Edith Dobey

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Name: Edith Dobey
Relationships: wife of Captain Dobey, mother to Cal and Rosie
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
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Edith Dobey is Captain Dobey's wife. They have two children, Cal and Rosie. Edith is a great source of support to her husband. In a pivotal scene, she battens down the hatches of her home, and chases off a bad guy with a shotgun.

A Few Facts About the Canon Edith

  • she is a firm, but loving mother
  • she has a sense of humor, shown when she invites Starsky and Hutch to play "Twister" at Rosie's birthday party
  • she has a sister who lives near by
  • she picks out Harold's ties
  • she is proficient in an emergency and with a shotgun

The Fanon Edith

Edith is, without fail, portrayed as kind and capable in fiction. She often helps out Starsky and Hutch, mostly by bringing them food and feeding them. In one slash story, she goes over to Starsky's home while he is in the hospital during "Sweet Revenge" and hides their sex toys so that they won't be found by visiting relatives should Starsky die. [1]

In slash stories, she is almost always understanding of Starsky and Hutch's relationship, sometimes encouraging her somewhat less-tolerant husband to do the same. Sometimes she brings her Christian faith into the argument, telling Harold it would be what a good Christian would do.

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