Minnie Kaplan

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Name: Minnie Kaplan
Occupation: cop
Title/Rank: fellow cop, though much lower in rank
Location: very late season three, and then season four eps
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
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While her role is small, Minnie Kaplan, a fellow cop, appears in more episodes (6) than any other recurring character except Huggy Bear or Captain Dobey.

A Few Facts About the Canon Minnie

  • she is learning karate or judo
  • she calls Starsky "a trashy boy"
  • she likes donuts but not enough to be bribed with them into a possible hair-brained scheme

The Fanon Minnie

Minnie exists in fanfic mostly as a humorous minor character with a good dose of common sense.

Some Minnie Fics

Some Minnie Meta

Some Minnie Vids

Some Minnie Art

It is non-existent.