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You may be looking for Crossed Swords, a Wizards and Warriors zine, or Crossed Sabers, a Star Wars zine.

Title: Crossed Swords & Senses
Publisher: In Person Press
Date(s): May 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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Crossed Swords & Senses is a 262-page slash anthology. It is a mixed zine containing Sentinel stories, Highlander stories and other fandoms crossed with Highlander and Sentinel.

The color cover is by Killashandra, interior art story titles by Killashandra and April Valentine. Art samples are included with the publisher's permission.

cover by Killashandra

It has a sister zine called Swords and Senses Net Edition.

The Editorial: "Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together"

Welcome to Crossed Swords & Senses, the zine that celebrates two fabulous universes, that of The Sentinel and The Highlander. Why put them together, you ask? Why not. Several years ago I was inspired by a crossover story I found online, the long-running "Three Little Birds" by Zen and Nancy. Hmmm... I thought. Cascade, Washington/Seacouver, Washington. Sentinels... Immortals... Yeah. I did one previous issue of this zine, titled Net Swords & Senses, because it contained the very best net Sentinel and Highlander stories I could find. At the time I did that zine, I also conceived doing this one, well, actually, doing two more. I had planned to have regular Swords & Senses for stories about either universe and Crossed Sword & Senses for crossover stories. But it took quite awhile to get enough material for the zine and I still didn't achieve the "balance" I wanted with the types of crossover stories but I couldn't tax the patience of the authors any longer. There will be another issue, and hopefully it won't take quite as long to put together.

Thanks to all the authors, particularly Bone and Shelley Wright who gave me their stories a really, really long time ago and to Smaragd Grun who gave me hers a really long time ago. All the others have also been extremely patient. Thanks for allowing me to present your work, all of you.

I could not have done this zine or its predecessor without the fabulous artwork of my dear friend, Killashandra, who has contributed a beautiful array of title pieces in this issue, along with one of her beautiful stories. Thanks, Killa. Thanks also to Cinel Durant and Molly Wyman for proofreading some of the stories in such a thorough and timely manner. Any mistakes still in the zine are purely my own fault.

Now, enjoy the stories and the fascinating places they will take you...


Sentinel stories:

  • Diversity Parade by C.S. (1)
  • Spark of Life by Shelley Wright ("Editor's Note: This story is set immediately following the episode "Foreign Exchange" which introduced the character of Scott Bruenell, who was portrayed by Peter Wingfield.") (13)
  • Saving Private Peterman by Erica Livingston (51)
  • Secrets Faced by Lucy (73)

Highlander stories:

Crossover stories:

Inside Sample