Rosie Dobey

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Name: Rosie Dobey
Occupation: little kid
Relationships: daughter of Edith Dobey and Captain Dobey, brother to Cal
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Rosie, and Starsky & Hutch
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Rosie Dobey is the six-year old daughter of Captain Dobey and Edith Dobey.

A Few Facts About the Canon Rosie

  • she likes to play Twister
  • she counts on Starsky and Hutch and her daddy to put the bad guys in jail
  • she's super cute
  • she's left-handed

The Fanon Rosie

Rosie Dobey appears in only one episode in canon but her character accounts for much kidfic fanfiction. She is also sometimes written in Older Guy stories as a grown woman who, more often than not, becomes a cop.

Some Rosie Fics

Some Rosie Vids

Some Rosie Art

It is non-existent.