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Title: MirrorM*A*S*H
Author(s): Jane Carnall
Genre: slash
Fandom: M*A*S*H
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MirrorM*A*S*H is a M*A*S*H slash slavefic AU by Jane Carnall. It has seventeen chapters, and remains a WIP.

The story has been moved around a lot. A link to one version is here. Links to other parts of "MirrorM*A*S*H" are at the end of this post.

This story inspired Slash shock, shamelessness, and a rec.

Author's Notes

"This story is 28 885 words long and was written in 14 parts between 5 November 2004 and 1 January 2005. For fun (this is not how I usually write) it was not planned out, it was not beta'd, and it has not been edited. What you get is what I wrote. Some of the comments I got on this story as I wrote it were absolutely brilliant. Do read them."

"I write about why I temporarily friends-locked my journal, about finding a reference to my fanfic in the Onion, and about the making of MirrorM*A*S*H." [1]

Subject of an Onion Shoutout

The author wrote about this story and the attention it got in The Onion. Sadly, the journal the comments are on has been purged and deleted. See MirrorMASH links.

A fan posted: "... I was amused to see this in The Onion's astrology column this week (no link since I can't get MT to render it properly, for some reason): Leo: (July 23-Aug. 22) You thought you'd seen the worst humanity had to offer, but that was before you read fan-fiction set in an alternate universe where Hawkeye Pierce and Father Mulcahy are lovers." [2]

The Chapters Up to 14

  • part 1: An Unexpected Purchase
  • part 2: Meet the Colonel
  • part 3: All Cutters to the OR
  • part 4: The Craziest Story
  • part 5: A Game of Poker
  • part 6: After Five Minutes
  • part 7: Come Here Often?
  • part 8: Having A Sandwich
  • part 9: Let's Get Drunk
  • part 10: Five Conversations One Morning
  • part 11: Of Chocolate and Tongue
  • part 12: Breaking Everything
  • part 13: Leave or Assist
  • part 14: Hospital Encounters


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