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Name: Jane Carnall, Quordle
Type: Fan Writer, Fan Editor, Fan Publisher
Fandoms: Blake's 7, The Professionals, M*A*S*H,Highlander, Mary Renault, MacGyver, Eroica, myths and legends
URL: http://hjc.akicif.net/storylist.html
author on insanejournal; Archive of Our Own
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Jane Carnall is a Scottish writer and editor who started writing, and even fan publishing (the slash and gen multimedia zine "touched") when she was still underage.

Her first fanfiction was published in E-Man-Uelle.

She's known for a rather dry writing style, and for almost never liking the usual OTP of a fandom -- in Star Trek, she was a Spock/McCoy writer, a fan of Bodie/Cowley in The Professionals fandom, and a wrote Avon/Vila in Blake's 7.

Carnall was also known for unusual crossovers, long before they were common: Cowley/Illya, Blake/Spock, Spock/Avon, and others.

Notable Works