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Title: Convicted
Publisher: In Person Press
Author(s): April Valentine
Cover Artist(s): J. Jones
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Convicted is a slash Starsky and Hutch 113-page novel by April Valentine.

The cover art is by J. Jones, the art on the title page is by TACS. There is no other interior art. Art samples are included with the publisher's permission.

art from the title page, TACS
Six chapters of this story were originally serialized in Tell Me Something I Don't Know!. In spring 1995, Valentine said she had a plan:
I'm also toying with the idea of dragging out my old serial, "Convicted" which ran 6 chapters in the old APA. Although it sounded like a good plan to have it for Weekend in the Country, I'm not sure I'll make it with all the other stuff I'm working on. Still, SASE if interested. [1]

The Cover Art


UPDATE: The artwork for the cover did not arrive in time for CONVICTED to be published for MediaWest15.

Publication will take place shortly following the con, as soon as cover art can be obtained and final proofing and printing can take place. For those who pre-ordered, delivery of the first six chapters can be made so that you'll have at least the part that was printed in the APA.

CONVICTED will be available at Shoreleave in Baltimore in July, ZebraCon in Chicago in October and upcoming cons as well. Complete zines will be mailed as soon as the zine is ready — if this is going to be later than June 20, I will notify you by postcard. Postage & handling will be $3.00. Thank you for your patience.

Author's Foreword

It was earlier this year that I decided to dig this idea out of mothballs, dust it off and see if it was worth salvaging. Some of you may recall that in the old SH APA, "Tell Me Something I Don't Know", I started serializing this story. The "chapters" were very short, usually only a couple of pages, due to the restrictions of the APA format-and due to the fact that I would only have to write a little bit of the story each time. It seemed an easy enough thing to accomplish. Well, the APA is no more. Even before the last issues, I had stopped working on "Convicted" though I still knew what happened to Starsky behind bars. Every now and then someone would ask me if I was ever going to complete the story. And as I usually always finish things I start - even if it takes years - I knew I'd eventually return to the idea. I'm calling it an "episodic" novel because I'm showing small episodes in the events taking place, done in brief little chapters in keeping with the first six which were in the APA. This was never meant to be of "Distant Shores" proportions! A few of the chapters are more "real chapter" length, but I'm sure you won't mind. This zine was intended to appear at MediaWestCon in May, but a lapse in communication prevented the cover from being ready on time. J. Jones did a lovely cover, just what I wanted, and the delay (as I said, it was a mutual communication gap) allowed me more time to fine tune the story.

Reactions and Reviews

In this story Starsky is the one convicted & imprisoned due to charges of drug dealing & murder, so he is the one that has to deal

with conditions inside prison (which I prefer as I am a bigger Starsky fan). Hutch stresses while on the "outside" of course and works to get Starsky out. It is similar to "Inmates" in that it is slash where the two don't actually profess their love until after he gets out of prison. Great Story & Highly Recommended! [2]


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