Dance with the Devil (Starsky and Hutch zine)

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Title: Dance with the Devil
Editor(s): Elaine Hauptman, Lynn Doty
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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front cover, Maureen B.

Dance with the Devil is a slash Starsky and Hutch 176-page anthology edited by Elain Hauptman and Lynn Doty. The cover is by Maureen B. and the interior art by Ruth Kurz and Patt.

From the Editorial by Elaine

Two years ago we did "Don't Give Up On Us, Baby", which was chock full of wonderful romantic S&H first-time stories, in the "Who You Know, What You Know, & How You Know It" tradition (that was the previous zine we produced in 1983). Last year we produced "Leave A Light On For Me", which concentrated more on established-relationship stories. "Dance With the Devil", which you now hold in your hand, contains a nice variety of romantic stories, but with no specific theme this time. As always, though, they all have happy endings, because that is the way Lucy and I love to read them. Okay, call us hopeless romantics! We have wonderful stories in this issue and get to visit some old friends. "One More Time" is a sweet story by Lucy from Dobey's point ofview. Lucy, the most prolific writer I've ever known, also has an interesting variety ofother stories in this issue, some long and some very short, but all powerful. We have two stories from wonderful writers new to us this time. "Happily Ever After" by Windrain shows us our heroes as older men, dealing with the powerful ramifications of a parent's death. "After Hours" by Morgan LeFey gives us a chance to meet Sugar again after all these years. I always loved Sugar! We also have wonderful artwork in this issue, and we gratefully thank our artists for allowing us to use their illustrations. The visual impact of illos in a story cannot be underestimated.

From the Editorial by Lucy

As exciting as real life has been, my passion for Starsky and Hutch has not dimmed. This zine is a bit different for us. As Elaine mentioned there was no theme this time, but a variety to the stories gives it texture. From canon based, all the way to present day, it is still a celebration ofthe love and commitment Starsky and Hutch have for each other that is timeless and enduring. So much like the friendships this avenue of entertainment has allowed me personally. When I think about it, and look forward to ZCon this year, I'm reminded that I've known some of you for decades. And though we've lost some ranks in recent months, the friendships and love is still shining. And I, for one, am better for the light.


Summaries below are by Flamingo: [1]

  • After Hours by Morgan LeFey ("While Starsky is recovering from Gunther's assassination attempt, he gets an unusual late night visitor: Sugar, the transvestite entertainer from the Green Parrot. Their unusual conversations gives Starsky a lot to think about.") (1)
  • Bruises by Lynn Doty ("Starsky and Hutch come to some difficult realizations after the fight in Kira's hallway.") (26)
  • That Which Doesn’t Kill Us by Lynn Doty ("Hutch has to go home to visit his family shortly after recovering from the Plague. It's while he's helping a young relative suffering from flashbacks to Vietnam that he begins to feel unwell. Back in LA Starsky discovers that some of the Plague victims are suffering relapses and rushes to Minnesota to help his lover.") (60)
  • One More Time by Lynn Doty ("Dobey, near retirement age, ends up helping S&H on an unusual case and thinks back on their long career and the path life has taken them on this, possibly their last dangerous assignment.") (122)
  • Bittersweet Revenge by Lynn Doty ("What might have happened if in Sweet Revenge, Hutch had been shot, instead of Starsky.") (64)
  • You Take My Breath Away by Lynn Doty (126)
  • Happily Ever After by Kathy Windrain ("Starsky & Hutch are attending the funeral for Hutch's father. Their life changes when they attend a reading of Hutch's father's will.") (128)
  • Hot Nuts by Amanda Bradley ("Post-Gunther, Starsky, recovered, returns from a trip back east to attend his brother's wedding. Both men are eager to be reunited and work on their fledgling relationhip, but duty comes first, as they have to immediately go on a long term stakeout.") (167)

Gallery of Sample Art


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