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Name: Lanning
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Highlander, The Sentinel, Smallville, Sports Night, Starsky and Hutch
URL: Lanning Cook's Fiction
Lanning Cook via Wayback
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sample LJ icon designed by Lanning for fellow fans

Lanning is a slash writer whose fan fiction has appeared both in print and online. In addition to her writing, she excels at making LJ icons which she gifts to her fellow fans, especially her series of zen fen icons.


Lanning's early fandoms included Highlander and The Sentinel. After a long sojourn in Smallville, she has recently (2011/2012) been writing for the new Sherlock.

Notable Works

  • Being an Anchor, a Sports Night rape recovery story
  • True Minds Trilogy, a Sentinel epic -- True Minds
  • Epiphaneia, a Sentinel story featuring Jim and, among other things, "Mr. Squiggles, the tequila worm" -- Epiphaneia
  • Kindred Spirits, a gen Sentinel story where Jim kicks Blair out of the loft on Christmas, and a visitor from his past sets him straight Kindred Spirits
  • Sacred Trust (2001). Duncan and Methos' relationship is in ruins, but things can always get worse. And they do. (~129,000 words, Highlander)
  • Identical Series (Smallville) - Identical Series on the AO3. Of this series, one review says: "Essentially, Lionel decides that Lex is no longer a worthy heir and replaces him with a clone (I know that sounds ridiculous, but remember, this is Smallville). Lex manages to escape Lionel's clutches and the Kents end up taking him in. What follows is an epic that covers the deepening of Clark's and Lex's relationship and their struggle to defeat Lionel's and the clone's machinations. The loveliest part of the story is, in my opinion, the characterization of the ensemble." [1]


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