Kira (Starsky & Hutch)

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Name: Kira (no last name given)
Occupation: homicide detective
Location: the episode "Starsky vs. Hutch"
Status: alive
Relationships: sleeps with both Starsky and Hutch
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Kira and Starsky
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Kira is a homicide cop from another department/precinct who goes undercover as bait in a series of murders at a dance hall.

Kira is also Starsky's girlfriend and presents herself to him as a wholesome homebody. She also flirts a lot with Hutch, and with him, takes on a "bad girl" persona. When Starsky tells Hutch he loves Kira, Hutch goes to Kira's house to break off their, at this time, unconsummated relationship. Kira tells him she loves both men in different ways, and she and Hutch end up in bed together. When Starsky discovers what has happened, conflict ensues.

At the end of the episode, Starsky and Hutch appear to make up and offer Kira a shot at a threesome with them, something she declines. Starsky and Hutch then walk away, arm in arm.

A Few Facts About the Canon Kira

  • She has big hair.
  • She has a lot of plates on her wall at home.
  • Her last name is never mentioned.

The Fanon Kira

Kira is the most well-known, most-written about, and controversial female character in the show, and this episode is one of the most discussed, and often disliked, in the whole series. It doesn't help that "Starsky vs. Hutch" was aired out of order, giving it not only an odd emotional punch, but as the second to the last episode in the whole series and coming right before "Sweet Revenge," it offers fans all sorts of unresolved tension.

Most fans write Kira as a meddler, a manipulative bitch, and worse. Some fans argue that she is simply exercising her sexuality in much the same way male characters did, and that her character gets blamed for all sorts of double standards.

In slash fiction, she is a very handy character used to show the sexual tensions between the two men, the jealousy they feel, and the inevitable outcome.

There are also a small number of fics that have Kira pregnant and not knowing whether Starsky or Hutch is the father. One fic has her give birth to fraternal twins, one with yellow, cornsilk hair and the other with dark, curly locks. Much angst ensues.

Kira and Sexual Double Standards

Watched STARSKY VS. HUTCH again recently and I suddenly came to the conclusion that Kira was not all that dumb. She was right y'know! Men do have their cake and eat it too - so why not us women? Hutch didn't really have an answer when Kira confronted him with that one, did he? At least he had the decency to look suitably embarrassed. We've all taken a dig at Kira in past forums but let's be honest, ladies - l'm certain there's lots of us who've eaten breakfast in two different locations in one week sometime during our lives. Was Kira any different? What would we have done if presented with the same opportunity? [1]

Notable Kira Fics

Some Kira Fics

Some Kira Vids

Some Kira Art

Despite her high fiction profile, she is non-existent in art.


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