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Name: Jane Carnall (often misspelled as "Carnell")
Alias(es): quordle, yonmei, hJC
Type: fanwriter, fan editor, fan publisher
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Eroica, Forever Knight, Highlander, M*A*S*H, Mary Renault, MacGyver, The Professionals, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars
Other: Carnall Enterprises, UnLtd
The Circuit Archive
URL: quordle at AO3
janecarnall at InsaneJournal
janecarnall at GreatestJournal
yonmei at LiveJournal
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Jane Carnall is a Scottish fanwriter and editor who started writing, and even fan publishing (the slash and gen multimedia zine "touched") when she was still underage.

Her first fanfiction was published in E-Man-Uelle.

She's known for a rather dry writing style, and for almost never liking the usual OTP of a fandom -- in Star Trek, she was a Spock/McCoy writer, a fan of Bodie/Cowley in The Professionals fandom, and a wrote Avon/Vila in Blake's 7.

Carnall was also known for unusual crossovers, long before they were common: Cowley/Illya, Blake/Spock, Spock/Avon, and others.

Notable Works


Be Gentle With Us | The Christmas Bash | E-Man-Uelle | Espresso | Homosapien | In the Wilderness | Intriguing Ideas | Lest These Dark Days | Murphy's Law | Nome | Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink | Quicksilver Rising | Paper Cut | Rules Are Meant to Be... | A Simple Game | Southern Comfort | Southern Seven | Strange Bedfellows | T'hy'la | "touched" | The Unique Touch | Vila Please! | Woven Patternings

Blake's 7 Stories

A Friend of Loftier Mind | | Afterward | All Alone | And Then I Care Not | The Birthday Present | The Black Capri | A Blake's 7 Alpha-Bet | Brand New Day | But Love Has Never Known a Law | Changing | Civilised Terror | Cold Freedom | Cracking the Code | Cruelty Has a Human Heart | For Each Man Kills | Heart's Desire | The Dinner Party | Going Solo |Innocent Betrayed | Isolation | It Wasn't All Lies | I Want You | It's A Gift | The Last Lap | A Lesson Well Learnt | Life, Life Life | Man of a Thousand Secrets | Masters of the Universe | Mental Health | A Night Out | The Price of a Soul | Revenge for What? | Rules of the Game | A Saying in Broth Spoils the Thyme | Scruples by Seven | Silence | Silent Night Holy (?) Night | Sometimes There's No Romance | A Stranger, And Afraid | Stone Walls | This Neurotic Little Worry | Time-Crossed Lovers | Travis | Triptych (If I Forget Thee, I Sent A Letter, Whose Grief...?) | Trust | Valentine | What Would Really Happen If... | You're Kidding, Right?

Professionals Stories

Absent Friends | Discovered Under the Stairs | Fishcake | God Bless Us, Every One | Hell Hath No Fury | Hidden Anger (aka Closets are for Clothes) | It Was Christmas Day in the Workhouse | It's Not My Fault -- The Orchestra Has Disappeared! | Look Through My Eyes | The Lych-Wake Dirge | Merry Christmas, Mr Bodie | More Ways Than One to Skin a Cat | Two-Up Truly Queered

Star Trek (TOS and TNG) Stories

A Good Job | A Man Of Integrity | Brand New Day (ST/B7 crossover) | Choice and Chance and Change | HHEEELLPP!! | I Don't Know What Your Father Would Say... | If There Are Gods | I'm Not Surprised | Married Dance (ST/Highlander) | No Problem (ST/MacGyver) | Not Passion's Slave | Rank Privileges | Scruffy's Revenge | There Are Five Lights | The Three of Us | Through A Glass, Darkly | Vulcan Biology | What Is Truth | The Wrath of Fhan | Yesterday | Yesterday: Prolgue

Highlander Stories

Angry Adolescence | A Cluster of Characteristic Criteria | Day and Night | In The End | Life, Life, Life | Married Dance | More Deadly (crossover with MacGyer) | Three Immortals And A Baby

Miscellaneous Stories

Double Think (Quantum Leap/MUNCLE) | An Explanation (crossover) | The Price of the Phoenix: A Play (ST) | Quantum Theft (Eroica/Quantum Leap) | The Sir Under de Coverley (Eroica)