact that my curiosity, always something to be reckoned with, is sated, I got a zine with a really nice cover (a print of which would cost me at least as much as the whole zine did) and the fact that I came away with at least a couple of stories I really liked, and I'm relatively satisfied, though not overly pleased with the zine.[2]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Suzan Lovett
a 1997 flyer

Awakenings 2 was published in October 1996 and has 146 pages. The cover is by Suzan Lovett. Aside from some occasional clip art, there are no interior illustrations.

Mentioned in the editorial: page 112
From the editorial]: Well, as usual, it's 1:30 a.m. and I have to get up for work at 7:30 a.m. I'm still writing this editorial and to make things worse I still have one blank page to fill. I hate white space. I do this to myself everytime. I insist on starting my stories on a right hand page. The problem is that stories don't always end on the left. And I'm fresh out of ideas. So...if you turn to page 112 you can see my solution to the problem was to throw the page open to the reader's imagination.

  • Tainted Blood by Tenaya (Forever Knight/Highlander crossover) (Methos and LaCroix meet by chance in plague ravaged England in 1349, and again in Seacouver, soon after the events that took place in the episode Chivalry. Includes rape and some interesting ideas about immortal/vampire sex (when a vampire sucks the blood of an immortal he ingests part of the quickening which can't stay in his undead body and slams back into the immortal when the vampire orgasms). The story was posted to the net as "Tainted Love". The author also wrote a gen version of this story.[3]) (1)
  • Night of the Mesmerizing Kiss by Theresa Kyle (Wild Wild West) ("'Yes, I do, as a matter of fact.' Loveless leaned closer, close enough for Jim to look right into the bright, colorless eyes. 'And you'll have to admit,' he added confidentially, 'that my little plan of revenge is positively brilliant, even for me.'") (23)
  • Night of the Surpirse by Mary Millard (Wild Wild West) ("But the stranger's words, what few Jim could discern due to their muted voices, left no doubt as to what was happening. The breathless sound of 'Oh God, Artie, deeper' brought a flush to Jim's face and finally sent him away from the door, still taking care not to be heard. He slowly made his way into his own sleeping compartment where he closed the door and sank down on the bed in a state of shock.") (37)
  • Night Of The Revelations by Taliesin (Wild Wild West) (45)
  • Foreshadowing, poem by Kate McChesney (Starsky and Hutch) (50)
  • Filling in the Spaces by DVS (Deep Space 9) Garak/Bashir. (Garak overhears a discussion and learns that humans can have same-sex relationships. He is intrigued because it's not possible for a Cardassian to get anally penetrated and he realizes that he might be interested in Bashir. Luckily for him, Bashir is interested too. Also, Bashir is a surgical hermaphrodite which comes as quite a surprise to Garak which in turn surprises Bashir, because he thought Garak only wanted him for his vagina just like everyone else. But no! Garak wants to try anal penetration (and possibly a relationship too), so everything is good.) (51)
  • For Want of a Screwdriver by Leah S. (Quantum Leap) (65)
  • Endgame by Taliesin (Hunt for Red October) (Ramius leaned over Borodin's shoulder to return his empty glass to the table. As he drew back, he brushed close enough to feel a tremor pass through the commander's strong form. He set his hand rest unmoving on that broad shoulder.) (71)
  • A Reason to Stay by Calico (Houston Knights) ("'Too stubborn by half. both of you," Beaumont chastised, but her eyes twinkled. 'Look, Levon, you're my friend, and I care about you,' she continued gently. "Despite the fireworks, you two can work magic together. But one of you needs to give in. whatever happened between you two to cause this--you're going to have to talk it out'.") (79)
  • No Need to Break a Leg by Calico (Houston Knights) ("The smooth, hard body pressed against his felt good, and the male smell of the flesh so close brought La Fiamma too clearly to mind. The image of La Fiamma trying on the jeans in front of his mirror stood out. With a volition of their own, his eyes roved over and catalogued every inch of the remembered muscular build, aware that he found everything pleasing to his sight. His throat constricted as the word flawless came to mind.") (113)
  • My Tangled State Of Mind by April Valentine (Wiseguy) ("Vince's left hand was trembling, ever so slightly. All Frank's senses came alert, concern for his field agent, for his friend, uppermost in his mind. He didn't intrude on Vince's introspection; he waited, wondering what the man needed at this moment.") (123)
  • Trilander by Arch Ant (Highlander) ("The stranger stared at him in confusion for a minute, before he laughed. 'I am Conner Macleod, of the clan Macleod', he introduced himself. 'Jason Scott.' Methos offered his current name with a nod. 'Would you like a drink?'") (113)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Tainted Blood (zine title)/Tainted Love (online title)]: Jan says: To balance out the sweetness of June's recommendation, go and read Tainted Love by Tenaya, a Highlander/Forever Knight crossover. Tainted Love explores some of the issues of immortality in a way I've never seen before. It's a wonderful portrait of what it might be like for Methos to run into a vampire -- an immortal so dangerous and twisted that even the ROG isn't sure how to escape. Tenaya's careful, loving descriptions and her intelligent treatment of the quickening make this one of my favorite Methos stories. So give it a try, even if you don't watch/read Forever Knight. I'd never seen that show when I first read this story, but I loved it anyway.[4]


It was a Methos/Duncan/Connor and not only did it not make a lot of sense, it was also just plain odd. I got the impression that the author (sorry, don't remember the name) maybe thought that Duncan was cute, liked the idea of a threeway, but didn't like Duncan's personality. Methos and Connor have sex with him throughout, Duncan is unconscious through most of it and has no personality at any point. The premise is that Duncan has been 'killed' and buried alive in rock and Methos and Connor need to revive him in time to testify against his attackers. Since they don't have a Kimmie on hand who would be willing to just stand next to Duncan while Methos takes his head, the next best thing is for them to have sex with and around him since orgasms withing two (or more) Immortals makes sort of a mini-Quickening.

My advice, don't bother. [5]

Issue 3

Awakenings 3 was published in May 1997 and has 139 pages.

The cover is by TACS. It contains no interior art.

cover of issue #3, TACS
  • Lost & Found by Elizabeth Cochrane ("He thought about it some more, but each time he came reluctantly back to the same conclusion; he'd have to tell Hutch the truth. There was really no way to get out of it.") (Starsky & Hutch) (1)
  • It's a Sin by Kerguelen (""Blair, I'm fine. Really." Jim growled, staring up at the ceiling. He didn't see the smile that burst across the young man's face at the use of his first name, but the man watching quietly from the kitchen did.") (Sentinel) (17)
  • Nights in Black Satin by Richel Darrah (C/P). ("While on an alien planet, Paris has to pretend to be Chakotay's bond-slave: "You aren't the one who has to trail around behind Chakotay like a mindless idiot," Paris snapped. He'd spent the last hour listening to Neelix explain the proper behavior expected of a ban'aut and he was heartily sick of the entire subject.") (Star Trek: Voyager) (33)
  • Main Course by Natasha Barry (ThirtySomething) (43)
  • Somehow, poem by Khylara (WotW) (50)
  • Shadow From Another Time by K Ann. Yost (""Okay. hell, sorry to have bothered you. Goodnight." Dr. Bashir ended the link and attached the insignia back to his uniform. "Well, LaCroix, my nurse appears unharmed, but I don't appreciate being bullied. We only wanted to help you.") (Star Trek: Deep Space 9/Forever Knight) (51)
  • Loss of Hope by Joana Dey ("He tensed as he heard the locks to the front door unlatch and wet trainers squish across the kitchen linoleum. A soft curse reached his ears as a chair was knocked over and Bodie smiled grimly; must have been some dinner.") (Professionals) (59)
  • The Night of Discovery by Mary Millard (""Jim? James, can you hear me?" Artie had to struggle to move a heavy timber which had West's legs partially pinned. "Jim, it's Artemus. Don't try to move, now. Just stay where you are.") (Wild, Wild West) (67)
  • Not After Last Night by Miranda (Star Wars) (75)
  • The Wild, Wild U.N.C.L.E. by Taliesin (""Oh, is that his name?" Again, he didn't seem too concerned one way or another. Artie raised an eyebrow at him, and he explained, "We didn't really bother to ask." "Meet one megalomaniac scientist, you've met them all," the blond remarked in a lightly-accented voice without opening his eyes.") (Man from UNCLE/Wild, Wild West) (79)
  • Suddenly, poem by Khylara (Due South) (99)
  • Trapped, poem by Khylara (Blake's 7) (100)
  • Time Warp by N.J. Kippax ("Good friends Hank and Buster, on a camping trip to New Mexico, get caught up in a very odd tornado and wind up separated, in New Mexico in 1879. Buster, mistaken for Doc, is taken to the Tunstall Ranch, where he's confronted with an amorous doppelganger for his Hank (Chavez). Meanwhile, on the trail, Hank encounters the real Doc Scurlock, who's eager to show his affection to "Chavez". As Buster utters at one point, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto."") (Doc/Chavez/Hank & Buster) (101)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, by KOZ

Awakenings 4 was published in 1997 and contains 131 pages. Color cover by KOZ. Authors/Artists: Tenaya, Robin Hood, Susanna, Meridian, KOZ, Rudy and more.

  • Music Of The Heart by Elessar ("Ray Doyle woke abruptly, feelings of dread and depression settling about him like a cloud. It didn't take long to remember the source of his distress — Cowley. They were going to see their old boss today. He wanted to hire them for a consult. All the pain, hurt, anger and sense of betrayal of twenty months ago threatened to engulf him gain.") (Professionals) (1)
  • Mazes by Rudy ("Iolaus took a deep draught of the heady ale, licking his lips appreciatively. He hooked a lock of damp hair behind one ear, and glanced up to find that Hercules was staring at him with a strange expression; distant, yet directly piercing.") (Hercules) (41)
  • Ghost in the Lightning, poem by Robin Hood (Wiseguy) (52)
  • Doubt by R.J. Fass ("The watershed of emotions was too much for Doug. They churned in him, confusing and yet enlightening as the trial went on. The prosecution rested its case before lunch. Then there was an hour recess. As the court room emptied, Doug just sat there. He knew Mark was worried. He knew he had to tell Mark how he was feeling, had to share these feelings, but he couldn't. Not yet. He was still too overwhelmed to understand and be coherent.") (ER) (53)
  • Candle Flames, poem by Robin Hood (Wiseguy) (80)
  • The Bed by Rudy ("A bed? An actual bed?" Iolaus flashed a blinding smile and placed the jug of wine on the floor. Dumping his sword and pack, he surveyed the room as Hercules had done. "A fire? A window? A bed? With pillows, and covers, and...." his voice trailed off and he stared at Hercules. "Hey, hand over the wine!") (Hercules) (81)
  • Shadowed Heart, poem by Robin Hood (88)
  • Secrets Of Darkened Hearts by Tenaya ("A sequel to 'Tainted Blood' in Awakenings #2 - LaCroix felt a surge of jealousy as he watched the Highlander enjoying the very thing he had come in search of. Giving into a rather vicious mood, he began to change his plans for the evening, expanding them to include his unpleasant temperament.") (Highlander/Forever Knight) (89)
  • Algiers by Suzanna ("The men's breathing became rushed, a throaty moan drifting toward her. Amanda could feel her blood begin to boil. How dare they? Use a mortal to lure her away from a perfectly good sailor was the first insult. Worse, she had slipped, not recognizing the immortal for what he was. Worst of all, she decided as the younger of the two gasped aloud, that they kept her prisoner and ignored her! Why, I'll show them, she thought, attempting again to slide her wrists through he ropes. And just wait till I find my sword! First, I'll cut off his....") (Highlander) (107)
  • All You Had To Do Was Say, Sunshine by Meridian/KayCee ("An icy wave of shock crashed over him, making him feel sick to his stomach and hot and cold at the same time. Bodie was leaving — Bodie was leaving him! He couldn't believe it. What did I do?") (Professionals) (119)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

[Music of the Heart]: Post-"Involvement", Bodie and Doyle start a relationship and are forced to find another employment when they're kicked off CI5. It's not until years later that they find out Cowley's true reason. [6]

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, by TACS

Awakenings 5 was published in 1998 and is 157 pages long. The cover is by TACS.

From the editorial:

Well, time for the editorial — the last thing to do. It's not my favorite thing to write. I never really know what to say other than to thank people. So ... my grateful thanks to my contributors, without whom there would be no zine. Ihope they will all contribute again in the future.

I had originally decided that this would be the last issue of Awakenings. However, thanks to all the last minute support by contributors, I have decided to go forward with an issue 6. The deadline will be September 1st, 1999. It will premiere at Zebra Con '99. Submissions can sent via snmail [sic] or E-mail.

LOCs are welcome, and encouraged — all will be passed on to the contributors. So go on, now read and enjoy.

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Suzan Lovett. A fan in 2010 said: "What is it with SL and nude men half under white sheets? It's so, so hot!" [7]

Awakenings 6 was published in 1999 and contains 150 pages. The cover is by Suzan Lovett and there is no interior art.

  • Aftershocks by April Valentine (Wiseguy) (1)
  • To El Salvador and Back by Constance Collins (Wiseguy) (13)
  • No Rest for the Wicked, poetry by RE Hood (Wiseguy) (10)
  • Second Chances by Deb (Voyager) (11)
  • Tooth and Nail by Taliesin (Ladyhawke) (21)
  • Another Question by Legion (Stargate and others) (29)
  • Connections by Constance Collins (Wiseguy) (45)
  • Inamorata by Jatona P. Walker (Highlander) (49)
  • Decompression by Deb (Sentinel) (55)
  • Once & Again by Jatona P. Walker (Man from UNCLE) (63)
  • Ransom for Our Sins by RE Hood (Wiseguy) (72)
  • When Tangled Tails Woven by James Walkswithwind (Real Ghostbusters and guests) (73)
  • Vinnie's Dream by Meridian (Wiseguy) (79)
  • Dark Paradise, poem by RE Hood (Wiseguy) (79)
  • Passive-Agressive by Natasha Barry (Miami Vice) (87)
  • Fire Island Hideaway by Stacy Doyle (Wiseguy) (133)
  • Vincenzo's by Kate McChesney (Wiseguy) (147)

Issue 7

cover of memorial issue #7

Awakenings 7 was published in 2001 and contains 246 pages. It is a tribute zine to Marion McChesney. Color photo cover of Marion by April Valentine. Other art by Lethe, Valentine. It also contains 3 poems written by Marion McChesney along with a tribute editorial.

  • The Bonding by Rosemary C.—In an AU where Earth is a Vulcan protectorate, Spock's family decides that captured resistance fighter James Kirk will serve as the answer to Spock's pon farr. (Star Trek: TOS) (1)
  • Righting Wrongs by Claudia Edson—In the wake of Lee Crane's divorce, he seeks comfort from Chip. (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (38)
  • Between Friends by Penny A. Williams—Methos distracts Duncan after Richie's death. (Highlander) (56)
  • The Angel in the Park Affair by Meridian St. James—When a routine courier mission goes wrong, a young Ray Doyle comes to Illya's aid. (The Professionals/Man From UNCLE) (Doyle/Kuryakin) (67)
  • His Ray by W.D. Hawthorne—Still undercover, an injured Ray Vecchio makes a brief reappearance in Fraser's life. (Due South) (75)
  • The Appendectomy by Lucy—Jim's surgery turns life-threatening when he goes into a deep zone and his father blocks Blair from seeing him. (The Sentinel) (82)
  • The deMedici Gene by Hephaiston—After Sirius Black reappears in Snape's life, Snape remembers their secret affair at school, and what happened afterwards. (Harry Potter) (111)
  • The Wall by Ravenschild—Jack and Daniel are used to making sacrifices but is this one necessary? (Stargate SG-1) (121)
  • Dreams of Reality by Lorelei—Qui-Gon reads Obi-Wan's journal, and discovers that his Padawan is in love with him. What will he do now? (The Phantom Menace) (135)
  • Musings/and here by Angelise & Bast—Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday take a moment to reflect on their relationship. (Tombstone) (137)
  • Nocturne by Amedia—In which we learn why Dietrich didn't want Harris to move out, and why Harris was so angry when Dietrich saved his life. (Barney Miller) (142)
  • A Kiss Says More Than Words by Jatona P. Walker—After the events of "Some Like It Red", Fraser is upset and Ray doesn't know why. (Due South) (151)
  • A Taste of Love by Miranda—Post-movie. Over dinner, Napoleon and Illya discuss why they separated, and make some discoveries. (Man from UNCLE) (155)
  • Simon's Mail by Tazi—Everyone wants Officer Sandburg, and Simon shares a few of those offers with him. (The Sentinel) (162)
  • Deck the Halls by Constance Collins—Vinnie gets trapped into helping a neighbor with her Christmas lights; Frank helps. Sort of. (Wiseguy) (170)
  • Club Limbo by James Walkswithwind and Wolfling—Peter and Winston get trapped in another dimension, and must wait for the others to rescue them. (The Real Ghostbusters) (174)
  • The "Midnight Train to Georgia" Affair by MJ—When Illya resigns without warning for a mysterious mission into the Soviet Union, Napoleon is determined to go after him. (Man from UNCLE) (191)
  • A Touch of Madness by Theresa Kyle—Missing scene from "Dead Drop"; when Jim thinks Blair is dead he almost sends his killer after him. (The Sentinel) (202)
  • Recovery by NJ Kippax—Methos gives Duncan a little therapy after his recovery from the Dark Quickening. (Highlander) (206)
  • Who Needs Casabas? by April Valentine—During "Call It Casaba", Vinnie reassures Frank about his feelings for him. (Wiseguy) (216)
  • Quartet by Elizabeth Urich—Napoleon and Illya's daughter and granddaughter have a mysterious trip planned for them. (Man From UNCLE) (224)


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