Gold Coast

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Title: Gold Coast
Publisher: Brenda Cunningham
Date(s): 1986-1996
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Miami Vice
Language: English
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Gold Coast is a gen Miami Vice anthology published in Canada. There are five issues.

Issue 1

Gold Coast 1 was published in 1986 and contains 24 pages.

  • four short stories
  • cartoon
  • first season episode guide

Issue 2

Gold Coast 2 unknown content

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3
another version of the cover of issue #3

Gold Coast 3 was published in 1989 and contains 160 pages. The art is by Julie Madge and Connie Fryer.

An ad in Southern Enclave explains the publisher's varied methods of payment: "Payment for orders may be made by US check or bank or postal money order. Or cash, if you want to risk it. Loose US stamps, Canadian stamps, International Reply Coupons or cash with SAE please."

  • One More Second Chance by Gretchen M. Cupp ("Someone is trying to kill Crockett, and while investingating the case, he and Castillo must deal with their mutual distrust.")
  • Catch of a Lifetime by Jane Steinmetz ("Crockett went for a long drive after quitting Metro Dade and made a discovery that could change Rico Tubbs' life. A post-”FREEFALL” story.")
  • Coming Around Again by Lisa Millraney ("The past is not what it seems and perhaps, neither is the present. See the way things were in another time and place and learn what they have to do with Miami's hottest law enforcement duo.")
  • Billy's Got a Gun by Karen Howard ("Crockett has to find his missing son while maintaining a precarious cover in New York City. His new partner is Vincent Terranova of the FBI.") This story won a Fan Q Award.
  • more stories and poetry

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4

Gold Coast 4 contains 145 pages and was published in 1996.

  • JACK BE NIMBLE by J Jones — Jake smiled to himself. Sonny was going to love this bunch… Sonny’s reaction was to throw his hands in the air, turn his back on the Crockett crew, his body language a testimony to the fury he was experiencing
  • PATTERNS OF MEMORY by Tammy L. Croft — “How are you, Sonny?” Castillo asked softly, concentrating on the nuances of the raspy voice. Even experienced cops who knew him well found Sonny tough to read — but Castillo never had. Perhaps because he could see so much of himself in the younger man
  • NEW BEGINNINGS by Whitney Armstrong — “I said Burnett was all on the surface. I was always Crockett underneath, where it counted.”
  • THE DEATH OF SONNY T. BURNETT by Karen Howard — Sonny watched Joey Hardin from just inside the bank. Even from this vantage point, he didn’t see the envelope slip from inside George’s inside pocket to the waistband of Joey’s jeans. Joey trotted up the stairs and pushed through the door beside Sonny. “Looks like you learned a few things since I saw you last,” Sonny drawled…
  • Artwork by J Jones, color front cover

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5

Gold Coast 5 contains 158 pages and was published in 1996.

  • HORSESHOES AND HAND GRENADES by Gretchen M. Cupp — My God, not again… he finally saw what he was searching for. Ricardo Tubbs was floating face down, carried by the incoming tide toward the wall of pilings that supported the dock’s edge. (37 pages, printed only on one side)
  • TEQUILA SUNRISE by Sharon Gates & Mary Sparling — Martin had slowed down somewhat after about the fifth or sixth drink but was still drinking. Rico figured Castillo could float home by now. But the amazing thing was he seemed perfectly sober. Sonny, on the other hand, had staggered his way to the men’s room and back
  • THE WATCHER by B. M. Cunningham — The watcher stayed out of sight not because he wanted to but because he knew he must. Marty, with his deep-rooted beliefs might find those shaken if he knew. Now was not the time to disturb him more than he already was. Now was a time for him to heal
  • BLIND CHANCE by Tammy L. Croft — “No?” Sonny said, his own smile predatory. Burnett was there, at his shoulder, demanding to be set free, but Sonny ruthlessly slammed the psychological door on him. “Then why are you here? And why the gun, pal?”
  • REUNION by B. M. Cunningham — “I remember thinking that if that bullet Johannson put in me wasn’t the one that killed me, the one from Rosa’s gun would. …I’ve worked it out. Everything’s fine now.” “…that sounds more like the old Martin Castillo…since we got here yesterday you’ve looked and sounded like a stranger.”
  • BY THE SWORD by J Jones & Karen Howard — (MV/Highlander) — …Sonny felt the static electricity tingle again… Hackman was real… He was the source of the tingle coursing through Sonny’s body, the same tingle Sonny had felt from Duncan MacLeod and the boy named Richie
  • Artwork by J Jones and Peter Strewsen
  • Typeface done on HP Deskjet. Front cover is in color