Tagging Bay City

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Name: Tagging Bay City
Owner/Maintainer: Pepper Ckua
Dates: created in 2008
Type: fic finder site
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
URL: Tagging Bay City site with tags intact, Archived version
Tagging Bay City alternative site, Archived version
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Tagging Bay City is a Starsky and Hutch gen, slash and het fiction finder as well as collection of story tropes compiled by Pepper Ckua. It has the subtitle, "Starsky and Hutch Fan Fiction by Subject and Category."

The site compiles links to stories about episodes, characters, habits, and fic challenges. The site also houses information about zines.

A similar site for The Sentinel is Playing Tag in Cascade.

From the site's introduction: "This is Starsky and Hutch fan fiction online and tagged by category/subject. It is not a recommendation page, it is not a discussion page, it is not a list of fiction with a set of tags. It is a list of tags with a set of fiction. This site houses both gen and slash, and they are clearly labeled. This information comes from information provided by the author. SOME TAGS, BY DEFINITION, WILL BE SPOILERS. It is assumed that by searching for a story by a tag, the reader is already looking for a certain category of fiction. For example: If the reader delves into, MISTAKEN DEATH, that reader can be fairly assured Starsky and/or Hutch aren't actually dead, just resting. For actual death, the reader can go to DEATH STORIES, but again, that's a spoiler, too. The tags are very clear so don't come crying to me later read accordingly."

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