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Title: Crockett-Dial
Publisher: Karen Howard
Date(s): 1987-1996
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Miami Vice
Language: English
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Crockett-Dial is a gen Miami Vice anthology with six issues. The official full title of the ‘zine is "Crockett-Dial (That’s Alligator, Darlin’, Al-li-gator)".

Summaries below from the publisher:

Issue 1

Crockett-Dial 1 was published in 1987 and contains 113 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • Some Things Never Change by Susan Hall (Crockett & Tubbs on a meet for high-tech weapons.)
  • Where Angels Cry by Cathy L. Bryson (When Crockett is assigned to bring a witness back to Miami to testify, the plane takes a nose-dive into the Everglades) (13 pages)
  • A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes by Karen Howard (Stan deals with Larry Zito’s death.)
  • A Brief Interlude by Quinn (An interesting romance vignette.)
  • The Tourist and the Lady by Karen Howard (Crockett has scheduled a few days off, so no one notices he’s missing until it’s too late.) (20 pages)
  • Beginnings by Linda Joyce Merryweather (Based on some thoughts they could have had in the Pilot.)
  • Memory Gone-- Next, Your Life! by Maxine McCaughey (After a car accident, Sonny loses his memory. (Note: This was written WAY before MIRROR IMAGE)
  • When Push Comes to Shove by N. Suzanne McGhinn (A cop decides to write a book, and Crockett finds himself in its pages.)
  • Little Sister by Vanessa N. Hanko (Sonny’s half-sister turns up in Miami–in trouble.)
  • Poetry by Cathy Bryson, Elaine Batterby, Karen Howard
  • Art by Dani Lane, Mary Platt
  • word find (1 page)

Issue 2

Crockett-Dial 2 was published in 1988 and contains 130 pages. The pages inside are printed on blue-green paper.

cover of issue #2
  • The Course of a Lifetime by Susan Hall (Rico’s son and Billy meeting to get training) (2 pages)
  • Lost Dreams by Donna J. Call (Missing scene from THE GOOD COLLAR (3rd season), Sonny having to tell a family that their son was dead) (2 pages)
  • Over the Edge by Linda Joyce Merriweather (The challenge in DIAL 1 was “What could make Sonny Crockett lose his nerve?”) (9 pages)
  • Coping by Brenda Cunningham (How did Martin Castillo deal with the losses in his life?) (2 pages)
  • You Can Help by Karen Howard (Our attempt to try to save the Senator Hotel (MILK RUN) from being demolished (includes photos)) (3 pages)
  • Little Sister, part 2 by Vanessa N. Hanko (Sonny’s half-sister is still in trouble.) (27 pages)
  • The Ultimate Miami Vice Trivia Quiz (10 pages)
  • Don & Me, When You Wish Upon a Star by Karen Howard (Meeting Don Johnson at the Sands Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.) (5 pages)
  • Taking Umbrage in Philadelphia by Karen Howard (Seeing Don at the Hero Scholarship Fund Thrill Show in Philadelphia. This is the one he mentioned on Johnny Carson & said talking to the audience was “like talking to an oil painting.”) (2 pages)
  • I Can Feel It Comin' In the Air by Karen Howard (What it’s like to go to Miami and watch MV filming.) (11 pages)
  • Poetry by Sonja Dennert, ELaine M. Batterby, Brenda Cunningham
  • Art by Adria Caprara, Dani Lane, Erin Caprara
  • Photos from Miami/Miami Beach and the MV set by Karen Howard (5 pages)

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3
back cover of issue #3

Crockett-Dial 3 contains 208 pages. It is undated, but was published in 1990.

  • Don Johnson in West Germany by Karen Howard (A German VICEr gets to see DJ in Munich.)
  • One Fine Day by Adriane Lewis and Lisa Millraney (A surprise for Martin Castillo.)
  • Life in the Strange Lane by Vanessa N. Hanko (Bikers steal the goodies when Crockett & Tubbs go on a buy.)
  • Silent Sharing by Sandra J. Ferriday (A Crockett, Tubbs & Castillo vignette.)
  • The Star Trek/Miami Vice Connection (or WHY ARE THERE SO MANY STAR TREK FANS IN MIAMI VICE FANDOM?) by Elaine Batterby (Interesting comparisons of the shows & their fans.)
  • Life in the Fast Lane by Donna Call (Thoughts on the way to a drug deal.)
  • Secrets by Brenda Cunningham (Someone from Castillo’s past turns up in Miami & turns the lieutenant’s world upside down.)
  • Eclipse (part 1) (not to-be-continued) by Karen Howard (When Sonny starts having hallucinations & nightmares, Rico takes him to a friend who has more to offer than the psychiatrists.)
  • Shattered Glass by Karen Howard (What happened after Sonny left Manolo’s gallery at the end of MIRROR IMAGE?) (5 pages)
  • Miami Cheese by Karen Howard (Ricotta Chubbs & Sonny Crickett hunt down a cereal killer. A tongue in cheek Miami Mice story) (11 pages)
  • Changeling by Lisa Millraney & Adriane Lewis (Some fans thought their resolution to Sonny’s amnesia was better than the aired episodes.) (50 pages)
  • A Relative Matter by Susan Hall (Somebody important is coming to visit, and Crockett isn’t sure he knows how to deal with it.)
  • Lots of MV trivia & an article on researching fanfic
  • Poetry by Brenda Cunningham, Shannon, Karen Howard, Lisa Millraney, Linda Merryweather
  • Art by Julie Madge, Adria Caprara, Erin Kaniuk

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4

Crockett-Dial 4 contains 404 pages. It was published in 1990. Winner: Fan Quality Award for Best MV zine of the Year.

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5
back cover of issue #5

Crockett-Dial 5 was published in 1991 and contains 147 pages.

  • Sins of the Cousins by J. Jones ("Cousin Jack (JACK OF ALL TRADES, 4th season) is back, and possibly in more trouble than before.)
  • Lyn and Whitney's Excellent Adventure by Whitney Armstrong (Lyn & Whitney go to Don’s boat race in New York.")
  • Dream Faith by Lisa Millraney & Adriane Lewis ("We’ve seen episodes where Crockett’s 6th sense saves the day. Maybe Tubbs is psychic as well.")
  • Assumptions by Lisa Millraney & Adriane Lewis ("Did you feel RED TAPE left a lot of unanswered questions? So did Lisa and Adriane, so they filled in the blanks.")
  • Adeste Fideles by Roxanne Verellen ("An alternate universe story (deviates from the aired story lines) about Sonny spending Christmas with his lady.)
  • Love Kills by Conny Hanf ("Sonny’s dating a new lady, and doesn’t want to believe the evidence—that she may not be what she seems.")
  • Resolutions by Brenda Cunningham ("Situations introduced in previous Castillo stories in DIAL are finally resolved. Each story can be read independently–not to-be-continued.")
  • The Pirate Looks at 40 by Karen Howard ("Tubbs has retired from Vice & is now running a PI agency in New Jersey. A strange Christmas present has his secretary, Nancy, trying to track down Sonny Crockett—who’s been missing for several months.")
  • When You Least Expect It by Lisa Millraney & Adriane Lewis ("Things don’t go as planned when Trudy goes to her high school reunion.")
  • From Vice to Eternity by Karen Howard ("Ever watch another TV show or movie & see someone who was on Vice? Where did the guest stars turn up after MV (do you remember Julia Roberts in MIRROR IMAGE?")
  • poetry by Gretchen M. Cupp, one of which is "Hey, Sonny" which was reprinted in Our Favorite Things #9
  • art by J. Jones, Pam Heath, Julie Madge

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, without the cassette tape flap
flap with cassette tape in place

Crockett-Dial 6 was published in 1996 and contains 268 pages. Note: Dial 6 is rated “R” for violence, adult language, sexual content and nudity. It was published in 1996. At least one issue has an audio soundtrack, a cassette tape that fits into a homemade, cross-stitched flap and pocket which fits over the front cover; it is unknown if this cover was created by the publisher, or a one-time fan creation.

  • MTV Cops by Mel Wallace (with Bunny T. Stoner) (The original concept for Miami Vice was “MTV Cops,” so Mel & Bunny had some fun.) (29 pages)
  • In Too Deep by J. Jones (A dirty cop may be the leak giving the bad guys information and ruining Crockett’s undercover operation. Also a love interest for Sonny)
  • Remains 'O the Day by Toni Bain (When the body parts wash up on Miami Beach, Homicide asks Crockett & Tubbs if they can identify them. This was the inspiration for Mascarada.)
  • So We Can Say Goodbye by Lara Elrod (Sonny’s in trouble and the only one who can save him is Caitlin—but she’s dead.)
  • To Protect and Serve by R Kayne (Was Crockett that much different from Hackman?)
  • Power Trip by Lara Elrod (The power struggle between Sonny Burnett and Cliff King.)
  • Two Lost Souls by Lara Elrod (What happened after the final scene from FREEFALL? How did Sonny and Rico cope?) (7 pages)
  • I Still Believe by R Kayne (Could Sonny still believe in all his life stood for after throwing down his badge?)
  • Night Driving Music by R Kayne (Because DIAL 6 had a soundtrack, this story works very well—the music give it a truly “Vice” feel.)
  • Fool Like You by Karen Howard (After leaving Vice, Sonny tries to settle down–then he gets a phone call telling him his son Billy is missing and may have been murdered. Then Castillo asks him to help when somebody calling himself “Burnett” starts making deals in Miami.)
  • Hey, That Guy Was on Vice! by Karen Howard (Everybody helped on this one as we noted all the guest stars who have turned up on other TV shows or movies.)
  • Poetry by Gretchen M. Cupp, Lara Elrod, and R Kayne
  • Art by J. Jones, Julie Madge, Skye, Peter Strewsen and Mel Wallace


The cassette included with issue 6 contained the following playlist:

Side A:

  • Miami Vice Theme
  • Calm Before the Storm
  • We Fly So Close
  • I Don't Remember
  • Waitin' For The Hammer to Fall
  • You Give Love a Bad Name
  • Lost For Words
  • Little Tin God
  • A Better Place
  • If Dirt Were $

Side B:

  • Rest In Peace
  • That Voice Again
  • Don't Talk to Strangers
  • No More "I Love Yous"
  • Evan's Theme
  • Sympathy for the Devil
  • Lament
  • Hi-Jack
  • Ready for the Rain to Fall
  • The Masquerade