Vanessa Hutchinson

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Name: Vanessa Hutchinson
Occupation: jewel thief, con woman, schemer
Relationships: Hutch's ex-wife
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
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Vanessa is a canon one shot character, appearing in one episode as Hutch's scheming ex-wife. She is killed by fellow thieves, leaving Hutch to take the blame. He is, of course, exonerated.

For all she is written about, she is rarely portrayed in fanart.

A Few Facts About the Canon Vanessa

  • she knows how Hutch likes his eggs cooked and how long it takes for him to run a mile
  • she never darned Hutch's socks
  • Starsky appears to dislike her
  • she wears a big fur coat

The Fanon Vanessa

Fanfiction most often portrays Vanessa Hutchinson in a poor light, from bored and shallow to out-and-out evil. Since she is killed in the episode "Hutchinson for Murder One," fanworks tend to explore the Vanessa of the past. Some popular subjects: how she and Hutch met and married, scenes from their miserable marriage, her interactions with Starsky, and the conflict Hutch's job creates in their married relationship. Fanon also tends to dictate a rich, spoiled woman who is jealous of the close relationship between Hutch and Starsky.

To make sense of the ex-wife (named Nancy) Hutch mentions in the pilot movie, some fanon portrays Vanessa as a model who'd changed her name from "Nancy" to be more glamorous.

Considering the number of stories in which she appears as a character, she rarely appears in fanart.

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