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Name: Reunion Con or the Starsky & Hutch Fifteenth Anniversary convention
Dates: Oct 12-14, 1990
Frequency: one time
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Type: fan run
Focus: Starsky & Hutch
Founder: Cheryl Maier (con chair), Megan Kent and Charlotte Hill (some members of the concom)
Founding Date:
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While the event was primarily a Starsky & Hutch con, the fanzine flyer listed a wide range of pairings and fandoms, including the Professionals, MUNCLE, Star Trek, Harry & Johnny and more.

The venue was the Bonaventure Hotel, where a "Starsky & Hutch" episode had been filmed.

The convention had a dealer's room, an art show, video room, a writer's workshop led by Lucy Doty, a con suite and an orphan zine table. Other activities included a pool party at the hotel, a tour of the Los Angeles Police Academy, and a picnic at a park that was the setting for the Starsky & Hutch episode "Rosie Malone." The registration cost was $25.

Con Zine

The con zine was Memories.

Some Ephemera

Con Report

In spite of foul-ups by the management, the hotel is beautiful with its indoor pools and fountains and the glass elevators going up the outside of the outside of the building for breath-taking views of the city [snipped] l fell asleep with all of them punching and collating the program book, and woke up to all of them punching and collating the program book! They insisted that they had slept?!? Friday, we registered, then set up our displays in the Dealers' Room and the Art Show before taking off for the LAPD Police Academy tour scheduled for us. Our guide was excellent. [snipped] Saturday was spent visiting, selling, talking, and going to panels. I saw many old-time west coast friends like [E H], [K H] (whose pro book Cost of Love is out), [J M], [C B], [M B], [S G], [E R] [F J], and lots of others. [Many other fan names snipped], Suzan (with her gorgeous Master of the Revels work as well as lots of other great stuff that went very well in the art auction, of course).... It was a wonderful chance to get together in celebration of a show we still love, even though many of us have added new shows as well over the years. The charity sales and auction raised a LOT of money for Pediatric Aids Foundation. Several thousand, I think. It was a good way to thank Paul and David for the pleasure they've give us. Sunday is always the saddest time, saying goodbye to everyone... [1]


  1. ^ from Ruth Kurz in Tell Me Something I Don't Know #22 (July 1991)