No Pants, No Badge, No Gun

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Title: No Pants, No Badge, No Gun
Publisher: Amapola Press, then In Person Press
Editor(s): April Valentine
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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front cover with cut-out, by Mary Mills
inside front cover, seen when the front cover is opened
back cover
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No Pants, No Badge, No Gun is a slash 122-page Starsky and Hutch anthology. Artwork by Suzan Lovett, C. Davis, TACS,Dargelos and TACS. The cover artist is Mary Mills. Proofreading was by Nancy Kippax; Other help given by Mary Mills, Sandy Zier, and MJB. Art samples are included with the publisher's permission.n

The front cover has a window cut-out, showing the silhouetted faces of Starsky and Hutch. The cover opens to reveal a bigger image.

The Editorial

The editorial has a very early used of the word "slash." See Slash Terminology for more on this topic.

From the editor:
A word about the contents. Yes, this is a slash zine, and yes, some of the contents are graphic in their descriptions. (Some, not all.) If you object to the premise, I'm not trying to convince you. This zine is for those who see and believe in the possibility. The title says it all. These aren't detective stories, these aren't heavy trauma stories. They are instead, up-beat stories about two guys who share a partnership and a very special love. There are also a couple of first time stories here, some where the relationship is established and the boys are just having a good time, but not all the stories are frivolous. One or two get very serious. All of them are positive on the subject of life and love.


Reactions and Reviews

[Love with the Proper Moustache]: I wish a lot more of April Valentine's classic S/H fic was available online; most is still found only in zines. April is a writer who can move with ease from uncomplicated but hotter-than-heck PWP's to very, very long epics. This one's the former. It takes place post-"Moonshine," and shows us a Starsky who's had all the teasing from his moustached partner he's gonna take. Turns out Hutch is more than agreeable! [1]
[Desperados]: They offered Kira a threesome at the end of Starsky versus Hutch, but she declined. This story takes on the notion that she actually agreed. And one request from their bedmate is enough to put their whole relationship into a tailspin. But once they stopped running and started talking, a whole lotta truths come out about why they fell apart over the last year. They're living on a timebomb and somebody's gonna break.[2]
[Desperados]: I LOVE the initial sex scene -- this is a post-Kira fic, with a very edgy three-way right at the start. And Starsky goes through hell trying to come to grips with his feelings, his attractions. Raw edges. Misunderstandings. Beautiful writing. A grown-up sort of story. [3]


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