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Name: Jatona P. Walker
Alias(es): Kirk
Type: fan writer, fan artist, filker
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch, The Professionals, Star Trek: TOS, etc.
URL: Twitter; some of her slash fanfiction was archived online
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Jatona P. Walker was a multifandom fan writer, filker, poet and occasional fan artist whose work appeared in many zines.

She was active from the 1980s through the mid-2000s and was an early member of the Southern California Slashbashers fandom group that met regularly in the 1980s and 1990s. She passed away in July 2022 and family and friends held a memorial service on August 23, 2022 in San Bernardino, CA. She was in her 70s.

Her poetry was loved by many and in 2014, her Star Trek poem I Am And Shall Always Be was recorded and set to music and clips in a fanvid by T'Lara.

In 1971, she introduced herself in the LNAF club newsletter:

I was born on November 2, 1948. My family consists of my mother, my father and my little eight year old sister, Fredorikica, and a cat named Duchess. Right now I am a full-time employee on the college of Prairie View A & M at Prairie View, Texas, I am an Elementary Education major and a Geography minor. I sing second alto in the A Capella Concert Choir, Horror and science-fiction are among my faves. My favorite stars in both categories are: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi, and of course, Leonard Nimoy and the entire STAR TREK cast. My other hobby besides singing is to play the piano. I also love to read Sherlock Holmes of old[,] STAR TREK paperbacks or comics, and watch good, programs and old movies on television. I tried to write a script for STAR TREK once and the show was cancelled, but I am trying to write an original novel on my own.

The Professionals

Starsky & Hutch

Star Trek: TOS

  • Etched in Stone - from Magnetism #1 (1985)
  • Paid in Full - from Adult Situations #2 (1987)
  • The Ultimate Nightmare & T.P. - from Adult Situations #3 (1988)
  • Love Trek: The K/S Continues - from KiScon (1999)
  • "Eden - Kirk - from Alternaties #2
  • For Your Love - from Duet #12
  • Love Is... - from Golden Oldies & New Delights
  • The Sword of Solkahr - from Way of The Warrior #2
  • T.P. Walker - from Adult Situations #3
  • Tantrum - from Devotion
  • To Have One’s Cake - from Alternaties #2
  • Twelfth Of Never - from Final Frontier #2
  • The Ultimate Nightmare - from Adult Situations #3
  • Will You Chart The Stars Without Me? - from Naked Singularity
  • poems - from Twin Destiny #1, including I Am And Shall Always Be


Sample Works

"Rebel Songs" filk lyrics series, published in the Star Wars fanzine Skywalker #2
Star Trek poem "I Am And Shall Always Be" by Jatona Walker, printed in Twin Destinies 1

Her Star Wars filk lyrics series "Rebel Songs" that appeared in Skywalker Issue 2 (see image)

Her Star Trek poem I Am And Shall Always Be which was set to music and images in 2014 by T'Lara

I Am And Shall Always Be

Do you understand what it is like

To see and shape the courses

Of the stars? To see them in

Your eyes and your smile?

Without your love to guide my soul

I could not be half the man I

Should ... must be!

We are one in soul and mind. I

Find it amusing that somewhere,

Deep inside of me, I always knew ...

But that I never could speak of it ...

Least of all . .. to you.

But you were patient with me . ..

You waited until the time was right . ..

Yet, in the interim, stalking my

Uncertain heart with sweet, relentless persistence.

Now, I do not have to wait for 'someday'...

Our love is now ... it is my total reality . ..

We need never look back to the empty yester days ...

There is only endless tomorrows . ..

WE are each other's best and true destiny...

Eternal and constant as the stars we sail!


~~ Written for KIRK, by Spock, for his birthday...


~ by "Kirk"