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You may be looking for Crossed Swords, a Wizards and Warriors zine.

Title: Crossed Sabers
Publisher: Tir-Faoi-Thonn Press
Editor(s): Kelley Harkins and Lin Stack
Date(s): 1980-1983
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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flyer for issue #2, click to enlarge. Note spelling of zine.

Crossed Sabers was a Star Wars zine. It was formally called "Millennium" according to a note on the cover and is a continuation of Millennium.

Issue 1

It was the issue: Millennium, its former title.

Issue 2

Crossed Sabers 2 was published in August 1981 and is 101 pages long. Art by Lin Stack, Jenni, Contessa, Tian, Eluki bes Shahar, Jenny Phipps, Judith Low, Paulie, Carol McPherson, Amy Dodson, Jeff Paterson, and Kelley Harkins.

cover of issue 2, Lin Stack
interior art for issue #1, Lin Stack
  • Editorial (2)
  • No Reward is Worth This (4)
  • Docking Bay 94 by eluki bes shahar (6))
  • The Way to a Man's Heart by Loreli Rade (10)
  • Leia Montage (12)
  • Luke-warm by Amy Dodson (14)
  • ForceMaster Lightsabers (15)
  • Wookiee's Initiative by Rhiemmenth, art by Eluki bes Shahar ("A tale of vengeance, bounty hunters and true friendships.") (16)
  • Tatooine Thought by Amy Dodson (34)
  • Alderaan by Lin Stack (36)
  • Revenge of the Native, RPF by eluki bes shahar, art by Eluki bes Shahar and Lin Stack ("What happens when you put the real, live actors into the STAR WARS universe?") (37)
  • You Know Your [sic] a Star Wars Fan When (57)
  • Partners by Amy Dodson (59)
  • Sixteen Minutes Cut (60)
  • Sick Mind I (62)
  • Deception III by Susanna Betzl, art by Lin Stack ("The second chapter in the tales of Han's rescue.") (63)
  • Changes by Jenni (70)
  • It's Not My Fault by Jennifer Philips (75)
  • Bottle Baby by Kelley Harkins, art by Paulie ("A sweet little short about Luke's travels to manhood ...all in one night…") (76)
  • Hammer and Crown by eluki bes shahar (82)
  • Solitaire by Lin Stack, art by Stack ("Han Solo's sister sets off far Tatooine to find him and ends up on a wild chase across the galaxy.") (84)
  • Sick Mind II (105)
  • Imprint (106)
  • Luke (107)
  • Dark Dreams by Kelley Harkins (109)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

I must admit that my primary reaction to Crossed Sabers was simply apathy. It is not really a bad zine, either in reproduction or contents, but it is overwhelmingly average, and tends to create a sense of deja vu in the reader, as if I had read most of it before somewhere, over other by-lines. However, it must be noted that this second issue is a considerable improvement over the first, and the editors appear to be moving in the right direction. There are a mildly disconcerting variety of typefaces used in this issue, some excellent, and some much less good, and a mild tendency toward wandering margins, but in general the reproduction is adequate, if not quite up the polish of state-of-the-art zines. The issue begins with two short pieces, 'Docking Bay 94', a gracefully written but insignificant replay of the conversation in the Mos Eisley cantina, from Han's point of view. The other, 'The Way to a Man's Heart, the latter which lost all credibility for me when Leia marched into a public drinking booth and loudly informed Han that they were leaving for Hoth. You remember Hoth? The secret rebel base? If this vignette is be believed, Leia has just saved the Empire a lot of effort and several thousand probe droids by locating it for them. 'Wookiee's Initiative' continues the adventures of Tarleen Vahylon, the inept but dogged character introduced in Galactic Flight #4, whose main attribute seems to be an ability to absorb amazing amounts of physical abuse while bumbling through for the Alliance, thanks mainly to Chewbacca's timely intervention. Only the serious tone of the writing convinced me that this story was not, in fact, intended to be a satire; only Tarleen's general incompetence allows the reader to suspend his belief in the entire thing. 'Revenge of the Native' is considerably better done; it is a tale of the real-actors-mistaken-for-their-fictional-counterparts, with Ford, Fisher, and Hamill trapped aboard the Executor and rescued by their Star Wars universe counterparts. Eluki's style is always competent, and this story includes a number of her deft details and a nicely underplayed escape-and-rescue sequence that grows on you with re-reading, but this piece lacks the antic dash and bravura of other examples of her writing I have seen. Her matching cartoons are up to her best, however, and evoked appreciative chuckles. The rest of Crossed Sabers consists mainly of two stories by Lin Stack starring Ariel Solo, yet another of Han Solo's multitudinous feisty female Corellian relatives or lovers (a sister this time) and a full-blown Mary Sue in the classic fannish tradition... These stories make it abundantly clear that Lin's major forte is her excellent art. Both her beautiful cover and the majority of the interior illos are very well done, indeed. In general, Crossed Sabers is a rather uninspired effort; it is an improvement over the first issue, but the editors still have a long ways to go before they achieve a truly top quality zine. I give it a C. [1]
I just wanted to make a few comments on CS2. I'm in love with your cover! Any chance of getting a print of that? The best part is that you-know-who isn't looming in the background.

Regarding "Sixteen Minutes Cut" I really found it difficult to get excited about this. I've seen Empire 21 times and love it just the way it is. I managed to figure out on my own that the Emperor is a Force Master (obviously, if he can get Darth on bended knee) and that Vader means to use Luke to get rid of him. Also it's obvious Vader knows Luke is not dead. One thing we don't need more of is Vader throwing his weight around. I was not impressed. He has to be one of the most over-rated people ever. Personally, I thought the novel was atrocious and only read it for the plot outline.

The story series are coming along nicely and the writing is much improved in the Ariel Solo stories. (Say, so far, Lando has been strangled, punched out and shot. Serves him right too!) [2]
I love Crossed Sabers 2 except for one thing. Now this may be nitpicking, BUT I do not now or ever see Princess Leia Organa at her best or worst, saying the name of a rebel Base (occupied) in front of a total stranger!! No Way! (We admit it, that was a very stupid mistake. Something Leia would never do. -eds.) Now that I've got that off my chest, I can say I especially enjoyed "Revenge of the Native", "Partners" (an excellent continuation for "Summer's Afternoon"), and "Dark Dreams". I can hardly wait (keep waiting) for the "bomb" to explode in "Deception", or to find out what's going to happen to Ariel! I love that front cover—Perfect! [3]
I Just thought that I'd drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed CROSSED SABERS. Tou already know that I liked "Bottle Baby". Lt. Areiana seems to have a promising future. I could hope that a serious relationship develops between she and Luke. I have a habit, being a Georgette Heyer fan, of wanting every one paired off and happy in the end. Lin's "Solitaire" and "Double Solitaire" were very well written. There was one scene where I could just imagine the sinful thoughts that were racing through Ariel's head regarding Luke. He'd be much better off with Raiah. Don't give him up without a fight.

I should also mention that Lin's illos were magnificent and I fully appreciate why you are proud of your cover. I'd give my eye teeth and other parts as well to draw the way she does.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to Issue 3! [4]
Greetings Rebel scum and Corellian slug! Shame such low life like ycu are allowed to roam free throughout the universe—but, of course, you WILL be captured. Now for mundanity: CROSSED SABERS 2 is magnificent. I would like to read MILLENNIUM #1, no matter what you say, because I'd like to read Ariel's 'roots' — you really have a fascinating lady with great potential, Lin. She is well-grounded in 'Corellianess', but you'll never convince me she doesn't really care about the Rebellion. DOCKING BAY 94: perfect in Han's mind, but I challenge you disgusting Solo addicts (Luke is my man) to do something I haven't seen done: how about crawling back into Han's mind and extracting his thoughts, around the time of STAR WARS, about Ben? I mean beyond shallow wise-cracks about "hokey religions", but why he felt nervous with a Knight. Also, I'd love to see a story about Han's childhood on Corell (was this already done in MILLENNIUM?) A WAY TO A MAN'S HEART: If Leia only knew...she'd have Han on a leash for a Life-Debt. The "Disgusting Little Furball" comic has gotten me into endless trouble in class, for the mere thought of it has me giggling, and, as you know, it just doesn't translate to mundanes. WOOKIEE'S INITIATIVE: I'm sorry—I enjoyed it—but it seemed like I came in on the middle of the story, Rhiemmenth. You did avoid an all-to-common trap, though, that is, Tarleen is not a re-vamped Leia; she has her own, distinct qualities.

Kane's award of best SW story of the year goes to Eluki bes Shahar and "Revenge of the Native". "PARTNERS": I wish I'd written it. If Han had been a little older, I'd say the Empire was afraid of the strength of the Corellian armies and systematically undermined their best officers. Hm-mmm, and perhaps Han's current illegal activities are a way of continuing the battle!? "DECEPTION: PT. 2": Ah-hah!! I gotcha Susanna! Han doesn't like Kit 'cause know it or not, Kit is Han's son! Wrong? Whaddya mean, "wrong?"! I'd like to see "CHANGES" developed into a short beautiful. (Changes already is in print, as Catalyst! , a novella in Far Realms #1, #2, and #3. See advertisement in the back of this issue. -- ed)

In the Janus Cycle, I'm sure you're going to have more about Raiah Areiana, but I'd really like to see she and Ariel meet. Such differently devoted women are bound to clash being so individually strong. (Wow! What a compliment. I hope you 'll enjoy this issue's part of the Janus stories. -- ed[5]) [6]
I thought CROSSED SABERS II was an immense improvement over Millennium I, and I'll direct my comment toward that issue. On the whole, I thought the writing was pretty good. My biggest complaint in that area is that 95% of the stories were incomplete.

In "Wookiee's Initiative", the reader is given 17 pages of story about Tarleen's adventures in helping the Rebellion/Han and Chewie and ends at a crucial moment—we don't know if she's hurt 'really' badly, how bad Han is—if they made it back to the rebel base—and there's no indication that there's another part to the story to be printed in another issue!!! As a reader, I felt very cheated! Possibly the best part of the story was not included. (See statement by author at the end of the Letter Column. -- ed) "Revenge of the Native" was your standard cross-over universe story. Not as bad as most. And quite well written. "Partners" by Amy Dodson didn't seem to go anywhere—it didn't really tell us anything new about the characters. "Deception, part 2" was another 'installment story'. I find I resent these, as it's sometimes easy to miss an issue of a particular zine. A seven page story—with the equivalent of two pages of art, really doesn't need to be split. "Bottle Baby" really didn't go anywhere either, and with a better punch at the end. could have been a lot more effective. "Hammer and Crown" was very nice and the complimenting Vader drawing was great. (Was that all zipatone?) "Solitaire" and "Double Solitaire" both annoyed me. Although quite well-worded—there was no real link between the two. No nice smooth transition—nothing to really make them hang together. I've read so many STAR WARS zines where there's a female (Mary Sue) character so much like Solo (Judi Hendrick's Cory Beckett comes immediately to mind), that I find it rather tiresome. Still, even a Mary Sue can be good. If the connection between the stories (and future installments) can be made, I think they will be much more effective. Gee, reading over this letter makes me sound like I hated the issue. I didn't. I thought the lay-out was very good. Some of the art terrific, and pretty much above average. (I thought the cover was terrific until a friend of mine (a professional artist) looked at it. While they all look like everybody (very well done) she pointed out that the lighting for each face was at a different angle. And, that Lando's cape was over Luke's flightsuit, but Luke's hair is overlaid by Lando's....huh? (I claim artistic liberty! —Lin)As a former typist (thank God I don't have to do that anymore!) I found it rather disconcerting to jump from typestyles. Not so much jumping, but that some of it looks like a nice Selectric, and others (like "Partners") like an old Royal or something. Overall the repro was excellent, though, and the typos not too bad. (Sometimes there is no choice! When all you have is an old Royal, and you have to drive 2 hrs. to a friend's so you can borrow her Selectric, well, you know how it goes? --ed) I guess I liked "Wookiee's Initiative" best for the issue. Other than the missing ending, it was a nice little story. Best of all your price. How did you ever print 120 pages of zine for only $5.75 per copy and bound yet??? (If it was postage included, you really outdid yourselves! ) (No, it didn't include postage, but we try to keep the price down low. We buy zines, too, so we know how it feels when you buy an expensive zine. -- ed ) I thought "Naming of a Legend" could have been used much earlier in the zine—it's priceless! (Will there be more in future issues?)

I guess that's about it. (Bet you thought I'd never shut up.) Like I said, the improvement from Ml to CS2 was great. [7]
CROSSED SABERS 2 holds up well (what MILLENNIUM?) First, comments on artwork. Yes, Lin, your art is. improved drastically in some cases. My first reaction to the cover was "Joni Wagner"? And believe me, that is a compliment! Wagner happens to be one of my favorite fanartists! The same goes for your illo on p.6. Your Eluki-style cartoon on p.75 is pretty good, & Ariel on P.88, 91, 101 and 104 are very good (Can't say the same for what's around her in the illos, tho.) Your collaboration with Eluki in "Revenge of the Native" doesn't work so well, and while I generally love Eluki's work, her illos for "Wookiee's Initative" are definitely not up to her usual standard. The "But he's cuddly" cartoons, on the other hand, are delightful, in concept as well as execution! Once is a fine idea—a second one later on is inspired! As for Darth and the fuzzball—hmm, maybe he could be cuddly after all? (I can imagine Dave Prowse gagging at the very idea!) By the way, Kelley, the Lucas text is on the inside front cover, not back!

On to the fiction. Eluki's "Docking Bay 94" is every bit as good as as her "Casablanca" in HYPROSPANNER-ZERO. Lorelei Rade's "The Way To A Man's Heart" is passable. I do like Han leaving her with the check! (That's my boy — Maeve Solo speaking.) Rhiemmenth's "Wookiee's Initiative"— well, it is a bit better than the previous Tarleen story, but that's not saying much. And Tarleen herself is an incredibly tiresome Mary Sue, coming along when the type is going out of style elsewhere. Uh, did Eluki deliberately make Han on p.17 look rather like a certain fictional "Officious Rebel"? Eluki's "Revenge of the Native" is well done, tho at times I had trouble deciding whether it was supposed to be humorous or straight. She does a lovely job with Admiral Piett's speech. I can hear him saying it! And her aside that Piett had maneuvered Ozzel into his dangerous position is a nice touch. Vader's cubicle as a 'futuristic Faberge nightmare' is fine. The 'scrambled metaphor'—arrgh! The use of Devil's Tower is a fine finishing touch (much as I dislike CE3K). Overall, a worthwhile story. Her "Hammer and Crown" is excellent both story and illo. Amy Dodson's "Partners" is pretty much a waste of 2 pages. Kelley's "Bottle Baby" does a good job with Leia. Lin,the "Solitaire" stories are better than "To Kill A Solo", but I'm getting a bit tired of inconclusive downer endings. Yes, I know the stories are part of a series, but if they're going to be presented as individual stories rather than simply as chapters of a novel, they should be more self-contained. Wouldn't hurt to be a touch more positive occasionally, too. One more gripe before I drop the subject: Zee's death in a short paragraph at the beginning of a story is not what I consider good handling of the situation. You've gone thru 2 stories already making it clear Ariel is out for his blood. At the least, her achievement of her goal should have gotten more attention rather than being essentially a throwaway to tie up a loose end. Gripe on another subject—WHY do we have to wait till next issue for the rest of "Deception"? As for the nonfiction, Rhiemmenth's "Sixteen Minutes Cut" is very interesting and a true service. The information that Luke is told the Emperor is a Force Lord is especially valuable for us fiction writers. Thanks, Rhiemmenth. "The Ten Best Sellers"—not bad. I especially like Yoda's "How to Handle the Problem Student" and Leia's "The Art of Marksmanship"! Several items in "You Know You're a SWars Fan" really hit heme: my car is definitely a ship, occasionally a X-wing but more usually, Maeve Solo's freighter The Merlin; quoting Yoda mentally or out-loud in instructions for ForceMaster Lightsabers wasn't bad. The poetry didn't impress me.

Ignoring that ending on a negative note—overall, CS 2 is a good read. I'm looking forward to #3! [8]
Firstly, I'd like to compliment you on your binding. It makes it so much easier to keep open and looks nice, and you won't lose pages easily with it. Next to hot wax, this binding is the best. Actually "better than hot wax in one case—my hot wax zine fell apart as soon as I took it out of its manila folder. Also it is a very nice cover. Lin has improved greatly since Millennium. I have two problems with it. One, I wish she'd spent a little more time making the background look as nice as the foreground. That star-field and Bespin are clumsy. Also, if it was a little less cluttered (which could've been taken care of if the background was more defined and less clumsy), I think it would work better. Still it's definitely one of the most eye-catching of zines.

"Docking Bay 94" wasn't anything special. I've seen it done before. Eluki can (and does later) do better. "The Way to a Man's Heart..." interesting idea. Leia would not say that though! (We know, we know' Forgive us already. -- ed) Actually when I first read it I wasn't careful enough. It looks like a pre-SW s piece. Is Han really that careless about who he picks up? Nice art— but Han looks too young. "Wookiee's Initiative" — My, how Tarleen suffers. Let's give her the 'Bruises of the Month' button. It's competently written and one of its better points is that Han isn't seduced by Tarleen. It seemed a very superficial story, not much in the character development area, and, hey folks, I thought the bounty hunter wanted Tarleen to be able to walk. Any person that abused and beaten will have a very HARD time of it. The writer should have caught that or her editor should have. Eluki's illos were not up to par but helped to make the story readable. "Revenge of the Native" — First-class characterization; good, good art. It was so good that where I thought it glitched, it was painful. I can't see see Princess Leia disapproving of Carrie Fisher's bare legs (no stockings?) The contrasts between Han and Harrison were well noted, as the simularites [sic] between Mark and Luke. And the bit about Han grumbling at the space debris—that puts NASA in its place! The art on p.55 wasn't up to the rest of the story. "Partners"—not bad but I've seen it before. "Sixteen Minutes Cut"—had some interesting points. "But he's cuddly"—Oh, Eluki, you have a sick mind. I love it! And it was so cleanly done too! Putting two of them in was inspired, Kelley. "Deception"— M'son's art on pg.64 was good but on pg. 76 poor. Her heads tend to be too big and the characters look, sometimes, as if they have smallpox. The story was readable except that Kit seems to always know everything and the other characters exist to make him look good. It shows a lot of writing talent, though. Kelley, put all you Dreamweaving stuff together or give it some kind of marker (like the rising sun of the ThousandWorlds series). I realized on my 5,6,7 reading that the poem on pg. 108 (not numbered!) was part of it and the "Bottle Baby was to be considered part, but it is very easy to get confused. You ought to weed down the explanation on P. 73 and use it at the beginning of the stories if you feel you need to explain your dream-weaving. (Following this issue's installments of the Janus cycle, we've included a list, of what has come so far. Also notice at the beginning of the two Janus stories is our symbol for the cycle. What do you all feel about an explanation of the dream-weaving? Do you feel it's necessary each time': PLEASE LET US KNOW. -- ed) I did like "Bottle Baby". Unlike some of the other pieces, it fit together well. Leia and Han...oh, god, I can just see her kicking him! The story was humorous which is probably why I liked it so well. So much of SW fiction is heavy and people suffer so! "Solitaire" and "Double Solitaire"—unevenly written and a little long on purple prose. Poor Lando. Someday I hope someone writes a 'vindicate Lando story. No Han fan will! Ariel first gets drunk, then sobers up remarkably fast, then is drunk again? Needs work. The art was good but looked hurried. My favorite scene is when Luke collapses and Ariel helps him. It was believable and the description wasn't over-done. Lin, you need a bridge between the two stories. The piece on p.95 is gorgeous. When I saw you at Balticon I recognized, you from it. Why does Jestal assume she's Han's sister at the name of Solo? And it must be very uncomfortable in twin blaster-rig when she's sitting down... I did like the story. I've said nothing about poetry because I don't read most of it. I'm not a poetry fan.

Last but not least—"The Naming of a Legend" was very good. [9]
First, the front cover. It is beautiful! When I first saw it, I thought it had been done by Joni Wagner. I was happy to discover that it had been done by Lin—not only am I happy to see such an improvement in her work, but fandom needs more artists of this calibre. Now, on to the contents.

"Docking Bay 94. Mos Eisley, Tatooine." As usual with Eluki's writing (or at least what I've seen of it), this story is well written and coherent with some nice touches thrown in, in the form of Han's thoughts. Lines like 'you might say I'm a salvage consultant", and "They seemed real interested in the arm on the floor for some reason. Can't think why", have just the right touch of cynicism and sarcasm for Han's personality. Lin's artwork for this issue is also very well done. I don't usually mention cartoons, but Contessa's on pg. 9. is such a cute idea that I had to touch on it real fast. "The Way To A Man's Heart" bothered me. I can buy the idea of a lady bounty-hunter. As a matter of fact, I like it. After all, why should men get all the juicy, no-good, evil jobs? What bothered me was the way she tried to get Solo. She practically threw herself at him! Also, if she's been 'handling harder contracts than this "Captain Solo" while Greedo was still in diapers', her face, name, and profession would be known—doubly so because she is female. Take another look at Vader's collection of bounty hunters in Empire. All male—at least the ones you can tell from an external view. And the implication is that they are the best in their profession Vader wouldn't hire anything less. If there was a female bounty hunter on the same level as Vader's collection, she'd be widely known. After all, Vader knew the names of the ones he chose—you don't get on board an Imperial cruiser without a personal invitation. (Lorelei defends Kheer. A. Kheer has seen Han's type before and figured that that appealing to Han's vanity was the best way of getting to him. B. Yes Kheer has quite a reputation, but she's also had a lot of experience in disguise and subterfuge. Plus, she works for the mysterious and ominous Assassin's Guild. C. Kheer is not the Executer for one good reason. She couldnrt be located. She was on Hoth trying to get Han; as you can see in this issue's installment of Kheer's story. Why else would they send a second-rate assassin like IG-88? -- ed) Also, the art for this piece is of lesser quality than the art that precedes it. Han looks like he's dropped 10 or 15 years. I didn't like the art for the Leia Montage. The face is much too long. Also, the two pieces entitled "Leia" and "Han" seemed to be fighting to describe their subjects. "Alderaan" on the other hand, flowed. All-in-all, this collection was not too enjoyable. Gasp! Another cartoon that needs mentioning! I'm referring to the Lin Stack/Eluki collaboration on pg. 13. I can definitely see that the inspiration came from Garfield. "Luke-Warm" is worth a quick mention. While the third line in the third stanza doesn't scan very well, the filk, over-all, is cute. And after the day is described, I can understand why Luke would wonder about changing sides. "Wookiee's Initiative" was an enjoyable piece of light reading, and the artwork is exactly right for the story. My only complaint is this: when you end a story in the middle, let your readers know where they can expect to see the rest of the piece. You know, a simple "To Be Continued In..." Just something, so that people don't turn the page expecting to see the rest of the story. "Revenge of the Native" was completely enjoyable. "Visit to a Strange Planet" stories have been part of media fandom for years, and this is one of the more enjoyable pieces in that genre that I've read. I especially like the ending. It's kind of appropriate. "Deception: Pt. 2" was kind of confusing, since I don't have a copy of part one available. However, it was well-enough written to make me want to read Part 3 when it becomes available. The main detraction for me with this story was the artwork. While Carol McPherson's likenesses are recognizable, they have a resemblance to caricatures—one or more features always appear to be exaggerated. Ah, another cartoon that needs a comment. I'll keep it short and sweet. I found Contessa's "Collector" cartoon on pg.80 to be in extremely bad taste. "Hammer and Crown" by Eluki, was a short story that I found extremely interesting. It provides a look into Vader's character which is intriguing especially the comment about being 'far from the Emperor'. I'm not a Vader fan but I liked this story. "Solitaire" left me with a mixed reaction. Anything which uses 'Journal of the Whills' turns me off—it's been over-used. However, I went on to read the story anyway. Basically, I liked it. I can buy Luke having to fight Vader off mentally. I don't see big, black and gruesome letting up too easily. However, the story ended too abruptly. It left me with too many questions, especially since this is the first of Lin's stories about Ariel Solo that I've read. For instance, who is Raiah? Why doesn't Luke want anyone to know about Vader? With all the resources the Alliance has, and the contacts Lando has, Vader's story could probably be checked out. There simply wasn't enough development in the story. The art ranged from bad (p.85) to mediocre (pg.88) to excellent (pg.91). "Double Solitaire" answered some of my questions about "Solitaire". It needed a transition passage so that the two stories could be combined into one. (Sorry!, I didn't realize there was going to be a problem with this.— Lin) "Double Solitaire" was somewhat better than "Solitaire", but I have one comment. The Ariel Solo I came to know during these two stories would not 'whine miserably' upon being captured by the Imperials. She and her brother are cut from the same cloth and he sure didn't 'whine'. About the filk "Luke". You may not be aware of it, but an almost identical filk has existed since 1979, written "by Linda Stoops and printed in ReVisions IV. I'm not crying "plagiarism", I just thought you should know. (Neither Jenni, nor Lin or I had heard of the Luke filk before, we all assumed it was totally original. Our apologies to Linda Stoops. --ed)

All-in-all, this issue is a VAST improvement over Millenium, which I did see. It is one of the most drastic improvements between issues that I've ever seen. Keep up the good work. [10]
Dear Friends, "Wookiee's Initiative" was the final narration in the trilogy of stories dealing with Tarleen Vahylon. The ending is deliberately left open for the reader to decide whether or not she survives the journey though hyperspace to Hoth...and the waiting Wedge Antilles. I had never planned on writing a fourth story. This does not mean that should the editors of CROSSED SABERS lean on me sufficiently that I will not dig out from under my pile of novels to attempt another. However it will have to be something outside the scope of the actual plot of the three films of STAR WARS, with simple tie-ins throughout. Miss Harkins and Miss Stack may see fit to publish the middle of Tarleen's stories "Return Engagement" which takes place shortly after her introduction in Tarleen Vahylon (Galactic Flight #4). However, this is up to them entirely. The short is already written and ready for revisions and artwork. Until I hear from them...and you. [11]

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3, art by Carol Salemi
back cover of issue #3, Carol Salemi
inside front cover, Lin Stack, portraying George Lucas
inside back cover, Eluki bes Sharar

Crossed Sabers 3 was published in 1983 and is 141 pages long.

It has art by Anne Davenport, Sharon M. Palmer, Paul Phillippson, L.C. Wells, Lin Stack, Gee Moaven, Cathye Faraci, Jenni, Carol Salemi, Judith Low, Eluki bes Shahar, and Tim Eldred.

  • Resident Corellian by Lin Stack (2)
  • Resident Rebel by Kelley Harkins (3)
  • No Reward is Worth This! by youse guys (LoCs) (4)
  • Marisue to the Rescue by Loreli Rade (14)
  • My Sweet Leia by Sharon M. Palmer (filk to the tune of "My Sweet Lady" by John Denver) (20)
  • He's Always a Scoundrel by Sharon M. Palmer (filk to the tune of "She's Always a Woman" by Billy Joel) (21)
  • Coercions by Jeanine Hennig (22) (also in Catalyst! Collected)
  • ET's Night of Glory by YKI*PU (40)
  • Leia by Sharon M. Palmer (41)
  • "'s the money" by Chris Callahan (42)
  • Falcon by Amy Dodson (68)
  • Caption Contest 2 (69)
  • We Dreamers Have Our Ways by Jani Hicks (70)
  • Roch Shards & Mem'ries by Sharon M. Palmer (74)
  • Parasite by Tim Eldred (a graphic novel) (76)
  • Locker at Half-Time by Marcia Brin (poem (ni var?) in dialogue) (104)
  • Deception, part three by Susanna Betzel (108)
  • Price's Paid, Payment Due by Pat Nussman (120)
  • A Farmboy's Dream by Jenni (122)
  • Niki & the Fan by Mary Jane Savage (124)
  • Jedi of the Sands by Sharon M. Palmer (124)
  • Something to Remember by Liz S (125)
  • Death Dreams by Kelley Harkins (127)
  • The Saga of Crossed Swords (136)


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