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Name: Huggy Awards
Date(s): 1980s-2007
Frequency: every year at Zebracon
Type: fan fiction
Associated Community: ZebraCon
Fandom: multifandom
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The Huggy Awards ("Huggie Awards" or "Huggies") was fanfiction and art award given out at ZebraCon. Awards were grouped by fandom.

Information on the nominees and winners for some years is sparse and any additional information to fill in the gaps is appreciated!

"Easier Than Writing an LOC"

A fan in 2001 encouraged fans in her fandom to vote:

This is an opportunity for fans to tell their writers that their work is not falling into a black hole. Nominating stories for Huggys tells us *someone* is reading it. It's easier than writing an LOC, and you can nominate through email. You don't have to nominate in every category, just nominate stories that you thought were worthy of being nominated, stories that meant something to you. I know there are a lot of folks on this list who read zines in this fandom, so this is a good opportunity for you to do something to encourage people to produce more zines for the fandom.


A fandom runs on its fiction and the more fiction, the happier the fans. [1]

Zebracon 1 (1979)

Note that these awards were not yet called the "Huggy Award," but instead simply "Literary Award." [2] As reported in S&H #38:

Zebracon 2 (1980)



  • Best Humor: "Write me a Christmas Story, Raye" by Rayelle Roe in L.A. Vespers #1
  • Best Short Story: tie "Ex Post Facto" by Marian Kelly The Pits #2 and "Any Major Dude" by Melanie R from the same zine
  • Best Interior Art: "Shadow Man" by Connie Faddis from The Pits #2
  • Best Cartoon: "I'm a Pepper" by Paulie in Partners
  • Best Poem " Shadow Man" by Jane Aumerle in L.A. Vespers #1
  • Best Cover: Casa Cabrillo by Theresa Wright
  • Best Novella: Hopscotch by Teri White
  • Best Fan Artist: Connie Faddis
  • Best Fan Writer: Teri White
  • Best Zine: Casa Cabrillo ("There was some controversy over Casa Cabrillo winning this year's Best Zine category because it was not readily available to the majority of fandom prior to the con, and may of us had not read it." This led to the organizers instituting a deadline for the next awards.[3])

Zebracon 3 (1981)

Reported in S&H #28: "Huggy Awards went to Connie Faddis (Best Artist), Jane Aumerle (Best Writer), and Graven Images (Best Publication). Special awards were presented to Carol Huffman (Clonemaster General) and Marian Kelly (Den Mother of the Year) and Masochist Medals were given to those self-sacrificing individuals who've taken a turn with the l/zine."

Zebracon 4 (1982)

the 1982 Huggy Awards ballot


Art Show Awards

  • Best 3-D.
    • Honorable mention to Melanie R for her S&H pillow.
    • 1st place to Ima Fool for "Fifth Season: Massive Injuries Are A Drag."
  • Best Humour
  • Best Original Work
    • Honorable Mention to Jean C. for "Next..."
    • 1st place to Carol Davis for "Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?"
  • Best Portrait of Starsky
    • honorable mention to Jean C. for "Color Starsky"
  • 1st place to Jean C. for "Next..."
  • Best Portrait of Hutch:
    • Honorable mention to Connie Faddis for "Hutch Darwinism"
    • 1st place to Ruth Kurz for "Battle Weary Blond".
  • Best in Show: "Next..." by Jean C.

CopCon (1983)

As reported in Hanky Panky #10: "The Huggy Awards were announced at CopCon. Without further ado, the winners are: Best Poem, "Strange Justice" by [Melanie R]; S&H Short Story, "Kindred Spirits" by Jan Lindner; S/H Short Story, "A Place to Hide" by Lynna Bright; Best Novel, ONE MORE RIVER; Best Non-Fiction, Hanky Panky (take a bow, Michelle); Best Humor, "A Day In The Life" by Prudence Phynagle; Best Portrait, [Jean C.] for the grinning Starsky from WKY...; Best Dramatic Illustration, [Jean C.] for the double-page illo from "Kindred Spirits"; Best Cover, Connie Faddis for STRANGE JUSTICE; Best Artist, Connie Faddis; Best Writer, Terri Beckett & Chris Power; and Best Zine, STRANGE JUSTICE. Congratulations to all."

Zebracon 5 (1984)

As reported in Between Friends #5:

Other winners announced at the banquet: Astra Thibodeaux, winner of the trivia contest; Nancy Arena, winner of the short story contest; and Carol Davis and Paula Smith, who tied in the limerick contest.

Zebracon 6 (1986)

The list of Pros winners were published in The Hatstand Express #10. All of the winners were printed in The Who Do We Trust Times #4:

Professionals stories were further subdivided into stories that appears in fanzines and those that appeared in the circuit library.

The Pros winners:

The "Other" winners:

The Starsky & Hutch winners:

ZebraCon 7 (1987)

The winners are unknown.

ZebraCon 8 (1988)

The letterzine Frienz won one. Other winners are unknown.

ZebraCon 9 (1989)



ZebraCon 10 (1991)

The winners are unknown.

ZebraCon 11 (1993)



ZebraCon 12 (1995)

Starsky & Hutch Awards: (Heart and Soul, It's Love, Cap'n, The Lucky and the Strong, The Mind Enslaver Private Agendas, Frienz, and Turned to Fire were eligible.)

Nominated for Best short story, humor:

  • Reincarnation (It's Love, Cap'n)
  • For Official Departmental Use Only (Turned to Fire) -- The winner
  • The View from Under the Bed (Frienz Issue #29 - March 95)

Nominated for Best Short Story, Drama:

Nominated for Best Novel/Novella:

Nominated for Best Zine illo/Cover:

  • Pg 46-47 It's Love, Cap'n cover
  • Turned to Fire
  • cover Convicted—the winner

Nominated for Best Zine:

Professionals Awards: (nominations below, winners unknown)

Best Letterzine:

Best Short Story, Humor, Zine:

Short Story, Humor, Circuit:

Best Short Story, Drama, Zine:

Best Short Story, Drama, Circuit:

Best Novel/Novella, Zine:

Best Novel/Novella, Circuit:

Best Artist:

Best Artist:

Best Writer:

Best Zine:

ZebraCon 13 (1997)

Source: 1997[1]

Huggy Awards

Starsky and Hutch

  • Best Letterzine - Frienz
  • Best Poem - Down to the Wire (Isabel Ortiz, Fix 16)
  • Best Short Story - Humor - Starsky and Hutchinson are Dead (MRK, Blue Eyes and Blue Jeans 1)
  • Best Short Story - Drama - Crystal Blue Persuasion (Flamingo, Crystal Blue Persuasion)
  • Best Novel/Novella - Risk (Linda McGee)
  • Best Zine Cover - Suzan Lovett (Blue Eyes and Blue Jeans 1)
  • Best Poet - Lynne Dhenson
  • Best Writer - Rosemary C
  • Best Artist - Suzan Lovett
  • Best Zine - Blue Eyes and Blue Jeans 1

The Professionals

  • Best Letterzine - Cold Fish & Stale Chips
  • Best Poem - Disintegration (Danajeanne Norris, C&C 17)
  • Best Short Story, Humor (Zine) - No Floaties, Please, We're British (Tash, Motet)
  • Best Short Story, Humor (Circuit) - Santa's Basement (James K. Walkswithwind)
  • Best Short Story, Drama (Zine) - Object of Desire (Courtney Grey, D-Notice)
  • Best Short Story, Drama (Circuit) - Welcome to the Jungle (Jennifer Lyon)
  • Best Novella (Zine) - Wonderful Tonight (Sebastian, Bene Dictum 3)
  • Best Novel (Zine) - A Tie - Journey West (Maiden Wyoming) and Jigsaw Puzzle (HG)
  • Best Zine Illo or Cover - Suzan Lovett (cover, Angel in the Dark)
  • Best Poet - Danajeanne Norris
  • Best Artist - Suzan Lovett
  • Best Writer - Sebastian
  • Best Zine - Motet: New Voices in B&D

Multi-Media or Other

  • Best Writer - Kim Gasper for her Sentinel stories
  • Best Artist - Suzan Lovett for various zine covers
  • Best Zine - Beefsteak and Lambchop (The Sentinel, No Shaman Press)

Art Show Awards


  • Best Portrait - Doyle, All Tawny and Golden - Jean
  • Best Illustration - Blue and Green - Suzan Lovett
  • Best Cartoon/Humor - Why? - Karen Eaton
  • Best Erotica - Night Fever - Suzan Lovett

Starsky and Hutch

  • Best Portrait - Halo - Jean
  • Best Illustration - An Addiction to Flowers - Suzan Lovett
  • Best Cartoon/Humor - Starsk and the Brain - Jane Mailander
  • Best Erotica - An Addiction to Flowers - Suzan Lovett

Multi-Media or Other

  • Best Portrait - Methos#2 - SVE
  • Best Illustration - To Promise a Rose Garden - Suzan Lovett
  • Best Cartoon/Humor - Truth - Karen Eaton
  • Best Erotica - Urban Jungle - Suzan Lovett

1997 Songtape Contest Winners

  • Best Dramatic - Moments (S&H) Lynn Sparks
  • Best Humorous - Younger Men (mixed) Kathy Henebry
  • Best Technical - What I Like About You (Pros/Due South/The Sentinel) Media Cannibals
  • Best of Show - Hippy Boy (The Sentinel) Silly Bunts and Clucking Bells

Fiction Contest Winners

  • The Winner - Revelations by T. M. Alexander
  • Runner-Up - Candy is Dandy by Danajeanne Norris

Costume Contest Winners

  • Winner - Starsky and Hutch - Steve Hanson
  • Runner-Up - Cereal Killer - Deborah Johnson

ZebraCon 14 (1999)

Source: 1999

Award Winners

Song Tapes

  • Best Dramatic - You'll Be In My Heart (TS) - Gloria R.
  • Best Humorous - La Vida Loca (S&H) - Flamingo
  • Best Technical - Orange-Colored Sky (TS) - Gloria R.
  • Best in Show - Orange-Colored Sky (TS) - Gloria R.

Art Show

  • Best Man from Uncle - From Here to Eternity - Lovett
  • Best Wiseguy - Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo - Lovett
  • Best Other - Beloved Padawan - Lovett
  • Best 3D - Like a Day Without Sunshine - E. Claire
  • Highlander, Best Cartoon - Cartman's Quickening - Mailander
  • Highlander, Best Erotica - Methos Muses - Jean
  • Highlander, Best Picture - Methos Muses - Jean
  • Starsky & Hutch, Best Cartoon - That 70s Show - Mailander
  • Starsky & Hutch, Best Erotic - Dreamer - Lovett
  • Starsky & Hutch, Best Picture - Starsky Blue - Jean
  • The Sentinel, Best Cartoon - The Truth About Cats and Dogs II - Mailander
  • The Sentinel, Best Erotica - Call of the Wild - Lovett
  • The Sentinel, Best Picture - Blessed Protector - River
  • Professionals, Best Erotica - Black Irish Rose - Lovett
  • Professionals, Best Picture - The Protectors - Lovett

Huggy Awards


  • Best Artist - Suzan Lovett for Man From Uncle
  • Best Writer - Maygra de Rhema for Highlander
  • Best 'Zine - We've Got Each Other #3 (Trish - UNCLE)

Starsky & Hutch

  • Humorous Short Story, Zine - Talkin' Dirty Pool - Flamingo & Gloria Sandy (Cold Pizza & Butterfly Bones)
  • Dramatic Short Story, Zine - Drought - PFL (Cold Pizza...)
  • Novel - An Even Tighter Closet - Rosemary C. (Cross the Line)
  • Zine Cover - Cross the Line - Suzan Lovett
  • Humorous Online Story - Just Another One of Starsky's Dirty Moves - Flamingo
  • Dramatic Online Story - Partners - PFL
  • Website - The S&H Slash Archive
  • Poet - Lynne Dhenson
  • Artist - Suzan Lovett
  • Writer - Flamingo
  • Zine - Cross the Line (Idiot Triplets Press)

The Sentinel

  • Humorous Short Story, Zine - Jim of the Jungle - Jane Mailander (Beefstick & Lambchop II)
  • Dramatic Short Story, Zine - Rent Boy - Rosemary C. (Primal Instincts 4)
  • Novel - Changes - Jean Kluge
  • Zine Cover - Primal Instincts 3 - Suzan Lovett
  • Humorous Online Story - Life Lived Like a Mentos Commercial - Mallory Klohn
  • Dramatic Online Story - The Nature Series - Francesca
  • Website - Barb's Ad Group
  • Artist - Jean Kluge
  • Writer - Francesca
  • Zine - Changes - Jean Kluge

The Professionals

  • Humorous Short Story, Zine - Permanent Change - Jane Mailander (Priority A-3!)
  • Dramatic Short Story, Zine - Security Blanket - HG (Celebrations 2)
  • Dramatic Long Story, Zine - Pleasure Proven - Kitty Fisher (Celebrations 1)
  • Novel - Forever True -Elizabeth Holden
  • Zine Cover - Night Music in B & D - Suzan Lovett (This illo inspired Georgina Kirrin to write Night Fever.)
  • Humorous Online Story - Educated Moggies - Cassie Ingaben
  • Dramatic Online Story -The Tangled Web - Jack Reuben Darcy
  • Website - Dave Matthews Presents The Authorized Guide to the Professionals
  • Poet - Dana Jeanne Norris
  • Artist - Suzan Lovett
  • Writer - Sebastian
  • Zine - Night Music in B&D (Keynote Press)

ZebraCon 15 (2001)

Source: 2001[2]

Huggy Awards

Starsky and Hutch

  • Artist: Suzan Lovett
  • Zine Story: 99 Miles from L.A. - Lucy Doty
  • Zine Anthology: Dreamers
  • Zine Novel/Novella: If Love is Real: Addiction - Flamingo
  • Writer: Flamingo

Due South

  • Zine Story: Strictly Canadian - T. M. Alexander
  • Zine Anthology: Thank You Kindly
  • Zine Novel/Novella - Northwest Passage - T. M. Alexander
  • Writer: Mairead Trieste


  • Artist: Killashandra
  • Zine Story: Leaning with the Turns - Aristede
  • Zine Anthology: Futures Without End #3
  • Zine Novel/Novella - Dargelos
  • Writer: Aristede

Other/Mixed Media

  • Zine Anthology: Indigo Boys #6
  • Zine Novel/Novella: Alex in Wonderland - Cody Nelson

Stargate SG1

  • Artist: Jesse McClain
  • Zine Story: Foundations - Brenda Anders
  • Zine Anthology: Genesis 1
  • Zine Novel/Novella: Unrequited - Graculus
  • Writer: ELG



  • Artist: Jean Kluge
  • Zine Story: Many Waters - Lanning Cook
  • Zine Anthology: Crossroads
  • Zine Novel/Novella: Conjugations - Legion
  • Writer: TigerTyger

Art Show


Due South


  • Best Erotica: Lost in the Stars - Jean
  • Best Picture: Lost in the Stars - Jean


  • Best Erotica: Fallacy of "One" - Suzan Lovett
  • Best Picture: Methos and Friend - Equinox


  • Starsky and Hutch
  • Best Erotica: Body Electric - Suzan Lovett
  • Best Picture: Still the One - Linda Cody

Stargate SG1

  • Best Erotica: One Way to Shut Him Up - Suzan Lovett
  • Best Picture: Daniel's World - Suzan Lovett


  • Best Cartoon: Parting Glass - Jane Mailander
  • Best Erotica: The Stakeout was Called Off - Suzan Lovett
  • Best Picture: The Stakeout was Called Off - Suzan Lovett


  • Best Cartoon: Stakeout - Jane Mailander
  • Best Erotica: Scent - Suzan Lovett
  • Best Picture: Man's Best Friend - Warren Oddsson

Best 3-D

Best in Show

  • First Place: Daniel's World - Suzan Lovett
  • Second Place: Man's Best Friend - Warren Oddsson
  • Third Place: Roman Spectacle - Frank Liltz

Special Awards

  • Writers' Contest: Amedia for: In Flamingo Delicto
  • Special Lifetime Achievement Award to Suzan Lovett
  • Special Achievement Award to Deb Ramsey

ZebraCon 16 (2003)

Source: 2003[3]

Writing Contest Winners:

  • 1st place went to "Dual Citizenship" by Stormy (Due South);
  • 2nd place went to "Unwell" by Kimberly Workman ) (BtVS);
  • 3rd place went to "Sunshine in His Eyes" by P.R. Zed (LOTR).

Art Show Awards:

  • Best S&H: "Timeless" by Suzan Lovett;
  • Best Pros: "Save the Last Dance" by Bluespirit;
  • Best Sentinel: "Synergy" by Barbara Nice-Miller;
  • Best Stargate: "Welcome Back Daniel Jackson" by Suzan Lovett;
  • Best LOTR: "Captains, Kings and Vagabonds" by Suzan Lovett;
  • Best Smallville: "Book of Memories" by Barbara Nice-Miller;
  • Best Magnificent 7: "Bri's Mag 7 Playing Cards" by Brionhet;
  • Best other Fantasy/SF: "Burns" by Suzan Lovett;
  • Best Other Cop/Detedctive/Crime: "I've Got You" by Bluespirit;
  • Best Miscellaneous: "My Place" by Bluespirit;
  • Best Cartoon: "Not What He Meant By 'Fellowship'" by Jane Mailander;
  • Best 3-D: "Book of Memories" by Barbara Nice-Miller;
  • Best in Show: "Book of Memories" by Barbara Nice-Miller.

Huggy Award Winners:

  • S&H - Best Zine Story: "I Remember LA" (Tiger Tyger; WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES);
  • Best Zine - Novel: "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (Flamingo);
  • Best Zine - Anthology: WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES;
  • Best Artist: Jean Kluge;
  • Best Writer: Flamingo.
  • Pros - Best Zine Story: "Gift of the Moggy" (The Hag; DIAL);
  • Best Zine - Novel: "Injured Innocents" (O Yardley);
  • Best Zine - Anthology: UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT #12;
  • Best Artist: Shar; Best Writer: O Yardley.
  • Sentinel - Best Zine Story: "Danger and Daffodils" (Tiger Tyger; SYNERGY 3);
  • Best Zine - Novel: "Leap of Faith" (Legion);
  • Best Zine - Anthology: SYNERGY 5;
  • Best Artist: Jean Kluge;
  • Best Writer: Tiger Tyger.
  • Stargate - Best Zine Story: "Communion" (Tiger Tyger, DHD#1);
  • Best Zine - Anthology: DHD#1;
  • Best Artist: Leah Rosenthal;
  • Best Writer: Tiger Tyger.
  • Other Cop/Spy/Detective - Best Zine
  • Story: "The Bodyguard" (Speranza, DUET#1);
  • Best Zine - Novel: "Working Out" (Stormy);
  • Best Zine - anthology: DUET#1;
  • Best Artist: Killa;
  • Best Writer: Speranza.
  • Other Fantasy/SF - Best Zine Story: "Pipe Dreams" (Willow-wode; VILYA);
  • Best Zine - Novel "The Quality of Mercy" (Rosemary C.);
  • Best Zine - Anthology: VILYA;
  • Best Artist: The Theban Band;
  • Best Writer: Tiger Tyger.
  • Mixed Media - Best Zine: BOUND AND DETERMINED.

ZebraCon 17 (2005)

Source: 2005[4]

Writers Contest

  • Writers Contest, 3rd place: Obsessive Love, by Creed Cascade
  • Writers Contest, 2nd place: In Memory Yet Green, by P.R. Zed
  • Writers Contest, 1st place: A Bit Like That, by Surfgirl

Art Show Awards:

  • Best S&H - The Two and Only by Kate Nuernberg
  • Best Pros - It's All Done with Mirrors (Zax) by Kate Nuernberg
  • Best Sentinel - Blair from Warriors by Lorraine Brevig
  • Best LOTR - Brothers in Arms (Aragorn & Legolas) by Kate Nuernberg
  • Best Stargate - No Vacancy (quartet) by Suzan Lovett
  • Best Smallville - Red (Clark & Lex) by Suzan Lovett
  • Best Lost - Soldier of Misfortune (Sayid) by Kate Nuernberg
  • Best Mag 7 - Desert Sunrise (Chris & Vin) by Suzan Lovett
  • Best Harry Potter - Hungry Like the Wolf (Lupin) by Kate Nuernberg
  • Best Other Fantasy/SF - Lineage (Battlestar Galactica) by Suzan Lovett
  • Best Other Cop/Spy/Detective - Tuxedo (Napoleon Solo) by Hindman
  • Best Cartoon - Charlie Brown & Starsky by Selena Thomas
  • Best 3D - A Pirate's Life for Me by Ann Walton
  • Best Misc. - Abiding Spirits (House) by Suzan Lovett
  • Best in Show - Abiding Spirits (House) by Suzan Lovett

Huggy Awards:

  • SH Best Zine Story - Gentlemen, Start Your Engines (Dana Austin Marsh; Timeless)
  • SH Best Novel - Evolution (Dana Austin Marsh)
  • SH Best Anthology - Timeless (ed. Flamingo)
  • SH Best Artist - Lorraine Brevig
  • SH Best Writer - Dana Austin Marsh
  • Pros Best Zine Story - Hang About (Irene; Overtures)
  • Pros Best Novel - Catch a Fallen Star (Rosemary C.)
  • Pros Best Anthology - A Little B&D#2 (No Name No City Press)
  • Pros Best Artist - Bluespirit
  • Pros Best Writer - Rhiannon
  • TS Best Zine Story - Ghost in the Machine (Stormy Stormheller; J&B do the Timewarp)
  • TS Best Novel - Transfiguration (Stormy Stormheller)
  • TS Best Anthology - Essential Sentinel #6 (Secret Pleasures Press)
  • TS Best Artist - Lorraine Brevig
  • TS Best Writer - Alyjude
  • SG1 Best Zine Story - Break a Leg (Kath Moonshine; DHD#4)
  • SG1 Best Novel - Why I'll Never Make the Cover of Road Dork Monthly (Glow)
  • SG1 Best Anthology - DHD#4 (Light & Shadow Press)
  • SG1 Best Writer - Tiger Tyger
  • Mixed Media Best Zine - La Chair (Kath Moonshine, ed.)
  • Other Fantasy/SF Best Zine Story - Symbiosis (Willow-wode; Vilya 2)
  • Other Fantasy/SF Best Anthology - Vilya 2 (Spiderweb Press)
  • Other Fantasy/SF Best Artist - Lorraine Brevig
  • Other Fantasy/SF Best Writer - Glow

ZebraCon 18 (2007)

There is no complete award information for the last and final Zebracon (2007) - if anyone has it please let us know. The 2007 Nomination Ballots are still available here, Archived version.

Partial info:

Huggy Hall of Fame - Starsky & Hutch


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