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Name: Taz
Alias(es): SVE
Type: fan writer, fan artist
Fandoms: Highlander, Blake's 7, Star Trek:TOS, Starsky and Hutch, Hercules: TLJ, Hard Target, Bloodties and Sherlock Holmes (2009)
URL: fan fiction on AO3]
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Taz is a slash writer whose work has appeared in several fanzines. She also did artwork in Starsky & Hutch fandom. In January 2000 interview she gave an overview of her path to fandom: " I was raised by wolves. I like Tennyson, Yeats and Shakespeare. Delaquoix, Duchamp, Michelangelo and Charles Wilson Peale. Robert Heinlein, Sherry Tepper and Terry Pratchet. Let's be passionate here. I'm an artist and a painting and decorative arts conservator. That means I can say 'gothic revival rococo transitional ÈtagËre' with a straight face and I know how the pigment called Cobalt Blue got its name (Send me a dollar and I'll tell you.). I like knowing why. I like seeing how things relate and connect and what their meanings are in terms of culture and to individuals. I read -- a lot."

"I became a media fan in that hectic time in the 70's when many female sci-fi fans discovered their interests were different and broke away from the mainstream conventions. I got into slash with what was called (pre-internet) 'second wave' -- I'd heard about it, couldn't find it, bought a 'zine, found names, got phone numbers, called April Valentine and it was all over after a simple five hour phone conversation. With the Baltimore/Washington gang I went from K/S, to Starsky and Hutch, and, and... "and there I was on the Group W bench, with the mother rapers and the father rapers and they all looked at me for getting into Blake's 7-- and they all moved down the bench." So I got into to Blake's 7. And I did a little art and thought about stories I would write if I could write. Then in '94 I went to see a film called 'Hard Target' with a couple of friends and had an epiphany over Arnold Vosloo. I won't go into all the details but the result was that I wrote stories, edited and published a slash 'zine called Falling from Grace that featured players from the films: 'Hard Target,' 'Near Dark,' 'The Last Samurai;' the British television show 'The Professionals; the manga, Eroica; the works of H.P. Lovecraft and the Holy Bible.' Whew - it was some of the best fanfic ever produced and I loved every minute I spent writing. From then on to the computer, Highlander, the internet and Hercules: TLJ." [1]