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You may be looking for the German Starsky & Hutch letterzine, see Wanna Share??.

Title: Wanna Share?
Publisher: SHarecon
Editor(s): April Valentine and Nancy Goodwin
Date(s): 1990-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Wanna Share? is a gen and slash anthology published for SHarecon. Eight years later, it was continued in the form of the SHarecon commemorative zine.

Issue 1

Wanna Share? 1 was published in March 1990 and has 56 pages. It includes a single interior illo by SVE. Each story has been typed using a different font and style; each author probably sent their fiction "print ready" to the editor.

From the first progress report for SHareCon Spring 1990:
Speaking of zines I have two contributions for Wanna Share? 2. I have several promises for stories and Susan Earle has offered to do the cover again. However, I feel the need to do a little whining. Please send me something, anything, poem, story, artwork, whatever you want. The first Wanna Share? was so nice it would be wonderful to have something like that again this October. So please send me stuff to put in it. I'd like to do it camera ready like last time so don't forget to leave appropriate margins (and if you can't send it to me camera ready send it to me early and I'll retype it on my computer). We need to have the stories by September 15th if we are gonna have a chance to get it copied and put together.
From SHareCon's spring 1990 post con report:
I've enclosed copies of the LoC's we've received so far for Wanna Share. I'd love to be able to pass on comments from more of you — hint, hint. Thanks again to everyone who contributed; it really turned out to be an awfully nice little zine. The stories were all so good I don't want to deprive the rest of fandom of the chance to read them. On the other hand, Wanna Share is unique to SHarecon and I don't want it published as is. So, I'd like to encourage you to resubmit your stories (if you want to). I know Martha, for one, is always on the lookout for material for Fix and most editors are crying for submissions (just take a look in Snitch). But it's up to you. We're the lucky ones have our own copies of the zine.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[Cross Purposes]: Starsky and Hutch are often portrayed as on the same wave length and being able to read one another's minds. E. Lowry has them both thinking the same thoughts, but neither is able to admit the truth to his partner. One of the things I like about this story is that we don't know quite whose POV we are in. There are two sections, one for Starsky, one for Hutch--but she never specifies. I think I know which is which--can you figure it out? [1]
[Games in the Middle of the Night]: Why this must be read: Ahem, sex...sex. Starsky's POV, just a game in the middle of the night. And Starsky plays it for all its worth.

"Oh, geeze! Well, um -- uh -- my mother always told me not to let strange men touch me there --"

It's short, it's fun, and it's great to listen in on their conversations. [2]
[zine]: Shared Sunday - A "slice of life" carried out very competently. The author paints a clear, believable portrait of S&H in just one page. I especially liked the image of their clasped hands at the end.

Cross Purposes - Good descriptions of each man's awakening to new possibilities. The paragraph in which the author refers to the narrator's (Starsky's) pride at being associated with his partner was particularly effective.

You See Him Coming - Nice "first impression" story. Will this be a series? I look forward to reading about their first encounter from Hutch's POV!

A Kiss is Just a Kiss - This author has a way with words. I appreciate her descriptive phrases ("like a stone falling into a lake" and "Starsky gave him a stare. 'You're spoilin' my appetite.' 'That'll be the day.'") Starsky's subtle, non-verbal courtship was a new approach to the "first-time" theme.

Child Support - I agree with this portrayal of Hutch's background. The Hutch we saw in the series doesn't seem to be the product of a happy home. Starsky was right in character, too. A needful Hutch would receive automatic priority over whatever Starsky might have been involved in.

Games in the Middle of the Night - Yeah, I'll bet they would enjoy playing little games like this together. Come on, Monica. Tell us some more....

Dinner at Eight - Hutch can be such an insensitive shit. And Starsky, as usual, forgives and forgets. I've always wanted to see the issue from the pilot tag dealt with in a story.

Melt Down - One of my favorites. S and H were right in character, and this story felt believable from start to finish. Hutch "cranky and irascible," and Starsky finding semi-logical reasons to excuse him. It's a strength of Hutch's that he can acknowledge his faults and appreciate the "find" he has in Starsky. Good story.

Perfumes of Arabia - "Randyride and Rainbow"? Tabby deserves bonus creativity points for coming up with this fascinating array of fragrance names!

Cox - Molly, you slut! You couldn't write a "straight" story if Anita Bryant held a gun on you!

Just a Dream Away - Interesting premise. This one left me curious to know what happens next.

Someone to Watch Over Me - It felt good to read about Hutch doing something nice for Starsky, for a change. The protectiveness that Starsky in need brings out in him is one of Hutch's most appealing qualities.

Tell Me - This one is full of great lines and images - Hutch wangling goodies for Starsky, Starsky filching his peanuts, "More when you're wearing tight jeans," "It must be a gift from God." Jennifer did a good job with her selection of questions, and with S and H's responses.

Under Warranty - Aww! Favorite line: "...and he was partnered with an idiot." I think Starsky does get Hutch to do things he would otherwise never do, and what's more, I think that in most cases Hutch is a better man for it.

Breath of Life - Wow! A real page turner. Tightly written and full of tension. The descriptions of Hutch's fear and his feelings while giving Starsky mouth-to-mouth really got to me - very moving. I loved the image of them we were left with, so close they were sharing the same blanket. Great job, [April Valentine]! [3]

Issue 2

Wanna Share? 2 was published in October 1990 and has 73 pages.

From the intro:
And welcome to our second SHarecon of 1990. We know it's been difficult for a lot of you to get to this event, just as it's been a little difficult for us to organize it all again on shorter notice, but we think it's gonna be worth it. Starsky and Hutch fandom is alive and well. We hope you enjoy the fine mix of stories we're presenting this time. It's hard to believe that we've amassed so many pages once again. We sure are a prolific group, aren't we? Some of these items were pulled from files and secret drawers, finally seeing the light of day for this publication, while others were penned (computered?) just for WANNA SHARE? #2. We hope you especially enjoy Lynna Bright's "Rain Delay" (which was delayed more than she ever expected when Nancy misplaced it when we were printing #1). You're on your own in determining which stories are slash or non — think of it as suspense. Now, on with the party and on with the zine!
  • Miles to Go and Promises to Keep (gen) by Ellen Morris (1)
  • Surviving Heirs of Russian Czars (gen) by Tabby Davis (6)
  • Falling (slash) by Theresa Kyle (8)
  • A Story by David Michael Starsky (11)
  • Canadian Cocktail (slash) by Elizabeth Lowry (14)
  • Local Talent (gen) by Tabby Davis (18)
  • Temporary Guest (gen) by Constance Collins/MRK (20)
  • Opportunity by Tabby Davis (25)
  • Scar Tissue (gen) by Tabby Davis (26)
  • Where Would You Be Without Me? (gen) by Marilyn Hartsell (28)
  • Confessor (slash) by Elizabeth Lowry (35)
  • Cold Dish (slash) by Marie Almont (38)
  • Rain Delay (slash) by Lynna Bright (44)
  • Fill-in March 1990 by Everyone (48)
  • NEA Digest Cartoon by MRK, an "adaptation" of Matt Groening's "Life in Hell" (50)
  • Outside Looking In (slash) by Molly D. Brown (51)
  • Back-Up (slash) by Jessica Celliers (53)
  • Muscles (slash) by April Valentine (58)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

See reactions and reviews for Confessor.

Issue 3

Wanna Share? 3 was published in 1992 (the zine itself is undated) and has 69 pages. There is one piece of interior art.

From the zine:
Welcome to the third issue of this exclusive zine, Wanna Share. It is not published for sale, it's available to members of SH:103, so yes it's exclusive and the print run is very small. For those of you who may not know, the zine takes its title from the first thing Starsky ever says to Hutch, in the pilot for the series. He's offering his fitness-obsessed friend a bite of jelly donut, which Hutch refuses. But it does set a tone for their relationship, for the series, and for our fandom. SH:103 was born from the mini-con called SHarecon, which was organized so that die-hard SHers could share any and all aspects of Starsky and Hutch. People bring memorabilia, zines, photos, and of course watch tapes and talk, talk, talk. Wanna Share is an opportunity for anyone associated with the con to contribute something on paper.


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