Gillian Ingram

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Name: Gillian Ingram
Occupation: hooker
Location: the episode, "Gillian"
Status: dead
Relationships: Hutch's girlfriend
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Gillian and Hutch
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Gillian Ingram is Hutch’s girlfriend. Hutch goes out with her for a month before he introduces her to Starsky, and tells him Gillian is a writer. Hutch and Gillian are clearly smitten with each other.

It turns out that Gillian is not a writer, something Starsky discovers; while in a massage parlor looking for Lonely Bloggs’ killer, Starsky sees Gillian in back sexually servicing a customer. Starsky calls Huggy Bear, and it is confirmed that she is a high-priced call girl who works for the Grossmans.

Without telling Hutch, Starsky goes to Gillian’s apartment and tries to give her money to leave town. He tells her Hutch needs to know about her real job and her past. She agrees to tell Hutch in the morning. After Starsky leaves, Gillian goes to tell Olga Grossman she is quitting the hooker job. Gillian hits Olga, and Olga orders her son, Al, to kill Gillian.

Starsky discovers Gillian’s body shortly before Hutch does. Hutch hits Starsky, and then Starsky pulls Hutch in for a comforting hug.

A Few Facts About the Canon Gillian

  • she tells Starsky she was named by her father after an English woman he'd loved
  • she says she is a writer
  • she appears to really love Hutch
  • she lives in a really nice apartment
  • she used to live in Cleveland
  • she feels true love is symbolized by visualizing a room full of red balloons

The Fanon Gillian

Some of the main Gillian storylines in fanfic are how devastated Hutch is about her death and how he questions his choice of all the women he becomes close to. Another major plot is, if and when, Hutch finds out that Starsky knew of Gillian's real occupation and of the bribe his partner offered Gillian.

Some Gillian Fics

Some Gillian Vids

Some Gillian Art

Despite her fairly high fiction profile, she is non-existent in art.