Jane Carnall

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Name: Jane Carnall
Type: Fan Writer, Fan Editor, Fan Publisher
Fandoms: Blake's 7, The Professionals, M*A*S*H, myths and legends
URL: http://hjc.akicif.net/storylist.html
author on insanejournal
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Jane Carnall is a brave and idiosyncratic Scottish writer and editor who started writing, and even fan publishing (the slash and gen multimedia zine "touched") when she was still underage. Her first fanfiction was published in E-Man-Uelle. She's known for a rather dry writing style, and for almost never liking the usual OTP of a fandom -- on Star Trek, she was a Spock/McCoy writer, and a Bodie/Cowley one in The Professionals fandom. Also known for unusual crossovers, long before they were common: Cowley/Illya, Blake/Spock, Spock/Avon, and others.

Notable works