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Name: Terri Beckety
Alias(es): T.Beckett, Kymrukatz, Teleny
Type: writer and fanwriter
Fandoms: Original Slash Fiction, Vas & Dex, Starsky and Hutch, Harry and Johnny, The Professionals, Harry Potter
current url
2002 to 2011
2000 to 2002
URL: Kymrukatz at AO3
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Terri Beckett is a British gen and slash writer. She wrote a series of three novels with Chris Power as well as numerous pieces of her own, in addition to countless pro novels. Beckett is the creator of the term Hatstand as well as the trope The Game.

Her first website is hosted in PJ's Corner – his son Patrick's webpage. His S&H fics are mostly AU, currently co-authored with Nicoltyler.

Beckett wrote a single Professionals story along with Chris Power. This story was the highly-controversial Consequences. [1]


I love to read - anything, in a pinch. I think it's an addiction. I love classic SF, history, travel, and animals. [...] I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but first teamed up with Chris Power in the '70s to write 'fan-fiction'. After some time (and several awards!) we branched out into writing our own brand of 'cop-show', and from that, to writing fantasy and historical fiction.[2]

Beckett's Works

No Easy Answers cover, a novel written with Chris Power

His most famous work is certainly Vastarnyi & Dexter Chronicles, an original series loosely inspired by Starsky & Hutch, co-produced with Chris Power. In addition to countless transformative works, Beckett also has professional works, such as short stories in anthologies and novels – the vast majority of them also co-authored with Chris.[3]

Zines with Chris Power

Zines Alone


Fan Comments

[Jane Kaufenberg]
Hi, Terri!

One Word Review: WOW I utterly enjoyed it and read the thing last night instead of working on homework... I'm especially impressed because I read the first 3 chapters you sent, and the pruning and pulling together is very fine and keeps the beginning moving at a very fast clip.

Don't know if Winifred will forward onto you the comments I sent her, but I'll send them separately... I'm madly in love with most of the characters. And the society. And the Big Themes. And the dialogue and plotting and...[4]
Your short story, [cut] is quite wonderful. Love the space gypsy culture.[5]
[Yona Edwards]
I have to tell you, the first thing I said when I saw it was, What a beautiful Lady. It shines from your heart and I could sense and Old Soul when we briefly met. Nice cats! :-) Yona[6]
Dear Terri, I found [your book] at Amazon and it is now one of my favourite books. The world you two created is wonderful. [...] Now I will try if I could find your fanfiction someplace. Good luck and all the best for you and please go an writing about male romance ... okay, okay, adventurous fantasy with some male romance :-) All the best, Martial.[6]
I just read your book [cut] and I LOVED it. It was an outstanding story, kept me on the edge of my seat, the plot never waned or wandered -- it was just a great story. [...] I really just loved the world you created. Good luck.[6]


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