Day by Day (Starsky and Hutch zine)

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Title: Day by Day
Publisher: Amapola Press, later published by Valentine by In Person Press
Author(s): April Valentine, (her preferred online name, used here by request)
Cover Artist(s): TACS
Illustrator(s): TACS
Date(s): September 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
External Links: Online here
front cover by TACS
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Day by Day is a slash Starsky and Hutch 116-page novel by April Valentine. Art is by TACS. Art samples are included with the publisher's permission.

Continuation of Some Other Stories

This story takes place in the same universe as The Water is Wide and Homecoming.

One OMC in "The Water is Wide" makes an appearance in "Day by Day" and one chapter of "The Water is Wide" was originally a story in the first issue of Code 7.

From the Zine's Editorial

It was 1985, the year of Starsky and Hutch's tenth anniversary, and I was newly into the show's fandom. The The Paul Muni Special, the con that would celebrate the anniversary, And I wanted to bring out a zine -- madness? Of course! ... This isn't really a 'reprint' edition since it was culled form original copies of the zine, buried 'lo these many years in my basement. Still, I thought I should update the acknowledgement page... I originally intended to dedicate this story to two characters, offspring of Starsky and Hutch, but as the one character's story hadn't been openly published, I ended up not doing so. Whether or not you've heard of Michael, the son Starsky had by Rosie Malone in the SH novella by Valerie Dawson titled The Water is Wide and the baby the two of them took to raise as their own, Kenneth David DeSantis, from an unpublished series called Homecoming, the character of Jason was created to honor them. If you can locate these stories, read them: they are some of the finest SH I've ever encountered.


Reactions and Reviews


This story is loving and believable, an easily acceptable possibility for S&H after 'Sweet Revenge.' I don't usually like to see children cluttering up their lives, but I was surprised to find that I like Jason. He's a good kid, which says a lot for his mother and even the grandparents. Suddenly acquiring a confused and lonely teenaged son on your honeymoon can put a damper on the romance, but there is so much love in [name redacted] S/H universe that Jason is not really a problem to them. Starsky backs Hutch with enormous patience, seeing him through the fears and doubts. While we are left with an awareness of the problems yet to come, the future still looks promising. The story is liberally and beautifully illustrated by TACS, the softness of the drawings accenting the loving relationship portrayed in the story. My favorites are the cover, 'Frosting On The Cake,' and 'Past Comes To Present. [1]


  1. ^ from Between Friends #12