Molly Edwards

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Name: Molly Edwards
Occupation: kid
Location: the episode "Little Girl Lost"
Status: alive, and hopefully going on to great things
Relationships: parents are both dead, she goes to live with Kiko Ramos and his mom
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
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Molly Edwards becomes an orphan after her father is killed by jewel thieves. Starsky and Hutch, especially Hutch, feel guilty about her lack of a home. After solving the case involving her father's murderer, they arrange to have her live with Hutch's Little Brother, Kiko Ramos, and his mom.

Molly appears to be about twelve years old.

A Few Facts About the Canon Molly

  • she collects baseball cards and loves baseball
  • she's left-handed
  • she hates to wear dresses

The Fanon Molly

Molly is portrayed in fanworks, along with her foster brother, Kiko, as getting into numerous scrapes and adventures. In slash fiction, she is often written as a young woman who later comes out as a gay person. Specific fanfic about Molly never includes any explicit material.

Molly and "Pete"

Molly makes a comment regarding the name written inside her beloved baseball glove that suggests she may associate herself with the name "Pete." This has led to fannish speculation about her sexuality.

Some Molly Fics

Some Molly Vids

Some Molly Art

It is non-existent.