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You may be looking for the fan Jane Jones.

Name: J. Jones
Type: fan artist, Vidder, Fan writer
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch, Harry and Johnny, Miami Vice
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J. Jones is a Starsky & Hutch fan artist and vidder who began creating art and fan vids in the mid-1980s. Her artwork appeared in numerous fanzines, and she once hosted some of her art work on a GeoCities site. She remained active in fandom through the early 2000s, posting some of her art online under her full name in the Paula Wilshe and Hutchrules3 story Tandem. She also created art for Miami Vice and the Harry & Johnny fan universe and wrote a small quantity of Miami Vice fan fiction.

About Her Zine Art

As can be seen in the representative art gallery below, Jones's early work tended to focus on portraits of Starsky & Hutch. And because many of her portraits were used for fanzine cover art, they often featured both characters. While some of Jones's portraits are somber or intense, a few, like the smiling Starsky below from Moonlight and Mists show fandom's perception of the light-hearted side of the characters. In some cases, her artwork was drawn to accompany events in the story like the cover art for Convicted or the interior art in TLC and Half You, Half Me. As an artist, she did not shy away from using 'unpopular' looks for the characters, such as drawing Hutch with his infamous mustache (see TLC art below). She also excelled at combining zine titles with her art as seen on the covers of With a Little Help from My Friends‎ and Commitment. And last, like many fanartists, some of Jones' portraits were modeled on studio photos stills released at the time (see the 5th portrait of Starsky & Hutch below from Moonlight and Mists. As a side note, the zine, Moonlight and Mists contains the artist's earliest work currently available on Fanlore.)

Zines With Her Art

Some Fannish Commentary

  • In a 1985 issue of the letterzine Between Friends one fan writes: while at the Paul Muni Special convention art auction "...I could not resist buying two beautiful "Johnny" drawings by [Jones]..." (Source: Issue #12).
  • In issue #10 of Between Friends a contributor comments on Jones's artwork in issue #9 of the letterzine: "Terrific artwork this issue. Especially the portrait of Hutch on Page 8. It is such a handsomely done piece of work that even the hairy caterpiller looks good! Hope to see more of your work in future issues." Another writes: "....your illo on Page 22 is just gorgeous."


As one of the early vidders in media fandom, Jones experimented with the fanvid format. In her "History of Vidding" panel presented by Kandy Fong at Vividcon 2008 Kandy explained: "[Jones] took the 'one action scene'/one song concept a different direction by reusing scenes to extend the action sequences. [For example in the vid "Don't Stop" by Chilliwack she looped together repeated clips of Starsky running in a park to empathize the song's theme "Don't stop what you're doin' to me. Do it forever, do it forever".] She also used the show's dialog in her vids." An example of a vid that blended music with dialog was her Starsky & Hutch vid "Runaway" which was shown at the Vividcon "Vidding History: 1980-1984" panel.

A complete list of her vids can be found here.

J. Jones use of title cards was also a standout feature, not common at the time.

Gallery: Some of Jones's Art