Intriguing Ideas

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Title: Intriguing Ideas
Publisher: Aristo Press
Editor(s): Meegat
Date(s): August 1989
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Intriguing Ideas is a slash 110-page Blake's 7 anthology.




  • Interview with Tenaya
  • Interview with Jane Carnall


  • M. S., "Why Women Write Slash"
  • Anais, "Based on 'My Shadow'"
  • M. S., "Detection"
  • Donna LaRue, "Vila"
  • Anais, "Based on 'Invictus'"
  • Janice Madison, "Reflections"
  • Anais, "After Late Watch on the Liberator"
  • Donna LaRue, "Aftershock"
  • Giovanna Caliente, "A Parting Word" )
  • Tenaya, "A Thief's Gentle Thoughts"
  • Anais, "Avon's Gadget Works" )


  • Chris Kessler, cover

Reactions and Reviews

[SIlence]: A short story like a sad sestina about the multiple meanings of "Silence," and a meditation on "Horizon" and "Pressure Point." It takes a while, but eventually Avon realizes that the breakdown of his expedient "arrangement" with Vila is not merely mostly his fault but mostly his loss. [1]
[zine]: It's a hard zine to find... I was looking for it for a couple of years before it finally turned up. I don't know why it should be so scarce; it's a good zine, but not so good that people would be likely to hoard it above all others. Must have been a very small print run. [2]


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