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Zine Publisher
Name: In Person Press
Contact: April Valentine
Type: fanfic
Fandoms: multimedia, Starsky & Hutch
Status: defunct? (site was last updated in 2002)
Other: slash fanzine publisher
URL: (offline as of 2013) Wayback machine archive copy
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In Person Press was a slash and gen fanzine press. The press published in a wide variety of fandoms.

April Valentine's first press was called Amapola Press. Some of the zines listed below bear that imprint as some zines published by that press were later published by In Person Press after about 1993 when Amapola Press ceased to exist due to organizational and delivery problems.

The name "in person" comes from April's decision to sell only in person at cons, at least during "In Person's" early years.

In Person Press also took over publishing zines by Markate Press after the death of Marion McChesney in 2000.


Starsky & Hutch

Kiefer Southerland & Lou Diamond Phillips:


The Sentinel:



Man from U.N.C.L.E.: