Rosey Malone

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Name: Rosey Malone
Occupation: runs an art shop
Relationships: becomes Starsky's girlfriend of about three days
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Rosey Malone, Starsky, and a corded phone
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Rosey Malone is the daughter of a mob figure. Starsky offers to go in undercover and become her boyfriend in order to get information to bring her father down. He ends up falling in love with her. When she finds out Starsky is a cop, she is very upset, but appears to forgive him. In the end, Rosey decides to follow her father into the Witness Protection Program rather than remain with Starsky.

Rosey is one of two fairly prominent Rosey/Rosies in the show. The other one is the six-year old daughter of Captain Dobey.

A Few Facts About the Canon Rosey

  • she likes Mexican food
  • she lived with the Huichol and sells art for them
  • she is very loyal to her father
  • she likes to jog

The Fanon Rosey

Rosey Malone is a very popular figure in fanfic. Sometimes Rosey returns from Mexico after her father's death and, in het fic, becomes Starsky's love interest. In slash, she returns to cause conflict in the sexual relationship between Starsky and Hutch.

Another Rosey trope in fanfic involves children and babies. Starsky is sometimes presented with the physical result of their brief union, usually after Rosey has passed away, something that leads to kidfic.

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