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Early SHareCons

There were a series of SHareCons that took place in Maryland in the 1980s and 1990s.

Their titles can be very confusing. Most fans refer to them all as "SH:101" regardless of the year, and some fans refer to them as "SH:102" and otherwise. In any case, it appears that the 1989 con had no title, the next two were both called "SH:101" and then after that, "SH:102," "SH:103," and "SH:104."

To make matters more confusing, it appears a con was planned for April 1993, but possibly never happened. This con was mistakenly called "SH:104," which explains why an ad for "SH:104" two years later puts "I think" after its title; things appear so confused that no one really new what number they were on.

an ad for one that appears to have not taken place, as well as muddying the waters in titles (printed in a January 1993 issue of Snitch)

After the first early gatherings, the cons got a more organized in terms of formal titles. These fan gatherings morphed into two cons a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

The Short List

  • proto-SHareCon: (called SHareCon) March 17-19, 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland, and organized by Nancy Goodwin, Megan Kent, and Pat Massie
  • SH:101 (called "SHareCon")
    • (no.1) March 16-18, 1990 (Embassy Suites, Hunt Valley, Maryland) (organized by April Valentine, Nancy Goodwin, and Susan Earle)
    • (no.2) October 5-7, 1990 [1] (no.2) October, organized by April Valentine and Susan Earle
  • SH:101 (yes, named "101" again)
    • (no.1) April 26-28, 1991
    • (no.2) Autumn, unknown date
  • SH:102
    • (no.1) April 10-12, 1992
    • (no.2) October 16-18, 1992
  • SH:103
    • (no.1) Spring, unknown date
    • (no.2) Oct 16-18, 1994
  • SH:104
    • "SHARECON 4 (we think) April 14-16, 1995 at Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Dulles Airport South, Chantilly, Virginia. Everyone is invited although space is limited to 25 bodies. For details SASE: Nancy Goodwin..." [2]
  • SH:105
    • A "SHareCon '96" was announced in Starsky & Hutch Adzine & Newsletter #15, an event to be hosted by Kim Smith. It is unknown if this con took place: "SHareCon '96, March 15-17, 1996 in Chantilly, Virginia. Membership $30 Limit of 35 attendees."
  • SH:106
    • March 14-17, 1997


Convention organizers April Valentine and Nancy Goodwin hosted events that they called "SH:101," "SH:102," and SH:103" etc. As they explained in one of the convention fanzines published in connection with these events: "SH:103 was born from the mini-con called SHarecon, which was organized so die-hard SHers could share any and all aspects of Starsky and Hutch. People bring memorabilia, zines, photos, stories and of course watch tapes and talk, talk, talk."

The Proto-SHareCon (1989)

There were several VERY EARLY proto-SHareCons that didn't get an official numbers. One fan calls it both the "Starsky & Hutch Party" and "Share Con."

One was held March 17-19, 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland, and organized by Nancy Goodwin, Megan Kent, and Pat Massie.

A fan describes it:
The "Starsky & Hutch Party" took place March 17-19 in Md and was a warm, casual, mutual give-and-take. All attendees freely mingled, shared precious collections, personal histories, read stories, made food runs. We viewed and discussed episodes, played trivia, "pin the wound on Starsky" (a sick bunch, no?) and "psychodrama" -- re-enactments of key scenes from certain episodes (what fun playing a dead Gillian!). We were able to dub long-sought tapes and copy articles (THANKS, Martha, Susan and Jennifer). We even welcomed 2 new fans, which is always exciting! The highlight for me, however, was the aforementioned discovery in Shootout -- how could I have missed that all these years??!! Thanks again, Jennifer!! Can we have another SHare Con real SOON? [3]
Another fan wrote a report, excerpted here:
The rest of the evening was fantastic. We played "Win, Lose, or Illio"—everyone had to draw the clues they'd come up with, which taught us all a valuable lesson—USE LOTS OF NOUNS, NOT SO MANY ADJECTIVES & ADVERBS! And, all of us on the "Hutch" team have a one-track mind—any time anybody drew anything even faintly resembling a box, we all immediately started yelling "Coffin for Starsky, Coffin for Starsky!!" We also seem to have a strange fixation with toilets—they were used repeatedly in our illios. Then came the piece de resistance—"Pin the Bullet Wound on Starsky." What could be more fun than stumbling blindly toward a drawing your one true love (or second choice of same) with the hope of inflicting a fatal injury. I'm proud to announce that PLS managed to fire the first fatal shot—got him right in the cheek (of his face!! God, you people have dirty minds!) Myself, I only managed to fire a warning shot. After this we celebrated [J F's] birthday (Surprise!) The next thing I remember is leaving the tragic tale of Jason Karpopoklas (sp?) aka PMG on "The Streets of San Francisco" I think I cut out right after his father slapped him in the face. It was so sad, I needed some cheering up, so I went to about the cheeriest thing I can think of—listening to Martha read. I think she started around 10:30 went on till 3:00 or so... . talk about stamina! Talk about vocal cords! In the morning (well, later that same morning) PLS & I went down for anothermarvelousbreakfast. Shortly after we ate a gaggle of fans showed up looking for breakfast. We kibitzed, talked (you know, that's a nice situation to be in—you get to talk more than anybody else 'cause their mouths are full). The rest of the morning was filled with packing, hugging, saying goodbye— There's not much to say about the trip home, except, did you know that carrying forty or so video tapes from bus to bus is a terrific way to dislocate your shoulder? Just throwing that in, for any of you out there who might be looking for a good way to do that. I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved with getting me to SHareCon—Nancy, Jennifer, Pat,—can't wait for next year! [4]


Spring 1990 (called SHareCon, but had no number)

March 16-18, 1990.

It generated the zine Wanna Share? #1.

From a progress report:

Well, since last year's SHarecon was such a good time we're gonna give it another shot. Same bat time, same bat channel. For those of you who were here last year skip on down to a heading that interests you. Newcomers read on to find out what the blazes a SHarecon is.

Despite the name SHarecon is not a convention - we don't have an art show, we don't have a dealer's room, we don't have panels, and we don't have a whole bunch of fandoms. By process of elimination, I guess that means we are a big Starsky and Hutch room party.

And at this party since we don't have all the trappings of a real con we end up sharing the responsibility for everyone having a good time. Last year, and this year, it means bringing along clippings, tapes, conversation, stories, and artwork to show and te11 with other fans. We play games, watch episodes and songtapes, eat, talk, and just generally spend a weekend wallowing in Starsky and Hutch with about 25 other fans. If you'd be bored by a purely Starsky and Hutch weekend then this is probably not the party for you. If this sounds like just what you've been waiting for we'd love to have you join us.

Time and Place March 16-18, 1990. At the Embassy Suites Hotel, Hunt Valley, MD. (Just outside Baltimore.) Just like last year. As you may already know there is a multi-media convention going on at the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn right across the street... Because of space limitations the SHarecon meeting suite will be closed to any non-members.

Programming I know I just said this wasn't a con, but we still have things going on that you might want to hear about. 1. Video -- we'll have all of the episodes with us, and as many songtapes (old and new) as we can lay our hands on. There will be at least one pair of VCR's set up for dubbing. So don't forget to bring your own songtapes and obscure or not so obscure interviews to share around (P.S. don't forget to bring your own blank tapes in case you see something you want.) 2. Swap meet -- We're not having a dealer's room per se but since many people have old zines, new zines, clippings, photos etc. to sell we thought we'd have our own little feeding frenzy set up in the meeting room for an hour or so for people to hawk their wares. 3. Writer's workshop -- Pat Massie is going to facilitate a writer's workshop. This will be hands on and audience participation not a panel. Details to follow. 4. Games -- For those who feel like getting down and silly (or just watching other people being silly) we'll have audio and visual trivia; charades/psychodrama/act-out-the-episode; Win, Lose, or Illo; Pin the Boo-Boo on Blondie; Fill-ins. If anyone has any suggestions for games or any other things they want to do PLEASE send them along. 5. Other -- We'd like to do some filking if people are interested. And back by popular demand Dramatic Reading -- if you've got some really horrible story that you've written (and who doesn't) and are feeling brave (or drunk) enough to read it aloud, bring it along. it was a dark and stormy alley ....

And for those who like to dress up (down, strange or quarky) Friday night we thought we'd copy Spectrum and have a costume hour -- come as a particular episode or zine.

Zine Yup we thought with all that talent out there we'd try and get together a little zine. Sort of like a party favor. Anyway, the theme of the zine is the theme of the party -- Sharing. Art, poetry, short stories (guess we'd better have a 5 page limit on them) about Starsky and Hutch sharing a thing, a feeling, whatever. Get the submissions to March 1st so I can get them printed by the party. Send submissions camera ready (8 1/2 x 11 with 1" margins). We haven't got a title for it yet, suggestions are very welcome!

Hotel We're back at the Embassy Suites Hotel at Hunt Valley, MD. We'll be getting the meeting room attached to a suite again. That'll probably run us $150 per night. Suites will probably be $69 or $79 per night for up to 4 people. The suites are double (2 double beds) or king (1 king bed) both kinds come with a sitting room that Includes a sofabed, microwave, and refrigerator. The hotel provides free all you can eat breakfast, and free drinks at happy hour. Reservation cards will be in the next PR.

Roommates Find your own, please. If you need help let me know by January 15th and we'll put your name and vital statistics In the next PR. Send your phone number if you want things speeded up.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles We have some volunteers who will try and help with picking people up at airports etc. However, since we don't want to interrupt their fun at the party if you want to arrive or leave between Friday at 3:00 or Sunday at 3:00 you'll need to make arrangements on your own. Planes -- BWI (Baltimore-Washington International) is the nearest airport. There is a bus to the hotel that costs $11 one way. Trains -- Taxi to the hotel is about $20. Automobiles -- about 20 minutes from Baltimore for details see the next PR. There is plenty of free parking at the hotel.

Cost I saved the best (or worst) for last. Figuring on 25 people if we hit everyone up for $30 that will cover the executive suite, veggie and cheese munchies (we're ordering out for that-- chopping up finger food was too much for ye olde hostesses last year), chips etc (less than last year), beverages (again less than last year -- I need you to send me what kind of soda, juice, etc you want to drink), paper goods, miscellaneous supplies, and hopefully the zine. This should mean I don't have to reassess at the party like last time and that I don't go too far into my own pocket. Please get the money to me by Feb 15th. [5]
Spring 1990: Con Reports
Somehow it seems to summarize ALL the fun and madness we had at that mini-con. It feels So good to be with other SH fans and friends and live together for a week-end that the post-con letdown is fierce at times... kind of like being separated from a co-joined twin, I think. If you've never gone to a con, you really ought to sometime to MEET and GET to KNOW other fen. You're ... none of us ... are alone out there. [6]
Another SHare Con has come and gone. The greatly-anticipated event was well worth the wait, as I had a splendid weekend! Nancy Goodwin and Company put on a fine party. The festivities started immediately upon all members's arrivals and went non-stop 'til the too-soon end. 4 new fans attended, and I think 2 of them enjoyed themselves as much as the rest of us (the other 2 disappeared early Saturday morning). The fun began with "Trivia Twister" (with the actual game), causing participants to contort our bodies into intriguing, rather intimate positions), audio trivia? continued with "Win, Lose or Illo" (what a challenge attempting to "draw" clues), a birthday celebration (complete with cake and a pinata) for [Megan Kent], videos, songtapes, singing, reading, talking, eating, more videos, eating, talking and an informal swap meet. The one somber point came while viewing all the tapes of all the recent Paul & Elizabeth national appearances on talk/news shows on behalf of the PAF. It was heart wrenching seeing the lovely family photos and watching the agony on the Glasers's faces as they spoke of their tragedy. We picked up the mood by viewing more videos, ordering pizza, playing "psychodrama" charades and "Pin the Boo Boo on Blondie." At one interval, I uttered: "I'm a hurt-comfort pig!" while watching key scenes from Shootout, Fix and Coffin in a song tape, and later was surprised with a pin bearing my statement presented by [Debbie R] (thanks,Deb!). I'll wear it proudly to all future S&H cons I attend. A group of us viewed episodes 'til 4 a.m. Sunday before surrendering to sleep. The final con activity was posing for a group photo, then, sadly, it was time to say goodbye. Nancy has promised us another SHare Con in the Fall, and I can't wait to go![7]
ShareCon was heaven because of the hugging. It felt so good to have friends express affection physically, without worrying about it being misinterpreted. And the charades/psychodrama—the extraordinary joy of feeling so uninhibited I could act like a jerk & who cared? No one. (No one even noticed; I'm not sure how good a thing that is) A year ago I could not have acted out Terry's death scene (me as Starsky, Rosemary Callahan as Terry) & put my head on her chest. (And, when told I was first supposed to hold her hand & talk to her, respond, "Everybody wants foreplay!" I would have been too embarrassed) I have all of you to thank for that, & as I said last issue, I love you all. [8]



Oh, that's right, YOU weren't at SHARECON Spring 1990, were you? Otherwise, you'd know what the above means.

Well, it's just one of the goofy sayings we came up with and had printed on buttons — and WORE in the hotel over the weekend of March 17-18. We had a great time acting nutzzz. You have to be kind of crazy anyway to be a fan, right? And, what's so strange about opening a con with S&H Trivia Twister and watching friends contort themselves into several and sundry odd, triple-jointed, and/or suggestive poses?


There was a goodies bake-off with tastes for all, a veggie platter to sup from, cold drinks right at hand (no 75 cents at the vending machine for this group), a video room that ran S&H and S&H ONLY, NIGHT AND DAY AND well into the wee hours of the yawning. (You haven't lived until you've fallen asleep on a cold hotel room floor despite your noble attempts to remain conscious in order to see the 'no brakes sequence1 in KILL HB only to wake up AFTER said scene, cramped, chilly, and confused.)

These are the moments fans live for, huh? I think I had. MORE fun at Sharecon (both this year and last) than I have had since ZCON 2. I wallowed, wandered, wondered, and raved S&H. It was FANtastic! I was never bored (which happens during PRO stuff at Zcon — you know, that dead zone where you wonder why you came all the way to Chicago to sit in a hotel room.)

HA!! NOT AT SHARECON YOU DON'T!! If I wasn't talking SH, I was watching a songtape, or an episode, or reading a zine, or sharing a story with someone, or laughing, or acting totally ridiculous and not minding a bit.

SHARECON is all about sharing and totally about S&H.

It just feels SO GOOD to be with other fans and to not have explain why you love two tv characters, and why that silly show changed your life.

I hope YOU get to go to a future SHARECON. I know you'll have a funderfull time! (psst..."Never twitch the halibut") [9]

Autumn 1990 (called both SH: 101 and SHareCon)

October 5-7, 1990

A fan wrote that "October 1990 was a banner month for cons with all or heavy-SH programming: SH:101, Reunion Con, and ZirCon were all held that month, (no.2) October, organized by April Valentine and Susan E."

Note that the con is not referred to here as SHareCon, but SH:101. The next year's con was also called "SH:101."

It generated the zine Wanna Share? #2.

A fan in July 1990 wrote:
We have a few spaces left for this October 5, 6, 7. So if you want to come join the fun send me a SASE and I'll send you the information about us. If you're not sure what a SHarecon is read on and then decide if you might be interested.

SHarecon is SH. Pure, (well as pure as anything can be with this many dirty minded people involved) unadulterated, Starsky and Hutch.

SHarecon is a party with con-ish tendencies. We don't have an artshow, but people will be bringing some artwork that they own to show everyone. We don't have a dealers room, but on Saturday we will have a chance for everyone to sell or trade anything they want to find a new home for. We do have video going all the time. We have an honest to goodness schedule of events for things like trivia twister, audio trivia, charades, writers workshop, filking, you name it we do it. (If you join us and make a suggestion for something you want to do -- we will try and accomodate you). SHarecon is very much a party however, it is a time of sharing with friends. What you bring to SHarecon to share with everyone affects the shape of the event.

So, if you'd like to come wallow in Starsky and Hutch for a weekend of food, fans, and fun (thank you McDonalds) drop me a line. Whoops -- SHarecon will be held in the DC area on Columbus day weekend, October 5, 6, 7, 1990. [10]

SH:101 (1991)

Spring 1991

April 26-28, 1991 Embassy Suites Hotel Hunt Valley, Mainland

flyer for spring 1991 con

The con skit was "Knight in Blue Armour, or No Hope for Hutch" starring Merricat, Susan B, Sherry M, Patricia S, and Nancy Goodwin.

front cover of a 17-page commemorative fanwork that summarizes the con skit and makes many humorous in-jokes. Includes photos. Created by Linda McGee.
From an ad placed in Communications Console vol 5 no 1:
"SH:101 - a Starsky & Hutch con/party. Just discovering the show with- the most dynamic male-male relationships ever? Or are you a long time fan who needs a fix of episode watching and fannish friendship? We're getting together at the Embassy Suites Hunt Valley, Baltimore, Maryland on April 26-28, 1991. A-total S&H experience, episodes, dealers, zine reading room, song tapes, discussions, games and more. $25.00 plus 2 SASES per membership. Send inquiries, $, and 2 SASES to April Valentine,[address removed].
From the program book:
The time for our seminar has finally arrived. We are glad to see so many intelligent, interested participants coming to take part in this most fulfilling type of learning experience. You are here to immerse yourself in SH, to learn all you can learn of SH, to share all you can share of SH and to commune with others who are discerning enough to enjoy this most prestigious program, this most enjoyable fandom...

What? Huh? I'm carrying this seminar stuff a bit too far? Okay, so I'm not a humorist Anyway, welcome to this mini-con called SH:101. We hope you all have a very good time, that you get to make new friends and play Starsky and Hutch all weekend. We're glad you're here!

Below is a diagram of our convention space. We're providing some organized activities, panels, games and a schedule of episodes. There will be plenty of time for picking which episodes you want to see, too, plus a selection of interviews and other performances by PMG and DS. Or you can just find a quiet space for reading zines you haven't had a chance to see in the Zine Reading Room. The space designated "The Pits" is a general hang-out area where you can relax and gab. Don't hesitate to ask if you don't understand anything that's going on or listed in this program. By the way, the schedule is purely a guide. Like Starsky and Hutch, we can always revise our plan mid-way through. We aren't running this thing with a stop watch and as the weekend wears on, we'll probably fall behind. (You mean it's 10 a.m. on Sunday? I have to get up and turn on a tape!) We hope there's a little something here for everybody — group fun, quiet reading, communal episode watching, time for friends to chat. So unpack, put on your Zebra clothes, and get into Starsky and Hutch!
A con report:
It was an adventure for me from the time I arrived at the hotel to discover I didn't have the key to my suitcase, to the trip home, when a Pennsylvania State Trooper took exception to the speed I was traveling. (I suppose 70 is a bit excessive?) **sigh** It's not that I was in a hurry to get home, I just have a lead (cast-iron maybe) foot. If things really do happen in threes, then I shouldn't see any police officers outside of my job for a long time, because that was the third time in the month of April that I had a run-in of some sort with a police officer. I really should have known better than to be in the lead position, in an out-of-state car, on the LAST weekend of the month. Good thing I had a nice bit budgeted for that weekend, although THAT wasn't the way I'd planned to spend it!!

Dinner on Friday evening was a rioutous event. Being new to SH fandom, I wasn't sure what to expect from the crew. Needless to say, I was relieved to find my warped sense of humor fitted right in. Nancy Goodwin had us in stitches for most of the meal. (More bread pudding, Nanc?) Thanks to Martha and Nancy for their contributions to the Reading Room. Obviously, I had no complaints about the content. Once I dug in, that was it. I even forgot to eat on Saturday, until 9:30 p.m. Martha checked up on me once or twice, to be certain I had eaten, after that. Unintentionally, Alison and I missed the panels. We both got so involved in reading that we lost track of time. I'm sorry for that, now, but look forward to attending some in future.

For me, the object of the weekend was to catch up on some zines, meet fellow fans, and relax and unwind. Mission accomplished. Thanks go to Martha and Susan for their efforts. It was a great weekend! Hope there'll be another! [11]
A con report:
SH:101, it was really fun. There were sixteen attendees, and although that is small, it made it possible for everyone to get to know everyone else. We were glad that Alison Wilson and Londa Pfeffer were able to make it as it's always good to have some new blood. We had a zine reading room, a schedule of discussion groups, songtapes, episodes, a swap meet (where among other things, we raised $100 for the PAF) and just generally enjoyed all facets of Starsky and Hutch for the entire weekend. And, oh yes, we ate. All weekend. About nine of us went to Sizzler on Friday evening for dinner and almost everybody went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner on Saturday night. And we munched delicious chocolate "Welcome to SH:101" cake and other goodies all weekend long. We read stories aloud, played "audio trivia" and listened to Monica Rose's list of all the different names Starsky calls Hutch and Hutch calls Starsky. It was just so good to be together, to share all the laughter and love that is a part of the Starsky and Hutch universe.[12]
SH:101 was my first con, and it was a wonderful experience. I roomed with [L], another neo and one of my latest SH pen pals. We spent a LOT of time in the Reading Room catching upon most of what we'd missed. In fact we stayed up both nights until at least 4:30 AM reading and talking! That's how neos behave! (I did sneak a quick nap Saturday afternoon.) The cake was nice. I got a slice with plenty of icing. I bought a SHareCon mug and some issues of the British mags. Being a Hutch person(though of course I love Starsky too!) I instantly fell in love with Martha's David Soul blue denim-grey T-shirt underneath poster. I'd never seen it before. (Well, I lead a rather sheltered life.) Beautiful. I took photos of it but haven't used up all that roll of film so don't know yet how all my pictures came out.... There were just a few people who I didn't get to talk to—maybe next year at the next con? SH:101 was good fun, a wonderful way of briefly but completely escaping the problems and pressures of everyday reality. [13]
A mention of this spring 1991 con:
And then there was the time I left my RenFaire job early to attend an SH:101 mini-con, only to come back and be confronted by men in chain-mail loin cloths wanting to hear about the drinking and smoking going on at my weekend of Starsky & Hutch debauchery. Imagine their disappointment when I told them there was no drinking and smoking, only a skit wherein one fan with a long pony-tail whipped it around and pretended to be a helicopter. Imagine my surprise when I found myself confessing to this pseudo-Viking horde my belief that Starsky and Hutch were early role models of a positive gay relationship on network television—and getting solemn nods of approval and agreement all around. [14]

Autumn 1991


Spring 1992

April 10-12, 1992.

It generated Wanna Share? #3.

From a con report printed in Frienz #18:

April 10 - 12, 1992, - It was a dark and stormy night - It was a bright and sunny weekend. Once again a small group of SH fen converged on the Embassy Suites Hotel in Hunt Valley, MD, for SH.102. My school system was kind enough to plan Spring Break for the weekend proceeding the con, (Thank you, Corveta County), so I was able to go up a couple of days early and spend some "just visiting" time with [April Valentine]. [Elizabeth Lowry] came in a day early, and [April] played tour guide, showing us around Fell's Point in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Thank you for the hospitality, [April]!

Fourteen of us shared the festivities. Dogged persistence won out as [Leah S], who has attempted to attend on several occasions actually made it in this time. Hurray! Other attendees included: Nancy Goodwin, Susan Earle, Marilyn Hartsell, Trish Jeffers, [MRK], Lorraine McGlynn, Barbara Presgrove, Betsy Ramsey, Pat Schnell, Pam Talbot. [April] provided her usual terrific name tags but we decided that, since everyone already knew everyone else, wearing our real names would be redundant. So we decided to choose "dwarvish" names - self selected descriptions, hopefully ending with "y". I thought of christening myself "Saintly," but since this idea didn't receive any expressions of agreement from the others, I decided to go with something more accurate. All right, so I'm "Sleazy," okay? One of us, who shall remain nameless, remained nameless, as she couldn't think of just the right adjective. We look forward to MediaWest, when a decision will be announced. Since personal upheavals prevented her attendance, Pat Massie was appointed "Absenty." (You wore missed, Pat. So glad you're coming to Media West!) Other names included: "Filthy!" "Bitchy," "Whiney," "Scuzzy," "Naughty," "Easy," "Smutty," "Trashy," "Sleaze-Bee," "Tardy," "Pudgy," and "Eggie Louse." Care to try to match the names with the participants?

At one point the hotel representative dropped into the Con Suite to check that everything was satisfactory. There we sat, surrounded by SH posters and pictures, with "Welcome DOBs" scrawled on the bulletin board. "What kind of group is this?" she asked politely. We all looked at [April]. She provided a very reasonable explanation: We like the show and get together to watch and discuss episodes, play trivia etc. Good answer, [April]!

Speaking of trivia, we had an enjoyable if occasionally frustrating, time playing "The $10,000 Torino Game," an invention of [April]'s which debuted at SH:101. Picture "The $20,000 Pyramid," with SH categories devised by [April] and my perennial roomie, the devilishly devious, Nancy Goodwin.

[April Valentine] delivered her usual effective reading of another excruciatingly awful episode of "Bad SH Theatre." The parts of Starsky and Hutch were ... interestingly... played by Nancy G. and Susan Earle, with other con members joining in as assorted baddies. If you know Nancy and Susan, your imagination might do the experience justice. If not, blackmail photos can be obtained at reasonable prices.

Food, (a key element at any self-respecting con): The restaurant provided its usual excellent, complimentary breakfast. During the days, we nibbled on snacks provided by the con committee. Both nights the entire crowd adjourned for dinner to the shopping mall conveniently located next door. They have a "Food Court," a large area of tables surrounded by a variety of food shops. We all chose from our preferred eatery and met at a large table to dine. On Saturday night and during the day on Sunday, we snarfed down a delicious zebra cake baked by the multi-talented Nancy. No illnesses have been reported. (Oops, sorry Nance. Just kidding. Put down that meat cleaver!)

The weekend saw the debut of SH songtapes by Beth Cambre and Barbara Prusgrove. Both sets were excellent. It was great to see some new material, in addition to old favorites such as those by Pam Perry and Jennifer Holland.

On Saturday night, [MRK]'s play, "Starsky and Hutch are Dead," was performed. It featured MRK as Starsky, [Elizabeth Lowry] as Hutch, Nancy G. as Captain Dobey, Pat Schnell as Nick Starsky, Trish Jeffers as Vanessa, and myself as the Police Commissioner. Thanks, [MRK], for including me, and for limiting my lines to a number I could handle. (Four.) The play was videotaped as well as photographed, so those of you who missed it will probably be able to obtain copies. At one point it was unanimously agreed that no one in this group will ever be able to run for public office. Way too much incriminating evidence. Especially you, Nancy!

Speaking of videotapes, another highlight of the weekend was the viewing of Paul and David's appearance on "Regis and Kathie Lee." While Regis Philbin must rank in the top 1% of obnoxious interviewers ("Shut up, Regis!" we cried repeatedly.), it was great to see the guys together. I personally recommend turning the sound down and just watchinq them.

Several of us farewelled the weekend by caravaning to the airport with a stop at McDonald's for a final junk food extravaganza.

There seems to have been some misunderstanding about this con. It is not By Invitation Only. It's open to anyone who wants to participate in a totally SH weekend. If you love Starsky and Hutch, we'd love to have you with us. A quirky mind and a bawdy sense of humor, while not strictly mandatory, will be helpful. If you're shy or reserved, but tolerant of those less inhibited, you'll have a good time. So come on, sign up to join us in October. You will be welcome!

Autumn 1992


Spring 1994?

flyer from Frienz #19 for SH:103

In the third issue of the convention fanzine Wanna Share?, an attendee composed a filk song that describes what happens at one of these events. It most likely serves as a blueprint for many of the Starsky and Hutch conventions, both before and after.

SH: 103 by Marilyn Hartsell
The seasons are changing
And the air has turned chill
So the gang is gathering
For another cheap thrill.
We've come from the East
We've come from the West
We've come for the fun
We've come for the REST?
Well whatever we've come for
We've come for the best.
It's marathon talking
And sharing what's happening
Song tapes and singing
Episodes and games for the gathering.
Now our games are quite clever
For we've made them better.
Instead of "Pinning a Tail on the Donkey"
We enjoy giving a "Bullet to Starsky".
And what's a party
without our own kind of BINGO.
For its now called HUTCH
In our game lingo.
Or give us a story line
And we'll fill it out.
For hurting and comforting
Is what we're about.
Our world is one of order and law
And male relationships our draw.
We live for tender touches
And Oh those sweet ouches!
We'll act it all out
And laugh till it hurts.
So critics beware
Or you'll be our Bill of Fare.
So give us our mayhem
Car chases, bullets and knives.
But please, nothing serious to permanently maim
For it's the fun and spice in our lives.
Bring us your photos and toys most neurotic
And no gatherings complete without artwork.
As our rooms we transform
In a manner most erotic.
For "The Rose" is our song.
So come friends one and all
And lift your voices in song.
For the Zebras are gathering
And the hills they do roam in Maryland
Why there's even a stray Tabby from Merry Old England
Once again at our gathering!
So come fellow Zebras
It's time for the ark.
So stand on your mark for another group shot
We're the ladies of SH 103 and we're HOT

Autumn 1994

Held Oct 16-18, 1994


flyer from Frienz #27 for SH:104

SH:104 -- "SHARECON 4 (we think) April 14 - 16, 1995 at Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Dulles Airport South, Chantilly, Virginia. Everyone is invited although space is limited to 25 bodies. For details SASE: Nancy Goodwin..." [15]

SHarecon. It was GREAT!!!!!!!! It was wonderful meeting everyone and getting such a warm welcome as someone new to the fandom. We had lots of food (so much for my diet:( ) Some great games, including Pin the Boo Boo on Blondie, or Pin the Bullet Wound on Starsky. The Torino Game, and Win Lose, Or Illo. I think my fave was the Torino Game, sort of like the $20,000 Pyramid, it was great to try and stump these goils who have been in the fandom for eons and eons. They were very hard to stump, however. The '70's party was a blast. Loved your Torino dress, Nancy, and no one could okf made a better FEFE then Linda - that dress was awesome, along with the shorts and duster, what a hoot. Thanks Nancy, Linda, Susan and all the rest for making it such a fantabulous weekend. [16]


SH:105 (?) A "SHareCon '96" was announced in Starsky & Hutch Adzine & Newsletter #15, an event to be hosted by Kim Smith. It is unknown if this con took place: "SHareCon '96, March 15-17, 1996 in Chantilly, Virginia. Membership $30 Limit of 35 attendees."


It was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Hunt Valley, MD, March 14-17, 1997.


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