A Little Bit of Cyn

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Title: A Little Bit of Cyn
Publisher: Agent With Style
Editor(s): Cynthia
Date(s): October 2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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cover by J. Jones

A Little Bit of Cyn is a slash 259-page digest-sized fanzine. All three stories are by Cynthia and the cover is by J. Jones.

From a one-time distributor, Agent With Style: "The three tales in this digest zine run the gamut from first-time stories to tales of sudden, confusing breakup and ultimate rejoining. Tears and laughter, sadness and joy, all tinged with the deep love Starsky and Hutch have for one another."

  • Crossroads (91 pages)
  • A Fine Resolution (77 pages) ("Hutch broke away from Starsky and backed up against the wall. His heart broke at the sight of the scars on his lover's chest. Hutch slid down the wall and clutched his stomach. "He's my father, Starsky," he cried out. He hit the floor with a loud thump and buried his head in his hands. "James Gunther is my father.")
  • Rare Portraits (91 pages)

Meddling by Agent With Style

The author of these stories was upset at the changes made by Agent With Style without her consent to the stories in this zine. One was the addition of epithets, the addition of the word "cock," and many other changes that the author discovered when using a computer program to merge the versions of her submitted original text and the text that was eventually printed. The author stated it shocked "hell out of me," and that so many changes were made in one of the stories it didn't even feel like hers anymore.[1]

Fan Reactions and Reviews: Online Version

[Crossroads]: This is a great story of Hutch angst and heartache and torment and addiction and scandal and love. This is a story where Starsky comes to the rescue and saves his fallen white knight.[2]
[Rare Portraits]: This is a must read because Cynatnite wrote it so it is going to be good, and because there is nothing worse then when one of the guys marries a women.[3]


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