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Name: The Ollie Report
Owner/Maintainer: merltheearl
Dates: November 2009 – present
Type: meta
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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The Ollie Report is a Starsky & Hutch website of meta. It contains reflections/reviews of every episode, with many notes on the filming, atmosphere, environment, social issues, and analysis of both the leads and one-shot characters, as well as 29 "Character Studies" and auxiliary posts about various facets of the show and its internal universe.}}

Fan Comments


What a treat to have this site to share thoughts and feelings that have been with me for 35+ years, and to know they will probably be understood.[1]


I’m sure there are people who still come back to this amazing and wonderful blog of Merl’s. At least I do. I do because it’s amazing how much more you get out of an episode after reading all those interesting and insightful comments of everyone that ever posted here. I also come back to it when I feel the need to – how do I describe this? – feel love? Or maybe that indescribable thing that affected me so much when I first saw it – and still does – and that is put into words here so wonderfully by many people. At least as much as one is able to express it in words. It’s also always a confirmation that I’m not the only one still getting so moved and emotional about a tv show that aired around the time I was born.

So thanks Merl for starting this and I hope there will be many many new comments or even a new blog entry! [2]

Merl, thank you again for your work on this site. Even though I’ve seen the entire series before, it's like starting fresh this time around. I started with the pilot and read your words prior to watching each episode. Then when I finish watching an episode I go back and read everyone’s comments about it. It's so much better this time around! It's really been enlightening to hear different views and thoughts that I might never have considered on my own. I can't get enough of it!} [3]

Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your splendid blog. I am in awe of this piece of work and it is now an integral part of my S&H viewing experience. I have been obsessed with this series for over 40 years but never realised I wasn’t alone. Your blog and the comments have literally got me through lockdown here in the UK. I am commenting here because Gillian is close to perfect for me in epitomising why I love this show.[4]

I have visited your blog several times and thoroughly enjoyed all of your insights and comments. So many astute and well thought out observations which give well deserved credit and substance to the series as a whole.[5]

This has become my go to comfort binge as the long months of the pandemic wan. (The boys are affectionately referred to as “my boyfriends” by my husband and daughter!) “merltheearl” thanks for keeping this blog alive so we can all enjoy the best friendship on the planet — fictional or otherwise![6]



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