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The fourth season of Starsky & Hutch portrayed a Hutch who'd undergone some physical changes. The character was somewhat heavier, had longer hair, and had grown a mustache. This season also portrayed a Hutch and Starsky who were often snappish with each other, lacked some of the easy-going buddy-ness of the show, and the episodes were darker.

Hutch's mustache, one of the most obvious changes, was one that sparked much fannish discussion. Some fans loved it, citing a general love for mustaches. Others felt it made him look more mature. Some fans hated it, claiming it made Hutch look sloppy, haggard, and beaten down. Other fans felt it symbolized the slash possibilities of this last season.

Some fans referred to the mustache as a "cookie duster" and as a "caterpillar."

Examples of Fannish Opinion

In 1980, a fan wants to know what "must have happened between the trim, tan, yellow-blond, charming guy we left in ‘Deckwatch’ and the character that returned to us in ‘Discomania.’ Also, what would ever have possessed him to grow the mustache? Several authors have dealt/are dealing with the when’s and why’s of his shaving it off, but I haven’t seen any reasons why he ever gave the poor thing a home in the first place." [1]

In 1980, a fan asserts that mustaches are grown to assert masculinity, and Hutch grew it when he felt that this masculinity was being threatened. This comment focused on many fans' belief that the tensions in fourth season of Starsky & Hutch were because of sexual tensions between the two characters.[2]

In 1980 a fan reviews Forever Autumn and alludes that "Hutch is both underweight and sans caterpillar mustache." [3]

In 1982, fans answered a poll regarding Hutch's mustache—the results: six fans like it, eleven hate it, and five can't decide [4]

In the early 2000s, a fan reviews Total Eclipse of the Heart: "The original characters are great...really, the only thing I think I would change about this fic is that I'd have Hutch lose the mustache in the first few lines!" [5]

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