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International Reply Coupons are/were the international version of a SASE.

Examples of Use

"If you haven't received yours [issue of the letterzine] by now, it's either because (a) you didn't send me an SASE, (b) you live overseas, and I haven't yet rounded up all the international reply coupons, or (c) you moved, and it hasn't caught up with you yet..." [1]
"To those of you in Canada and Overseas who have been providing me with International Reply Coupons in place of the SASE, thank you. However, I have discovered that they are not all they're cracked up to be. The kindly folks at the post office here in Lacey [Washingtin state] generally view them as Public Enemy Number One, or they don't have a clue as to what they are or what to do with then. Also, if the foreign post office has mistakenly stamped the IRC on the wrong side, the U.S. post office will refuse them. In that case, the person paying for their reply has paid for nothing and the person sending the reply has to pay to send it anyway. IRCs are actually more trouble than they're worth. If anyone from Canada or Overseas needs a reply via SASE, why don't you just tuck an extra dollar or so In your envelope and allow me to do the addressing and stamping. It will be much much' easier for both of us that way." [2]


  1. ^ from S and H in 1979
  2. ^ from Engage! #12 (1992)