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Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: Two Up
Author(s): Jane of Australia
Date(s): September 1986
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
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"Two-Up" is a first-time Pros circuit story by Jane of Australia.

"Two-Up" is the story that defines the possible excess of early "we're not gay we just love each other" (WNGWJLEO) fiction.

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Bodie and Doyle basically play a drunken game of strip coin-toss ("two-up") and discover that they're turning on to each other. After some heavy-duty smooching and admission that they both want to make love, Doyle announces "succinctly" that he's "had a hard day and want[s] to go to bed." Bodie accuses him of being a prick-tease, and Doyle absolutely explodes in rage, flinging Bodie down and sitting on him, yelling, "Don't you ever say that about me! I'm not gay, never was, don't intend to become gay, and the fact that I fancy you could have something to do with the fact that you're my best mate and you're just about the most beautiful physical specimen I've ever seen. Call me a fool, call me a clown, call me old and ugly, if you like, but if you have the idea I'm gay you're vastly mistaken and can go out through that front door and stay out." Bodie shamefacedly apologizes, admitting that he had thought Doyle was leading him on as a joke. Doyle explains that he meant he wanted to get laid in comfort, and they have the requisite great sex and happy ending.

Two-Up Truly Queered

One fan, Jane Carnall, wrote a response fic to this story. See Two-Up Truly Queered.

Reactions and Reviews

God, this one takes me back. I wrote Two-Up Truly Queered (now in the Professionals section of my website) about 15 years ago, in response to a Jane of Australia story, "Two-Up".... I read "Two-Up" when I was visiting Ann: got mad: thought of a rebuttal: and when I got home, wrote the rebuttal, which is this story. It could be read as a MST3K'ing of Jane's story, but though it was written in the spirit of mockery, it was primarily written in anger. I've always been an activist, well - for almost as long as I've been out as a lesbian: and one strand of this activism has been to write political slash stories. [1]
Ah, yes, the dreaded "We're Not Gay" critique of Jane's fiction, which is always dragged up along with "Two-up" -unfortunately. "Two-Up" is not emblematic of Jane's fic, especially her later stories in the "Rainy Days" universe.... Jane's writing, and her characters, mature over time. Ray goes from a man uncomfortable with labels to a man who self-identifies as gay, reads "Friction" and quotes gay history when he comes up against a landlord who is less than enchanted at renting to a gay couple in the early '90s. Mind you, I find the "we're not gay, we just love each other" theme, (which runs through quite a few early slash efforts, and is not exclusive to either Pros or Jane) to be only slightly less hypocritical than the Our Characters Can Be Gay and Have Sex Provided They Behave In A Sufficiently Manly Fashion At All Other Times No Limp Wrists Or Sobbing Please theme that runs through many modern slash fandoms. I believe the Sentinel crowd even had a panel on it. [2]

Further Reading/Meta


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