Leave a Light On for Me

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Title: Leave a Light On for Me
Publisher: Elaine Hauptman & Lucy Doty
Date(s): October 2002, reprinted in 2005
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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This art, titled "Reconciliation," was later pulled by the artist from the 2005 reissue by Agent With Style: "I've been told by the editor of Leave A Light On For Me (S/H zine) that she will be pulling my cover from that zine and possibly using it in another zine not carried by AWS, but please note that if you buy the zine from AWS, it will NOT (or *should* not) have my art anywhere in or on it."
cover 2nd edition by Folgers, 2005

Leave a Light on for Me is a 177-page slash Starsky and Hutch anthology. It features established relationship stories.

The cover of the 1st edition is by Jean Kluge. The cover of the 2nd edition is by Folgers. Interior Artwork: J. Jones, Ruth Kurz, Suzan Lovett, Teresa Librande, Patt, and Debbie Millianian.

From the editorial: "I believe that as long as there are fans, there will always be zines. There is something very tactile about holding one in your hands that cannot be duplicated by downloading fiction off the 'Net. The 'words' might be the same, but there's no comparison. A finished zine, all beautifully bound and with a gorgeous color cover, is (and always will be) something special."

Table of Contents


The zine contained numerous drawings, many of which had been previously published. It also featured black and white photo-manips of the actors. Below is a small selection of the interior art.

Reactions and Reviews

[Tell Me Nine Truths]: I hadn't read this sequel before, and I loved the return of OC Steve, though it broke my heart to read of his fate. I think he was more fleshed out this story, in that we see action to his friendship with Hutch. Oh my, poor Hutch. I do worry that such an injury as the broken bat would've done more damage and the healing seemed too fast - both physically and emotionally. But the angst was still there, and the build-up of Starsky's anger and passion all at once, with him being unable to understand how to handle the emotional aspects of those emotions coming at him all at once. So he does what he does best (other than love Hutch) - goes after the bad guys. I liked the continuity reflecting back to the episode, 'The Committee', even though different players were involved. The bad cops were better fleshed out OCs compared to '99 Miles'. [1]
[Tell Me Nine Truths]: Poor Hutch! I love that Starsky almost slept with that girl and could finally understand Hutch. I loved Steves character. He seems very nice and all in the first story, but he is a little manipulative and I like that he had studied up on Hutch, it show he was after him from the beginning. Great intense read, thank you! [2]
[Tell Me Nine Truths]: I love sequels. Gives us so much more to like. I like the drama of Starsky finally realizing that he almost did what Hutch had done with Steve. Finally Starsky can understand what Hutch did and why. Starsky was determined to bring to justice those fellow cops that hurt Hutch and left him to die. The ending was spectacular. Like you said, "Me and Thee, Forever." [3]


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