Renascence (Starsky and Hutch zine)

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Title: Renascence
Publisher: Esperanza Press
Editor(s): Tabby Davis
Date(s): late 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Renascence is a gen and slash 241-page Starsky and Hutch anthology edited by Tabby Davis. The zine itself was contained in a decorated document folder.

The art is by June Bushnell, Jean C., J. Jones, Tabby Davis, Betty de Gabriele, Pamela Grove, and Evelyn Thomas. The zine contains a number of screenshots in black and white and poems/quotes/song lyrics written by non-fan writers.

Cover and Packaging

A 1995 Note on Progress

Tabby Davis is awaiting corrections on the last story into RENASCENCE, and hopes to have the zine out before years end. She wrote that the zine "is best described as a collection of stones recalling many aspect of the series some by writers long familiar in SH fandom, some introducing new talents, some S/H some not.... I want 'Renascence' to reflect the good memories and the enriching friendships which this fandom has brought. That was the starting-point in embarking on it." It will be around 200 pages. [1]

From the Editorial

The editor comments on twenty years of SH fandom and of the zine's title:
You know how it is? - when you're asked, maybe by a new fan, ' Do you have a copy of - whatever - that I could borrow?' And you begin the search, browsing through the accumulated store of two decades; and you open a few letterzines from the past and, among a lot of re-readable material, you come upon a few of those letters. You know the kind? 'SH -is this fandom moribund?' 'Is there anything more to discuss?' I suppose such questions prompted by individual experience at the time. But, twenty years on now, we know that Decline and Droop are false perceptions. To some of us, they were always funny questions, unrelated to SH realities. Naturally, some years bring more 'action' than others - more zines, more cons, more special occasions like last April's 20th anniverary celebrations here in London. The true SH quality doesn't go away. That phoenix quality of renascence always breaks through. Aren't we lucky! .

'Why 'Renascence?' some have asked me. 'Why not "Renaissance"?' But there's an important difference? That second version covers a certain period of European history -- which wasn't what I wanted here. What I wanted is 'renascence' in its plain, literal, lower-case meaning. I wanted that imagery of re-birth, of ' the leaves that are green' (as the song says) - or the metaphor of that haunting line (as a celebrated SH poet wrote, more than a decade ago) -- 'we heard the morning sing.' And we can hear it still.

True, as the song goes on, that the SH values remain. Leaves may turn to brown. Yet we know. And the green comes around again.


  • Hugging Bear by Lyria Hall (8)
  • Broad Stripes and Bright Stars by Tabby Davis (12)
  • Loop de Loop by Maria Farina (17)
  • From the Cutting Room Floor by Tabby Davis (Encounter with a Librarian, Empathy, Joe Durniak's Ride, The Responsibility) (20)
  • Touch by Pat Massie (28)
  • Anyone for Prune Juice? by Tabby Davis (poem) (30)
  • A Christmas Toast by Theresa Kyle (33)
  • The Night After the Morning Before by Barbara Adams (35)
  • Second Chances by C.J. Hayes (46)
  • Brotherly Love by Maria Farina (51)
  • A Gift of Remembrance by Anne Zollenkopf (54)
  • Taken to the Cleaners by Tabby Davis (64)
  • POV Terry...Gillian by Tabby Davis (65)
  • Letter Column (about ten long letters from European fans telling how they came to become an SH fan) (70)
  • a fan writes of The Rose and its fannish history (77)
  • Four Days by Catherine Beurrier (78) (explicit slash)
  • Catharsis by C.J. Hayes (92)
  • 'And Wake me With the Morning Light' by Theresa Kyle (100)
  • A Helping Heart by Cathee Kancel (115)
  • Resolution by Tabby Davis (122)
  • Realignment by Miranda Brown (a long, explicit first time, slash story) (129)
  • I Feel the Music: Four Vignettes by Leah S. (147)
  • Two of Kind by unknown author (151)
  • The Truth is Out There by Joy Mancinelli (an X-Files parody that proposes that the changes in Hutch in the fourth season were due to an alien abduction and clone switch-a-roo) (153)
  • Travels to Tintern by Chameleon (155)
  • The Quilt by Chameleon (159) (slash) (also in the pass-around novel The Chameleon Universe)
  • Dragon Ride to San Diego by Linda Hansford (164)
  • Anniversary by Pat Massie (174)
  • Return Journey by Jane (probably Jane of Australia) (explicit slash) (176)
  • Four Strong Winds by Joy Mancinelli (234)
  • Re-affirmation our Heroes (239)



  1. ^ from Starsky & Hutch Adzine & Newsletter #13 (October 1995