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Title: The Lucky & the Strong
Publisher: Idiot Triplets Press
Editor(s): Linda McGee, assistant editor: Nancy Goodwin, art liaison: Kathy Sanders
Date(s): September 1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
External Links: Publisher's Website: 2008 -- S/H Zines from Idiot Triplets Press, Archived version
SHareCon 2010: Idiot Triplets Press, Archived version
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The Lucky & the Strong is a gen and slash Starsky and Hutch fanzine. It has 156 pages (78, 100 words) and one single piece of interior art by Baravan. It required an age statement to purchase.

This zine accomplished a rarity -- it was published ahead of schedule, premiering at ZebraCon II.

The name of this zine comes from "The Rose" lyrics by Amanda McBroom which was used for the very, very early songvid, The Rose.

The title page of the zine asks that fans "do not list this or any Idiot Triplets zine on any computer network." In 2008, the publisher created her own website to facilitate the selling of her zines.

From the editorial: "Probably everyone agrees that mixing S&H and S/H in one zine is not the ideal method of presentation. However, that's the way the contributions came in, and we didn't have enough to make separate zines. For the readers' convenience, we've separated the two genres. Everything up to and including the 'Decorated for Death' stories is '&'; after that we have '/'. We hope this delineation is helpful."

A Zine Name Change


The good news is that there will be a zine. The not-so-good news is that it's not going to be the zine we expected.

When my fellow Idiots and I conceived this idea, we visualized a zine which contained mostly slash stories, with maybe a "gen" or two thrown in. "...Turned to Fire" seemed to be the perfect name.

What we have is a happy mix of tales which are about equally divided between the two genres. We became concerned that the title "...TTF" does not accurately convey the actual contents of the zine. So we began to consider options.

We decided on "The Lucky & the Strong," from Bette Midler's song, "The Rose." Now there's a phrase that accurately describes our heroes, in any universe. So, "TL&TS" is scheduled to debut at ZebraCon in September.

We would still like to do "...Turned to Fire," on the theory that this is too good a title to let go to waste. (So speaks the fool who hasn't typed the first zine, yet.) This one will be all slash. No, it doesn't have to be graphic. If you're currently at work on something, if any story ideas have been percolating, or if you have the germ of an idea you'd like to discuss, please feel free (if not actually compelled) to get in touch. Our hopeful release date will be 1994.

We seem to be experiencing a resurgence of interest in Starsky & Hutch, so I'm hopeful that there will also be "food" coming for you gen aficianados, as well. May we all be feasting in the future!

The original title WAS later used, see ...Turned to Fire.

Table of Contents

  • A Great Ending by Lynna Bright (1) (They meet at the Academy. Excerpt: "It wasn't like he wanted the man in his bed. Nothing like it. He didn't go that way and neither did Hutch. He felt he was on the threshold of loving someone in the best possible way; the way you loved your very best friend when you were a kid, unconditionally, and somehow -- long before you knew what sex was about -- passionately.")
  • Echoes of Fear by Londa Pfeffer (12) (a post-"Bloodbath" piece. Hutch, feeling guilty about not rescuing him in time, takes care of Starsky after the kidnapping; there is some Gen Bed Sharing.)
  • The Company You Keep by Linda McGee (19) (a post-"Nightmare" piece, Hutch leaves Starsky to go to a cabin with some friends and overhears their disdain for his "low-class" partner. Author's Note: "The scenes with Hutch on the boat with Courtney (originally Caroline), were adapted from a segment cut from the first draft of "Risk" (Nightlight #1). The rest of the story was woven around those events.")
  • Until the Stars Grow Cold by Theresa Kyle (28) (Starsky and Hutch, both 13 years old, meet at camp and become blood brothers.)
  • Ken’s Friend by Tabby Davis (56) (Takes place immediately after the episode "Gillian")
  • Officer Friendly by MRK (70) (Starsky and Terry meet when Starsky does a stint for Safety Week at her school.)
  • Violations by Eleanor Burke Marshall (77) (a short piece in which Starsky kicks Hutch out of the Torino, writes him tickets, makes him walk on the freeway, and finally sends a cab to pick him up.)
  • Requiem for Vanessa by Theresa Kyle (79) (a prequel to the show, Starsky arrives at Hutch's place just after Vanessa scratches him. Hutch tells his partner she wants a divorce. She and Starsky have a confrontation.)
interior art by Baravan

Reactions and Reviews

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