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Title: APB
Publisher: out of Glasgow, Scotland
Editor(s): Janice Daniels, perhaps Jacky Birch, then Carla Salveta and Linda Watt (the last two years)
Type: letterzine/newsletter
Date(s): spring 1981 to February 1986
Frequency: monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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APB is a mostly gen Starsky and Hutch newsletter centered around fandom in the UK. It was edited by Carla Salveta, Janice Daniels, and Jacky Birth.

There were at least two issues by June 1981 and it ran until 1986. In total, there were 38 issues.

Regarding the zine's title: "APB" stands for "all-points bulletin" which is a broadcast issued by American or Canadian law enforcement agency to its personnel about a wanted suspect who is to be arrested or who is a person of interest.

After "APB" ceased, Carla Salveta then went on to publish the letterzines Mixed Doubles and Late for Breakfast, and Jacky Birch began Torino Times.

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Despite the editor's plans to have this letterzine be strictly gen, an ad in 1985 noted that it "may contain some non-explicit same-sex material on occasion." [1] A fan in late 1985, just as the letterzine ended, commented elsewhere that "Carla does not mind if you discuss as Elaine [in Between Friends] did." [2]

Submission Requests

From Between Friends #4: "A new British Professionals/S&H letterzine. Now looking for your letters, artwork, reviews, articles, short stories, poetry, whatever."

From S and H: "Britain's 1st S&H newsletter. Strictly S&H, no aliens; cartoons, poems, letters, artwork, photos, DobeyCon 3 news. 50p/issue + 14p stamp; US &1/issue + 2 IRCs."

General Reactions and Reviews

[June 1981]: That of the fifty recipients of APB only twenty replied does not indicate anything fundamentally lacking in fandom. Not necessarily. If I were you I would be questioning rather your letterzine yourself, and asking whether it is what people want. THIS letterzine, S and H, has been immensely successful because it provides a free, frank and totally unbiased exchange of views. We all contribute and float the wackiest ideas without fear of editorial intervention. APB would benefit from that kind of editorial philosophy. I know that there are several people who have decided not to contribute or subscribe to APB because you have made your own standpoint clear. You will not discuss S/H and refuse to entertain ‘aliens’ even for the save of comparison… Also, you should try to resist the temptation of interjecting your own remarks into other people’s letters. If the S&H l/z editors do that, it’s for a reason. They exercise a great deal of restraint. Naturally, it is your right to make comments as and when you will, but it does distract from the purpose of the letterzine if it merely becomes a parade of your own witticisms.[3]

[July 1985]: Very interesting topic this month. By the way, I just had the pleasure of reading our cousins-across-the-sea's l/z APB, and was impressed by the level of discussion, with both an episode of the month and topic of the month in each issue, and they still manage to say 'Hi' to each other.[4]

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APB 23 was published in November 1983. The submission deadline was October 18, 1983.

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APB 24 was published in December 1983.

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Issue 32

APB 32 was published in October 1984 and contains 52 pages.

front cover of issue #32

From the editorial by Carla S:

Well by now most of you will know that DobeyCon 6 has been cancelled, and I'm not only sad but angry and a little ashamed as well. To Lynne Dolan and the Ripleys, I can only apologise. All the hard work and months of preparation have came to nothing.

At this moment in time I feel ashamed to be a British fan of S&H, that for whatever reason differences between fans cannot be set aside for a weekend. There are various rumours flying round as to the reason for the cancellation - perhaps the full truth will never be known - but I am angry to think that people would not attend a get together because someone they didn't like was also going.

But most of all I feel sadness; sadness because S&H fandom now has no annual get together ~ who now would be prepared to try and organise another DobeyCon - and that the small number of UK S&H fans have been further split - does this herald the end of British Fandom?

Also to set the record straight - again - letters to APB are not cut although we try to correct obvious spelling mistakes and in some cases put in punctuation where necessary; the sense of letters, however, is not changed. APB will discuss '/' material and on occasion there will be adult material and artwork.

To get more of an indication of how readers feel, I have enclosed a questionnaire with this issue and I would ask EVERYONE to return it to me please.

From the editorial by Linda M. W:

There is very little I want to say this month in my editorial as at present I am feeling exactly the same way Carla does, ie angry, about S&H fandom, and Carla has expressed views very well in her editorial.

I never really got into S&H fandom but the behaviour of some people makes me not want to bother and go back to my main fandom interest - Star Trek. However I will always give Carla my support in any of her projects, as she has given me a lot of support when I have badly needed it - although at times I feel she has often been battering her head against a brick wall.

As for DobeyCon, I was planning to go this year and am sorry to see it fold. I have been planning to go for the past couple of years but this year I had actually got round to registering - I thought if I got saturated with S&H I might get hooked. Oh roll on 16/18 November to Nimoy Con in Nottingham (part of my summer holidays!) seeing as how I won't be going to Darlington.

  • Editorials (1)
  • Hutch, art by Debbie Sontag (3)
  • Your Letters (4)
  • Night Thoughts, poem by Lyndy Harding ("'/' in Nature") (38)
  • Police Procedural—Narcotics, article by Patricia Paterson (39)
  • Ad Lib (43)
  • Mutually Assured Destruction... or The Ballad of the Lucitania Express, fiction by The Piper (44)
  • Good-bye Friend, poem by Lyndy Harding ("'/' in Nature") (46)
  • Starsky, art by Sandi Chapman (47)
  • Exchange and Mart (48)
  • Slowly, song lyrics by Chappell/Aznavour/Britico (back cover)

Issue 32: Sample Fan Comments

[Julie C]: By the way I though the cover of APE 30 was very funny - I didn't think it was offensive.

[Josie S]:

Just a note - you say in APB to let you know what we like and don't like. Well it is okay with me the way it is. You say that you are trying to sort out production problems, well you are doing your best so I for one do not mind it being a bit late. I always enjoy reading it when it canes. Now there is something that I did not like in last month's APB - that was the cover. It is not the sort of thing I like.

[Joan H]:

Very attractive cover this time, thank you Debbie. I liked Sandi's Hutch centrefold [in the previous issue], too. Personally, I can live without 'erotic' art, but deleting it from individual copies seems like a bit of a cop-out. If it's there, it's there. I may not like it, but it won't stop me buying the zine. It's a question of taste - individual taste, perhaps, but also good and bad taste and where to draw the line. I wish I knew just what erotic artwork has to do with S&H, though I appreciate it has a great deal to do with people's fantasies, and the need to express them in that form.

[Jan D]:

Why were most people upset over APB 30 cover, it was a fun cover and meant to be taken as such. I loved it. Okay it left a lot to the imagination, but that's half the fun with our Lyndy's work.

[Carla S]:

I certainly do not feel guilty about publishing such a cover. I think it was an excellent cartoon!

[Lyndy H]:

I'm pleased my 'artwork' [on the cover of the last issue] appealed to you. As I've already stated - it was meant to offend no-one.' If it did - well, I'm afraid I can't live my life worrying over the 'faint-heartedness' of people I don't even know - and who certainly don't know me I! Those who really do know ire would clarify, I'm certain, that I'm not the kind of person who would deliberately hurt anyone's feelings - especially those who care about me! When it comes to those who are so quick to judge and attack me for merely speaking the truth I really don't 'give a toss'. As I've said before - even my closest friend (partner) and I argue like hell over certain premises in S&H fandom. She thinks I'm a mule-headed SOB at times and I think she can be a numb-skull - but we both know each other's worth and it would take a damned sight more than S&H fandom to come between us. Croon ladies, stop taking things so seriously! As much as we all love fandom you have to agree - there are more important things in life!

[Lesley E. H]:

I would agree with you about S/H.... No, S/H didn't need to have happened.

[Janet E]:

Thanks for APB 31. As far as being late goes, I'd rather get it late than not at all. So just keep doing the best you can and don't worry on my account.

[Janet E]:

I did try a get together after Dobeycon 2. Only one person came and she used to cone over every weekend anyways! Everyone was very keen on the idea when we suggested it at Dobeycon, but I never did find out what happened. Maybe someone else wants to try it?

[Jan D]:

I for one don't want to see Dobeycon cancelled, it's the best weekend of the year. Where else can you get away from it all, let someone else do the cooking, and have a great natter with friends and make new ones and S&H as well. Sheer bliss. What's the matter with you lot out there, I was under the impression we were all S&H fans together. Okay, Okay, I know some of you can't come, I'm not having a go, well not much anyway. But those of you who are not coming just because you've never been to it before, or you've heard that they are not all that great, could not be more wrong. DCon is and always will be the friendliest Con and with Lynne and the Ripleys organising it, its sure to be the best ever. So do yourself a favour come to DCon, and relax, prove to yourself that you were wrong about the Con and what you were told was wrong. Believe me, you'll have a great time.

[Lyndy H]:

I'm certain many of you were devastated to learn of D'Con's cancellation. How very sad the whole situation is - but before crying down our own back's let's spare a thought for Lynne Dolan and Jill 'n Chris Ripley who worked so very hard through the spring and summer months in preparation for what would have been the best Con to date. I make no exaggeration here! Not only have 'would-be' attendees missed the opportunity to view such videos as 'Homeward Bound', 'Wait Till Your Mother Gets Home' and 'Jealousy'. In addition to that, I happen to know the items for the 'Grand Charity Auction' would have The Rippers...if so you'll know what I mean). The organisers had planned many surprises for us and the whole weekend would have been the most memorable in S&H fandom.

Well - it's much too late to do anything about it now. You all had a chance to join in the fun and share the 'goodies' - you made your choice! What I'd like to know is - why the lack of support? Is fandom becoming so lethargic we'd allow the legendary DobeyCons to slip unceremoniously down the tubes!

The organisers have been given various reasons for people's cancellations, lack of interest etc and being the incredibly decent people they are, respect those reasons without question.

However, since some of you insist I'm not so nice, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt - just this once. I am certainly a little suspicious of people's motivations concerning D/Con cancellations, lack of support etc. There have been rumours, some from ambiguous sources which may have influenced some of you. Is it, perhaps, a case of salt being rubbed in open wounds? A certain element in fandom have already been quick to judge some of us and label us as hostile. This is such an unfortunate attitude. Having attended all past DctoeyCons I can truthfully say there has never been bad feeling or hostility at these gatherings. Naturally there has been heated discussion but we've all respected each others right to hold an opinion. Besides which no-one has ever been obligated to join in every conversation.

The DobeyCons are so full of love and friendship; they are the very place where those of us who disagree over certain aspects or premises in S&H fandom, can sit down together or prop up a bar and talk things out amiably! At DobeyCons people discover one another and learn from each other - also about each other! I've seen more friendships bonded at DobeyCons than at any other gatherings I've attended. It really is a great shame that such a phenomenon has been allowed to disintegrate.

The past five DobeyCons have all been successful and well-attended. Why has 'DobeyCon 6' been so badly affected? After all, we're the same group of people, with the same ideas we held all those years ago. Have our attitudes changed that much? Has anyone been influenced by certain facts? Where does the fault lie?

[Terri B]:

By now, of course, the cancellation of DobeyCon 6 will be stale news. I have to say that I am personally very disappointed that this had to happen - not only because I'll miss out on seeing people I only see at this one time of the year, but because there are so many others who will also miss out on something they were looking forward to. And because we won't now be able to share our little 'surprise' items with all of you. Or not as fully. I can only hope that the apathy or lethargy or whatever else led to the lack of interest in the con isn't something that will strangle British S&H fandom - and that saneone else is willing to take on the organisation of another get-together, maybe not as large or as good as the one that was planned, but at the least a chance for us to meet up for a few days of S&H friendship...?

Is there anyone out there who doesn't remember what it was like before the discovery of S&H fandom? Oh, we all came to it by different routes, but the magic moment is surely the same - the feeling of astonished delight that all these other people share the love of S&H. The cultural desert no longer threatens - you're no longer alone with your dreams and fantasies hidden like something to be ashamed of, but part of a family who share your visions.

S&H fandom is like a family - families have their bickerings, their fights, their falling outs and slanging matches, too. But there is something stronger than those - the love that holds the family together. The common cause. 'Me and thee against the world.'

Maybe we need reminded of that. The meaning of S&H is friendship. Caring. Sharing.

It appears there is a large question mark hanging over British fandom - as to whether it should continue to exist at all. Before anyone jumps down my throat, let me say that there is reason to doubt. DobeyCon 6 has had to be cancelled through lack of support - but only two years ago, the Con organisers were snowed under with registrations. I don't know if this is the symptom of a mild attack of apathy or something a lot more serious. So - suppose you tell us. What do you personally want from fandom? Do you want yearly conventions? Do you want zines? Do you want letterzines? All these things take time, money, and effort to produce, but we're not quibbling about that, so long as you enjoy what we do. If we're doing it wrong, tell us. All it costs you is a postage stamp.

If you simply don't want anything more to do with fandom, no one is twisting arms. It's still a free country. But I don't want to find myself back in the cultural desert - I know some of you will agree with me. So it's up to us whether British S&H fandom stays alive and kicking or slides into limbo - whether we're giving it a shot in the arm or greasing the slide.

It won't die. The Legend will live on. S&H means friendship, and the friendship, the love, will survive. But something indefinable and very precious will have slipped away and won't return.

Be positive. Don't think 'I can't make a difference.' In fandom everyone makes a difference.

[Linda M. W]:

I have decided to do this short letter as I don't want to change my editorial - it expresses my present feelings about British S&H fandom quite well. However, since typing up some of these letters I am mellowing slightly by the continuing support to APB (last week I was getting very depressed and things were getting on top of me) and I feel I should not take out my annoyance on those who still read APB since the ones that upset me will probably never read my editorial.

I hope all this trouble will blow over quickly. Let's not let those who want to cause trouble get to us after all WE live by IDIC!

[Carla S]:

If you think K/S fandom is in turmoil, wait till you get really involved in S/H fandom - being a smaller group just means fewer people on the firing line!

[Carla S]:

Fandom does cover a wide variety of tastes and if S&H fandom in Britain was large enough no doubt each 'splinter' group could have its own l/z, ie S/H, general S&H, fan club type publications etc. As it is with the limited number of fans in Britain interested in contributing even letters it's difficult keeping only 2 UK l/z going. If I thought people would accept 'Shootout' as a general S&H l/z and APB as an S/H l/z and that both could survive, then it might be worth trying, but I'm sure that many fans buy both and that if fans started to divide up like that, both publications would suffer. And although S/H offends some people the S/H fans have a right to be able to put their point of view too.

[Terri B]:

I wasn't aware of the K/S furore, and I hope it dies a fast and natural death - ST3 was so delightful, I'd hate to see any retrograde steps. Not that I can see K/S, personally, but IDIC rules okay. S/H fans are a smaller group, though I'd think we are just as vociferous in defence of our beliefs when riled.

[Terri B]:

I'm sure I'm not the only S/H believer who can see the straight viewpoint. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that without the straight viewpoint, S/H loses some of its validity, at least for me. The sexual relationship has to develop from the comradeship and loving friendship of the aired series, or it comes to mean something different from my concept of S/H. But everyone has their own concept, of course.

[Linda M. W]:

Have you ever noticed that the ones who try to put an end to '/' and shout their indignation are the ones that draw it to the public's notice and perhaps introduce more people to this premise. This fact was pointed out by a couple of Trek friends after reading David Gerrold's new 'World of Star Trek' book as DG is very anti. I also heard it commented that when there was a big outcry by the anti-K/S lobby K/S zine editors noticed an increase in K/S zine sales as people wanted to read what all the outcry was about - perhaps they should be thanked for all this advertising!

[Lyndy H]:

After reading your letter [Sandra F] in S/O I realise now why male/male relationships offend you so greatly. After all, if male/female relationships offend you... Wow, there's not a lot to say is there. Let's agree to disagree okay. However, as a mini-zine editor I'm sure you'll agree that S/H has a certain redeeming feature - it certainly sells!!

Issue 33

APB 33 was published in January 1985 and contains 52 pages. It was edited by Carla Salveta and Linda Watt (one letter makes mention this is their one-year anniversary editing this zine, and that they are "guest editors.").

front cover of issue #33

The front cover is by Lyndy Harding, the back cover are the lyrics to "Honesty" by Billy Joel, and the "/" centerfold is by Lynda Harding.

From the editorial, Linda:

I was not planning to write anything this time as I'm feeling absolutely exhausted and glad I'm now on holiday until the New Year. But after reading so many letters with congratulations on our first year as editors I've decided to write a few lines to thank everyone for their support over this past year and hope that you will all enjoy the next year's presentations just as much.

I would like to wish you all the season's greetings and hope that you had an enjoyable holiday. I am having a Hogmanay party for my Trek friends with the stipulation that everyone brings something to eat (I'm supplying the drink) - the last time we did this we went to town with the food dyes, so keep your fingers crossed no one ends up bringing in the New Year with food poisoning!

From the editorial, Carla:

Well this is the issue that nearly never was! Various things have happened over the last few weeks which meant a serious consideration to stop putting out APB altogether; but this issue is out - finally, though a little late for the Xmas issue which was planned. I'll wish everyone a belated New Year anyway.

APB has a different look to it from this month as Linda can no longer type this on her office word processor and we're having to make do with home computers - not the least of which is various production problems including uneven pages and a poor printer. I am hoping to resolve the latter problem as I've seen a much better printer which I'd like to get - IF I can afford it - some time this year. If I do manage to continue putting out APB this year.

I'm hoping to put it out about the 1st of March, May etc; with the deadline around the first of the previous month. I've extended this month's deadline as this is late, but keep your fingers crossed!!!)

I'd 1iKe to echo the sentiments of many of the letters in this month's issue and ask everyone to let past disagreements die with the old year. Let this New Year bring us all harmony and tolerance of one another's attitudes.

  • Editorial (1)
  • Your Letters (4)
  • Seasons Of..., poem by Terri Beckett (reprinted from Handcuffs #6) (36)
  • Ad Lib (37)
  • Classic Zine Review (43)
  • Xmas - Starsky Style, poem by Lyndy Harding (45)
  • Exchange and Mart (47)
  • questionnaire results

Issue 33: Sample Fan Comments

[Lynn C]:

I haven't contributed for some time due to personal reasons and the fact that certain matters contained in and related to this L/Z have made me feel I didn't want to take part any more. However after reading the sincerity in Terri's letter last issue I now see I was not altogether right in taking this decision. I now see that personal feelings aren't what count. It's S&H that are important and what brought us all together in the first place. We should all try and get back to discussing them not us and our feelings about ourselves and each other, Terri really made me think.

I don't want to lose this special forum we have. It is precious, I need S&H, especially the zines and L/Zs. We do all count and if everyone grew as despondent towards fandom as I felt, there'd be nothing left for any of us and the cultural desert Terri spoke of would be looming ahead.

[Sandi C]:

Right! Here we are then. I've had an issue away from APB, a good holiday, and now I'm back. Be warned - I am in no mood for the petty squabbles that seem rife in fandom at the moment. I'm sick of life kicking me where it hurts and I've made a very early New Year's resolution to kick back.

First chestnut out of the bag - the lousy way Lynne, Chris and Jill have been treated by some quarters of this fandom. A fandom, it should be remembered, that was based on love. What happened to all those people who were so keen to have another DobeyCon when asked at Maidstone? Okay, so times are hard on all of us; but rail and coach fares haven't gone up that much in the last year. You all knew it wouldn't be a cheap weekend. As a matter of fact they got a better deal on the hotel than we did. But even if some of us did feel the pinch, that doesn't excuse the rumours and in-fighting that's gone on these past few months. As co-organiser of Dobeycon Five, I feel very sorry for Lynne and the Ripleys, to have everything fall through after all their hard work.

As a fan, I feel ashamed.

[Joan H]:

It would be a mistake, I'm sure, to write off British S&H fandom on the strength of the Dobeycon cancellation. Whilst appreciating the disappointment felt by those who had planned to attend, not to mention the frustration of the organisers, we have to try to keep things in perspective. It appears that most people who make up this fandom do not attend Cons. Fandom itself predates the Cons, both here and in the US and I cannot believe that its continued existence depends on a single weekend get-together annually, enjoyable as they may be.

For myself, the letterzines have always been a more important source of contact, plus, of course, the personal correspondence I enjoy with many fellow-fans. The l'zines keep us in touch with current trends and thinking in fandom, and I would be far more concerned about losing them than about the disappearance of Cons. Others may disagree, but these thoughts were prompted by what seemed some over-reaction (however understandable) to the cancellation of the Con. There are many reasons why people do not - or cannot - attend Cons. I've been given a number of valid ones by friends who were not going to Dobeycon 6, and none of them correspond to the speculative reasons put forward in some APB letters. S&H fandom is alive and well, and none the worse for being not especially addicted to periodic group get-togethers.

[Jan D]:

I make no apology for this letter only to say, sorry it had to be written while Carla and Linda were guest editing.

My sentiments echo those of Carla, Linda, Terri, Lyndy etc but that's not going to stop me having my say.

As an ex organiser of DCon, I Know just how hard Lynne and the Rippers have worked - I also Know how ungrateful some of you can be. I never thought I'd see a day when DCon was cancelled, I'm disgusted with the way Lynne & Co have been treated. I am sick at the way some people have behaved, just because so and so is going you don't want to go, so what you didn't have to talk to them, plenty going on without even seeing that person . At one time S&H fandom was friendship, love and loyalty. To some of us that still holds.

It's the rest of you that couldn't give a damn* I can remember a time when I thought I was the only S&H fan, I'd never heard of fandom, then I got in touch with a certain pint sized person from Bristol, and well, never looked back.

As I couldn't come to DCon 5, through no fault of my own, despite the rumours about that, I was really looking forward to this weekend, so you can <well some of you> imagine how upset I was, at it being cancelled.

I'd 1ike to know why? - I'd like the people who spread the stupid rumour to come forward, but it takes guts to do that, and they haven't got any. I'm usually a very placid person, but when something like this happens, it makes my blood boil. All I can say is that some of you, and you know who I mean, are a bloody ungrateful lot, I'd like to see you do better, and I don't mean organising less important Cons on the same weekend, fair enough if it was a big Con.

I'd like another get together, but you'd all have to make your own way down and book in a hotel, after the way Lynne and the Rippers were treated, and the way I was at my DCon, I won't organise. Lyndy asks have our attitudes changed that much? Mine hasn't a lot, just because I like other TV shows, would like to get involved in other fandoms and 'cos I'm broke that I have to sell my stuff that (no-body seems to want) doesn't mean I've 'gone off' S&H. I'm still a part of fandom, and always will be, rumour-spreaders please note.

I think people have been influenced by certain, not so much facts, Lyndy, more by what other people have told them, and they are too weak minded to find out the facts.

I'd still love to see a yearly Con, I'll miss seeing all my pals this year, still maybe next year, just a small get together between ourselves, Lyndy. Maybe you should have brought those 'overcoats' back. As I said I'm usually very placid but some things you can't bottle up and I'm fed up with being 'Mr Nice Guy' - for once, next month, who knows, the tranqualisers might have worked.

[Debra W]:

From the day APB 32 arrived, I've been pondering how I should start this letter. So much was (rightly) said in that issue on the cancellation of DCon 6 that to say much more would be wrong but I do have to say a few things. I share the feelings of disappointment, sadness, anger and loss expressed in the letters in the last issue (and elsewhere in fandom) because like everyone else who planned to attend, I had been looking forward to DCon 6 ever since it was announced in Maidstone last October at DCon 5. I feel perhaps most of all angry at being denied the chance to be with people I so rarely get to see - and angry that the work that was put into organising and arranging the con was all for nothing. I had such high hopes for that weekend; to see them come to nothing was more than just disappointing.

I don't want to write a letter that consists of nothing but moans and groans on the subject of DCon 6; so I won't say much more on the subject. But I would like to say that I feel that the blame for what has happened rests on all of us -- yes, all of us -- because we have been too quick to argue over silly things in recent months* because we've allowed those arguments to get out of hand and to become personal; and also because it seems we may have forgotten what APB is here for in the first place - and that is for us to share our thoughts, feelings and opinions on S&H, in the spirit of friendship, sharing and love that the series showed us. Do we have to go on 1iKe this? No, I don't believe we do, nor that the majority of folk in fandom want to. Does what happened to DCon 6 herald the end of British fandom. Carla asks? No, I don't believe it does. But it is up to us to see that it doesn't. So please, let's put aside forever the silliness, the bitchiness, the pettiness and the nit-picking that have been a part of this fandom in recent months. Let's remember the love and caring, and the friendship we saw in the series and fandom in the first place. Isn't that what fandom is supposed to be all about anyway?

We can't go back and put right what went wrong; but we can see that it doesn't happen again. Why don't we give it a try?

[Terri B]:

From the expressions of shock in ARB 32 on the cancellation of DobeyCon, I'm wondering a couple of things - firstly, if it wasn't the readers of APB who pulled out at the last minute, then who was it, and where do we find out why - and secondly, with so many people regretting the demise of the Con, surely we can guarantee a healthy attendance at the next one, wherever that may be. Dunno about Glasgow, though - don't jump on me, Carla and Linda, but I live about as far south as it's possible to get without getting wet, and that's one hell of a journey. Darlington was going to take the best part of a day and cost an arm and a leg - Glasgow might as well be on the moon. Some of you in the Far North will feel the same way about a Con in this neck of the woods - we really need a halfway point...

And someone brave enough to organise it.

[Sandi C]:

Can I throw out an idea to those interested in S/H. ft lot has been said in the past about exactly when the physical relationship began, whether during the series or after SWEET REVENGE, but has anyone ever- considered that what we see in the aired episodes - the very deep emotional commitment as well as the ESP that they share - is the result of a more physical love, rather than the cause of it, I'm suggesting that maybe they met at the academy, became lovers and that over the years it has mellowed into the kind of relationship that many long-term married couples share, I'm not saying it's a

premise I believe in 100%, but I do think it's a point for discussion.

[Lyndy H]:

I have to disagree on the 'marriage' idea. Personally, I can't see either man wed. Hutch tried it once and got burned. I don't think he'd be eager to take the same risks again. Starsky has long since out-grown the 'rose-covered-cottage-curley-headed-kids' syndrome and I feel both men have become far too cynical to hold any illusions about flowery romances with starry-eyed females.

Of course, the all important factor here is that the guys have discovered 'each-other ' . The situation is idyllic. They have no need to complicate their lives OR their relationship with women. C'mon, be serious. Can anyone suggest anything the guys would need a woman for something they couldn't do or be for each other. I really am interested in other people's opinions but please be sensible when considering your suggestions. This is a serious subject.

Just as an afterthought I personally can't think of a worse way to spend my time than to sit around with a bunch of 'home n' hubby' types discussing diapers and the price of steak. If I was a cop's wife I'd much prefer to sit in with 'The Guys' discussing their latest case.

[Lyndy H]: The firing line feels like 'home' these days. Thanks to you and Linda for your support during this trying time and your tolerance concerning the '/' premise.

[Lyndy H]:

Terri, I thoroughly agree with your sentiments concerning D6 and fandom in general. Being the co-organiser of the Dobeycon which was inundated with registrations and remembering the joy we felt at the obvious success of the venture I feel utterly deflated by the demise of DCon 6 and I Know how angry Jill and Chris and Lynne must feel.

I certainly didn't intend to raise the subject again after making my views clear last month. However, there are now a few points I'd like to discuss. As Terri has stated there is an apathy in fandom but also something more dangerous. Think about it for a moment. [See Two years ago, S&H fandom was flourishing. for this letter.]

[Terri B]: I for one would not want SHOOTOUT to represent S&H and APB S/H. The less divisions there are in fandom, the better it is - any kind of division weakens the whole. Yes, S/H offends some people. Yes, S/H fans have a right to state their pov. It comes down to a matter of personal choice, and I for one would resent any form of censorship or elitism.

[Terri B]:

Gerrold is Anti? Yes, I think the public outcries that follow the emergence of '/' frequently encourage people to buy the stuff, just to see what they may be missing. Whereas, if they kept quiet, it might stay in the closet and bother no one. Is there a lesson to be learned here?

[Sandi C]:

I liked the 'toon, too, I can understand some people being offended by the inclusion of explicit S/H artwork - there is, after all, a place for everything, though not necessarily in the same zine - but it was obvious (or should have been!) that this was just another product of your weird imagination, [Lyndy]. I wonder what happened to the fun in fandom...

[Judy S]:

To all those that 'didn't like' the 'mentioned' cover [on issue #31], I for one don't see anything whatever wrong with it, and I'm certainly not perverse, dirty minded or whatever else you may think.

[Lyndy H]:

Joan, way below the belt dear! God forbid I ever need the pages of APB or any other forum to 'get off on'. I have a healthy sex life with plenty of opportunity to fantasize when I feel the need - and that's normal as well. According to Freud it's essential! But we're getting away from the point here.

I would hardly call "that 'little cartoon' in APB 30 'erotic art'. I'd be interested to Know if you class some of the beautiful artwork seen in some of the finest '/' zines, created by fandom's most talented artists, in the same category. I certainly don't profess to be as talented as Faddis, [ [Maureen B] ] or Hyatt etc so I doubt if my little contribution will go down in history unless it's to commemorate the commotion it's created in APB). Neither is my artwork worthy of mention in the same category. However, artwork, which you may label as erotic is relevant in S&H fandom, or S/H fandom if only to appease those amongst us who are aesthetically minded. To me there is true beauty in a naked, well formed male, certainly in the act of love and especially when the male is depicted with an equally beautiful partner of the same sex.

[Sandi C]:

Another thorn in my side right now is INTERMISSION TWO. For over a year the same complaint cropped up again and again in the letterzines, ie that even home-produced zines were too long/too expensive. IM was born, so I thought, to fill the gap. To provide a spread of good quality fiction throughout the year, and thereby spread the cost, rather than restrict it to one big zine every 18 months or so. The response from readers was very encouraging. With a few exceptions, the response from authors was not. I would never have believed that it would be so hard to fill just 32 pages.

As of now, the deadline for submissions for issue two will be February 18th 1985. There will be no more extensions, what I've received by then will be printed (if it meets the standard). If sufficient material is received there will also be an S/H supplement available separately. If anyone is interested, an SAE will secure a flyer as soon as they are ready.

Okay. That's enough from the bitch, moan and gnarble department. It's Christmas after all. The season of goodwill, when the halls are decked with boughs of holly and plenty of fruits and nuts.

[Judy S]:

You have a good point about the love and friendship of British S&H fandom, [Terri B], as it will undoubtedly die, it we don't keep it going and stay together. Surely we can all let differences of opinion and likes and dislikes of each other be forgotten and just stuck to the main subject which is S&H.


Your 'Goodbye Friend' poem surely means a lot to all of us and the full meaning behind it was the love, sweat, work and friendship these guys shared was gone, but needed to have strength to hold on and not let it all go. Contradict me if I'm wrong, isn't this what we all need to do? Hold on to something that was dear to all of us.

Issue 34

APB 34 was published in March 1985 and contains 52 pages. It was edited by Carla Salveta and Linda Watt.

front cover of issue #34
centerfold from issue #34, Marilena Maiocco

The cover is by Freda Hyatt. The centerfold is by Marilena Maiocco.

The editor mentions some new technology:

Cable television is supposed to be coming to this part of Glasgow within a year. I might get to see S&H then as BBC Scotland have not been showing it along with the rest of the country, and I still have quite a few episodes missing from my collection. I'd be interested in finding out how Cable TV works in other part of the country.

  • Editorial (1)
  • Your Letters (3)
  • Ad Lib (44)
  • Zine Review by Terri Beckett, see Long Road Home (46)
  • Exchange and Mart (48)
  • You, song lyrics by Chappell/Aznavour/Britico (back cover)

Issue 34: Sample Fan Comments

[Carla S]:

I loved last month's cover - more, pretty please. If I could think of something to bribe you with I'd try - and no I can't get hold of the blond blintz. As for the centrefold - well I always appreciate good "/" artwork and am looking forward to more - I thought the blue paper was appropriate.

[Gloria G]:

Well, folks, it is finished. Yes, at last, after years of waiting. Bird of Paradise is finally finished. The only things remaining are the odd edit here and there (and with a computer such things take hours instead of days), some more artwork (hopefully), and actually printing the damn thing. None of these things seem any kind of obstacle compared with the problems the past few years have seen.

Anyway, what with one thing and another, there are some people to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude. More than mere words can ever hope to adequately discharge. However, I'd 1ike to thank those whose help, encouragement, and patience has made this book possible.

First, with the mention of patience, may I thank you, the readers, who have waited so long for this book. You will never know how far your letters went in keeping me at the task at hand, cheering me through some very dark hours, nagging (gently, of course) me when I got distracted with other things. This book was written for you - and it wouldn't have been written at all except by your unflagging interest.

Those of you fortunate enough to know Patti Paterson through correspondence may have an inkling of what a debt this fandom owes her. Without her the book, quite simply would never have been. Her interest, (she tracked me down over an extremely cold trail), and her devotion, (you have no idea what she's put up with over the past -three years), both to the book and to me are frankly phenomenal.

Penny Warren is an amazing person. The original publisher of BoP, she never lost faith in the project even when I, in that fickle way artists have, became involved in other things. Many other things. I don't think editors get enough praise. This woman has slogged her way through a nearly impenetrable swamp of commas, semi-colons and run-on sentences that would surely have daunted a lesser individual. She has fought the minotaur of my ego (and a surprising number of bouts, too) thus reducing to a minimum my tendency towards the purplest of prose.

And then, my friends, are those of you in the UK who put me up and put up with me, through thick and thin, and made my sojourn in your lands the finest experience of my life.

First, of course, is Terri Beckett. Lord, lady, what can I say? On embarrassingly short notice you (and your incredibly patient family) took me in and gave me shelter while I got my wheels together. You, and Chris Power, showed me a thing or two [...]. No amount of thanks could ever repay my debt.

Then there's Freda. Oh boy, is there ever. Well, kid, what a passel of adventures we shared. I get dizzy just thinking about it. There's no one I would rather have sat beside, cried beside, jumped up and down and hollered beside in the Royal Albert Hall those two nights than you. And not content with shared experience you have gone on to add enormous visual impact to Bird of Paradise, beyond my wildest expectations. You are incredible.


I know those of you who have waited for Bird of Paradise have been waiting a long time. Your patience has been greatly appreciated by me, as well. Only a little longer - we are keeping our fingers crossed that we can have this (325 page) monster printed by the end of February. So believe it or not, you will actually have BoP in your sweaty little palms in the next couple of months.

[Freda H]:

The BoP artwork is mostly done, 8 or 9 pieces so far. Gloria has sent the final rewrite but half has got lost in the post, I'm awaiting a further copy. As soon as that comes I'll see if I can come up with anything else. All being well, it looks as if Gloria will be getting it out fairly soon.

[Janet E]: [There is a] general feeling of lethargy that's in all of fandom. Elsewhere in APB, people have been complaining about the lack of fan fiction. That seems to be true everywhere, not just in S&H fandom. Have other zine editors experienced what I have too? Everyone says they want the zines, begs you to write the stories, but, when you do, no-one buys them, especially not the people who made all the fuss in the first place. It seems to be a general problem.

[Linda M. W]:

Regarding the comment Lynn raised in her letter about zine production, ie she is not too bothered about the 'frills', I would like to add my views on the subject as it is something I feel strongly about at times. I must admit I do not buy S&H zines (editors don't feel I've got something against your productions but I only buy Trek zines) but perhaps my comments on production might give you another view point. I cannot stand zines that are very badly produced and full of typos. I've nothing against the odd typos that inevitably slip through and I know my typing isn't all that great - as a friend likes to point out, Persian rugs have a deliberate mistake woven into them as the Islamic faith believes only Mohamed should be perfect! What I do object to are zines full of typos where it is clear that it has not been proof-read - there have been a few Trek editors guilty of this. As a secretary required to check my own work, I find that reading zines full of typos stops me enjoying the story regardless of how good the plot is as my eye is always drawn to the typos and I have a strong urge to take a pen to it. As for putting zines together, I have seen zines where pages are covered with print from other sheets when they were being run off - again this stops me enjoying a zine.

[Janet E]:

I'm not quite sure what you mean in your letter about 'organising less important Cons on the same weekend.' I know Galacticon was the same weekend as Dobeycon, but that had been advertised before Dobeycon, so far as I know, and was certainly a much bigger con, with 300 attendees. I'd have 1iKed to go to Dobeycon, honestly, but, since I was Con Chairman for the first Galacticon, my loyalty is there. Quite frankly, I don't know who was spreading these rumours everyone is talking about! I never even heard them. All I heard was a couple of moans about it being the same weekend as Galacticon, and that's it. To be honest, I would have serious doubts about attending another Dobeycon (I was at No. 5) in view of all this backbiting and rumour-spreading. Everyone seems so nice in their letters. What happened?

[Joan H]:

Could we lighten up a bit, folks? Please. All this doom and gloom is having a peculiar effect on me. I thought we were here to enjoy ourselves. Random is fun, or should be. Reading the letters this time, I wouldn't have guessed. All those recriminations, anger, disappointment. Aren't we in danger of taking everything to do with S&H fandom much too seriously? Terri got it right when she asked why the shock at the D/Con cancellation, since there ws almost certainly a fair proportion of defectors among APB readers. Maybe we should leave it at that. I'm getting a little tired of being looked upon as a traitor to the cause because I chose not to attend a Con.

[Terri B]:

'Most people who make up this fandom do not attend Cons' - I have to query that! DobeyCon 3, in Swansea, was having to turn people away. DCon 4 was wel1-attended. So was DCon 5. Of course fandom doesn't revolve around Cons - but it's nice to have that yearly get-together to look forward to. And while I do not 'write-off' Brit fandom on the failure of the DCon 6 cancellation, I do read a disturbing element there.

[Debra W]:

I have a feeling we will all be discussing the cancellation of DCon 8 for a while to come in one way or another - but surely by now, it's time to move" onto what the future holds for us and this fandom. Many people look upon a new year as a new beginning - a hew set of chances, of possibilities. Why don't we do the same with this year, as applies to fandom?

[Terri B]: On the S/H question you posed - I concede that it's a possibility, and I've read S/H which stems from that premise - but I can't see the duo of the aired series as lovers. I've tried. I still can't. I'll keep trying. Maybe we can get back to this.

[Lynn C]: Agreed with all you said about the guys and marriage, my thoughts exactly. No, I can't think of anything they would need a woman for, they have all they need in each other.

[Carla S]: Without the "/" premise, I wouldn't be interested in fandom. I'm not saying that straight zines etc are boring. Just that I need more, and I definitely think we need a forum to discuss that extra dimension of the relationship as other l/z's cater more for the straight discussions.

[Janet E]:

One general comment that might interest people. A gay friend of mine tells me that a lot of gay men are convinced S&H are gay, because of the way they behave towards each other. The touching, the looks etc. What is really worrying about this is that a lot of other partnerships are copying S&H oh the grounds that no-one thought they were gay because they touched a lots. Interesting, isn't it?

[Joan H]:

I wasn't suggesting that fantasies are a bad thing. I'm sure we all have them, and that S&H figure largely in many of them. The term 'erotic' was not, in that context, originally mine. It was used by Carla in APB 31 when she asked us to let her know if we objected to this type of artwork in future issues. That was really the point of my comments in 32. I don't think I would have used that word to describe the cartoon, either. I've seen some excellent 'erotic' artwork in zines, and can appreciate the quality, though, as I said, my personal preference does not lie in this direction. Again, I must stress the 'erotic' label was not mine, but perhaps it serves as well as any. There is, of course, nothing intrinsically wrong with erotic art. It may be my loss that I don't appreciate it in connection with S&H. Tastes in art differ more widely than in n»st things. There is obviously a demand for erotic, and also 'fantasy-type' art in S&H fandom. Heaven forbid I should want to deprive anyone of what they enjoy. I only came down against leaving it out of individual copies of APB because that seemed a rather head-in-sand attitude to me. I'm sure Carla suggested it in a genuine attempt to cater for all tastes, and maybe some people were glad to take her up on it.

[Terri B]:

I know what I want [from fandom] - I want to share my addiction. I want to discuss, and read, and argue about S&H. I like having people with 1ike minds to discuss, argue and read with. Mostly I enjoy writing - and sharing what I write. And sharing what others write, too, which is what made me become a zine producer. I believe that you get out of fandom what you put in - or I did believe that until this year, when interest in UK seems to have taken a nosedive. Does anyone want to buy zines any more? Oh, I know this is the expensive side of fandom - but zines don't grow on trees. They take time, effort and money to produce. Time and effort I don't mind getting no return on, but the cash is a different matter. The UK response to recent zines has been very disappointing. SCALES OF JUSTICE, due out early this summer bids to be a fantasy S&H classic, with some of the finest artwork ever - I have had SIX orders for it. And about an equal number of inquiries. Sandi is complaining about the lack of submissions to INTERMISSION 2. Isn't it about time some of us stopped squatting on our tails with complacent smiles, thinking that we don't need to do anything? Because, friends, you had better think again. The l/zs have the same names every time. The zines too. How long is it going to be before these people say 'stuff it, I'm tired of carrying fandom' and fold up their tents and take their talents elsewhere? And where does that leave you? Remember the cultural desert I mentioned? Right...

I'm still enjoying S&H. I'm still involved with S&H fandom, both in US and here. I can't see that changing in the near future, as far as I'm concerned. For me, fandom is like making toffee - the process is fun, but the enjoyment really starts when you share it around. I don't have any miracle cure for whatever is ailing fandom. But I do have one suggestion. When a carrot dangled in front of the nose doesn't move the donkey, a charge of dynamite under the tail can work wonders.

[Jacky B]:

Once upon a time all we had, needed, wanted was STARSKY & HUTCH. Our weekly dose of cop on TV and everyone was happy. Did the excitement and enthusiasm really ebb? Or did we just grow to settle gracefully into a happy medium. Sure, I loved the old days when every newsagents' shelf was laden with S&H goodies and there were hundreds of amateur zines being published.[5] Alas, we can't have what isn't here. I can't say that I'm any less happier now than I was back then. The items of importance goes something like this!]

Item 1: Writing and receiving letters from all my good friends.

Item 2: Letterzines.

Item 3: General 'S&H' fandom which includes zines, the TV show, conventions and studying PMG as an actor and/or director in his own right.

To lose the first would be like losing both arms but I guess under threat I could survive without the others. A Con is a bonus where all the above mentioned come together but I wouldn't put it as my own top priority. Nor would I say that the postponement of Dobeycon 6 means the demise of this particular fandom. We are not the Titanic. We are not sinking fast.

Does anyone wonder if it's the fault of other TV and fictional characters that are to blame. Infiltration by these having caused the dilution in 'S&H'. If authors hadn't wandered into these fringes and outlets maybe there'd be more SH fiction about.

[Debra W]:

What I personally want (or would like) from fandom is more of the good things it has brought into my life - and of course, less (much less) of the not so good. The good things include the l-zines, which I'd 1iKe to see continue (in number too?) and get even better; more zines in general; the continuation and growth of the friendships I've made in this fandom, and a few new ones; more chances to contribute to fandom, not just through the l-zines but also, hopefully, through fiction and poetry; and - a chance to get-together with other 'members' of fandom, at least once this year.

Most people will know that US fandom is doing something to celebrate the 10th 'anniversary' of S&H going on air - that being the way of a get-together-convention - 'The Paul Muni Special'. It would be nice to think that we, too, could arrange something 1iKe that on this side of the Atlantic, Even the idea of a one day get-together, short as that would be, appeals to me. Am I the only one? I should say that although I'm bringing this idea up, I couldn't volunteer to organise it...


Finally - I want this fandom of ours to go on, to grow, and to get even better. And I want to see an end to the sadness, the arguments, and the ill-feelings of the last few months.

Let's get back to enjoying this fandom again!!

[Lynn C]:

What I want most from S&H fandom is to continue to discuss and share ideas on the series and its characters, not only in private correspondence but also in a forum like APB. I love to read stories and zines too but find a great deal of them far too expensive for my pocket. It's nice to have attractive zines but all a lot of us want are good stories and a little artwork without all the frills. I don't have a video so I'd love to be able to go to Cons for this reason but then I'm not too good with crowds so I'm not sure about this. I'd 1iKe to see Cons continue though because those who attend seem to enjoy them.

[Freda H]:

What do I want from fandom? What I got from it at the beginning, the love, the sharing, the friendships. I'm hoping we'll all get together again sometime, though it will have to be a really brave person to get up and organise another Con.

[Carol R]:

It was a joy to read all the optimistic letters in APB 33 regarding the future of S&H fandom. The fact that we're all so worried and concerned about the recent problems in fandom proved surely that we all want it to continue and grow stronger during 1985. I was also pleased to read all the letters appealing for an end to all the disagreements and a return to the discussions which used to take place in APB. Personally, I've always found the exchange of views and ideas far more interesting.

[Joan H]:

S&H fandom for me means friendship with others who feel as I do about the show. The opportunity to exchange views and opinions both in personal correspondence and through the letterzines. Acquiring tapes, zines, photos, anything remotely connected with S&H. These are probably the basic things we're all looking for in fandom. Perhaps we ought also to ask ourselves what - if anything - we want to contribute. But that depends very much on the individual. Not everyone has the time, or inclination, to write for the letterzines, or the talent to contribute by way of story-writing or artwork. That doesn't mean they are not interested. Their contribution is in buying and reading the zines. In this connection I was rather pleased to see Elaine Hauptman's recognition of such people in the current issue of the US letterzines BETWEEN FRIENDS. I know, of course, without those who DO participate, there would be no letterzines and we'd always welcome more in the way of discussion of episodes, characters, motivation, there is still so much scope. We HAVE wasted a lot of time and space on unnecessary arguments. I'd like to see an end to that, and a much more liberal attitude on the part of all of us. Terri said in this issue there should be no divisions in fandom,no censorship and no elitism. I agree with that wholeheartedly.

I wish S&H fandom could be as enjoyable and as much fun as it was in the early days. An impossible dream? It shouldn't be.

[Carla S]:

What do I want from fandom? PEACE!! No seriously, my main interest has always been zines, as circulated stories - I live for reading, but I realised early on in Trek fandom that without contributing, nothing appeared. My story writing abilities are limited so I started contributing by letters, zine reviews, offering to help run fan clubs, letterzines etc and by buying, where humanly possible, zines - though obviously not everyone can afford every zine. I have tried my hand at story writing - it may not be great, but no-one laughed at my attempts, so the faint-hearted amongst you - please get out the stories from that desk drawer. You'll quickly find writing is addictive and people are always asking for more. A particular individual may not 1ike your style/topic etc but somebody else always will. So okay, if you're positive you can't plot a one page story, why not write a letter - in its own way discussing an episode or Starsky's background is contributing to fandom. That one thing which you saw could set someone else off on writing fandom's best novel - who knows.

Cons are important - they keep people in touch. What you can get over to someone in years of l/z writing or personal correspondence can be got over in minutes in a face to face discussion - you can suddenly find yourself on a new track altogether. I don't understand why we can't manage one weekend a year - okay not everyone likes the same things, but surely people who want to watch videos can watch while those who want to discuss can discuss etc etc. Fandom is almost like a prison - you can keep in touch with others via letters, but unless there is personal contact stagnation sets in - I have this sneaky suspicion that the more 'creative people' are those who have someone close at hand to bounce ideas off of a partner in crime. While that works for me in Trek fandom and even Professionals, I have no-one close at hand into S&H or B7 fandom and I feel I suffer because of it.

[Lyndy H]:

I whole-heartedly echo your sentiments. We do need to hold on very fast to this fragile fandom and nurture it until it grows strong again. Let's hope all of us will pull together in 1985 and put the legend back where it belongs!

... S&H fandom is not alive and well. It's barely alive and it's certainly not well! There's been an obvious apathy of late and the ensuing 'justifiable' anger over the demise of DobeyCon 6 is not 'over-reacting'. Some of us are also disturbed by the reasons behind the cancellation of the Convention. It would be so easy, and very tempting to name the scandal-mongers in public. However, that kind of behaviour proves nothing!

I wouldn't brush aside too lightly the demise of DobeyCon 6. Last year the Con - this year the forums! Think about it. SHOOTOUT has already announced it will now be published quarterly and APB is now bi-monthly the beginning of the end if we don't pull our fingers out and be more supportive. Perhaps Cons don't appeal to you personally, which, of course, is your prerogative but I'll state emphatically that the DobeyCon weekends inject a new lease of life into S&H fandom - a fervour which lasts until the next set-together. I've seen it happen every year. I agree thoroughly that L/Z's are an important form of communication in fandom but they cannot substitute for face to face discussion and that inexplicable 'high' only attained at a Con.

Believe me, S&H fandom does need what you describe as a 'periodic get-together' and judging by the attitudes in people's letters I think a lot of people agree with me.

[Carol R]: No, conventions are not necessary to the existence of fandom. Letterzines 1ike this one keep people in touch, but get togethers 1iKe Dobeycons are very enjoyable all the same, and will be greatly missed by those who have attended in the past.

[Lyndy H]:

What does one want from S&H fandom? Firstly, I'd 1ike an annual get-together, FULLY supported by all S&H fans. Considering the fact that most people seem to have financial difficulties these days, I'd 1ike to see a committee formed, which could be changed annually, for the purpose of organising a centrally based convention. It wouldn't necessarily have to be left to the same people each year just because they happen to live in the centre of the country. With a little constructive thought it could work.

Secondly, I'd like to see more zines in production. Naturally, if fanzines are to appear with more regularity, the eds must have OUR support. There should be far more contributions from fandom and most important of all there should be more firm assurances the zines will be purchased once produced. It takes a LOT of hard work, time and money to produce a fanzine. So support your eds, and make it possible for them to deliver the goods.

Thirdly, I'd 1iKe to see 'fuller' l/z's with far more interesting discussions than of late.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I'd 1ike us to regain that 'one-big-happy-family' feeling we shared not so long ago. The last time I personally felt that sensation was at Dobeycon 5. What's happened since then? I want our fandom to continue as I'm certain most of you do. Hopefully the friendships created through fandom will remain long after S&H have died and gone to police-heaven, but lets delay the 'passing' as long as possible and learn to share the warmth and love all over again.

What I want MOST from S&H fandom is to simply HAVE it there, so I can put back into it what I've taken out for myself. After all I owe it a great debt of gratitude!

[Carla S]:

I wouldn't disagree that the lack of Cons heralds the end of fandom but surely it is a symptom of problems. If fandom is 'alive and well' as you put it, why has APB dropped to 35 subscribers (including Linda and myself, and that includes 7 which go outside of the UK) and I believe SHOOTOUT is now on a quarterly basis. I don't know if SHOOTOUT has increased in price but APB has stayed the same price for a considerable time (cheaper 'cos you don't have to send postage now as before) yet the numbers are dropping as are the contributions. Also the lack of contributions to zines etc; maybe some fans have gone onto other fandoms and are concentrating there for the moment - I hope it is only a 'spasm' in fandom and not the 'death throes'.

[Carla S]:

Hey, stop putting yourself down, Lyndy. In the annals of UK S&H fandom, Harding will be up there along with Beckett, Hyatt and all the others. To be honest if I hadn't met such interesting people (yourself and Tiger included) at the DobeyCon in Swansea, I wouldn't have got involved in UK S&H fandom at all. It was the fact that people were willing to sit and discuss topics of interest, to help new and aspiring writers/poets/artists with constructive criticism and welcome ideas that brought me into this fandom. But if you think UK S&H fans in Britain are bad,: Professionals fans are a hundred times worse. There has been 1 mini Profs con to the best of' my knowledge, only 3 Prof zines published and the Prof letterzine I put out has only 14 UK subscribers out of about 50 people who subscribe totally. And to cap that all, I've just heard the US fans have invited Lewis Collins to attend a Con in the USA this year - that I can't believe when we can't even do that here!

[Carla S]:

I agree totally with your comments about the 'actor fans' -- that's why I've tried to stress that APB is about the CHARACTERS. To be honest I'm personally not attracted to either DS or PMG; the former is a neurotic who's other acting talents I don't really appreciate, and the latter is a 'big headed star' of the worst kind. As Starsky and Hutch, they had a magic which took - and still takes - my breath away, and that's what I want to discuss, though I'm not averse to throwing in the odd article on either actor for information. But if only the actor is important to a reader of APB then I think they're wasting their money and should join (or start) a fan club type letterzine.

[Lyndy H]:

Why the hell did 'Curly' have to have a brother anyway? He was a worthless son-of-a-bitch. I've hated him since OMM (Beckett and Power - you have a lot to answer for). We never seem to discuss Nick do we? Seems his existence is ignored or put aside by fandom in general. Still - he did appear in the aired series and is therefore a totally credible, if not adorable character. Does anyone out there actually like the guy. I've always disagreed that 'blood is thicker than water' and Starsky was far closer to his partner than he was to his own brother. After all, it's blood that makes brothers - but hearts that make friends. Any opinions ladies?

Issue 35

APB 35 was published in May 1985 and contains 46 pages. It was edited by Carla Salveta and Linda Watt.

front cover of issue #35
poem from issue #35

The front cover is by Sandi Chapman.

From the editorial:

Well I do hope some of you take up the offer of the Con in Swansea - it would be great to meet you all and I'm sure it will prove to be a very special weekend.

This is going to be even later than I predicted as Linda's office has a backlog of photocopying and we are going to have to wait our turn!! Sorry.

  • Editorial (1)
  • Your Letters (3)
  • The Man That I Am, poem by Lyndy Harding (centerfold)
  • Ad Lib (41)
  • Zine Review by Terri Beckett, see Bird of Paradise (42)
  • Exchange and Mart (44)
  • Come to Me, poem by Debra Warner (back cover)

Issue 35: Sample Fan Comments

[Paddie B]:

One of the major themes this time seemed to be the lack of buyers for 'zines. I'd love to buy some, if there were any to buy, but they have to be S/H or S&H, so wonderfully written as to be unmissable: this is because having read S/H, I find S&H somehow unfinished. I'm not asking for orgies in all stories or page upon page of sexual gymnastics, but at least an implicit S/H relationship (Mixed Metaphors was ruined for me because Kirk & Spock had separate bedrooms!). I have found the same thing with Star Trek. When I first found out about fanzines, I wallowed in them, buying everything available and had a marvellous time, but having discovered K/S, I lost most of my enjoyment in 'straight' stories so I sold or gave away most of them and now only buy K/S or S/H - when they can be found, particularly the latter.

Another major theme seemed to be the lack of correspondents - a possible explanation - its true in my case and may be so for others is that I only have thoughts about TOTM when I read other people's, so I'm always one topic behind!

I'd like, while I'm writing to endorse the comment about the friendliness and helpfulness of the S&H fan world. I've met with nothing else in all of my contacts, and when I've asked for help it has always been forthcoming - All I need now is lots and lots of S/H zines.

A further theme was lack of authors - I'd love to write S/H stories, but my knowledge of the inner working of the LAPD and US culture in general is fairly minimal. Does anyone know good sources of information, any books giving such background, or is that crying for the moon?

[Terri B]: I second the idea for our own 10th anniversary celebrations. We could call it The Second Annual Casa Cabrillo Cockroach Derby Con, thereby winning the award for the longest and most ridiculous Con title in fandom. I'll attend. (That's one for the registration.) How many others? And no, we don't need a 'new' S&h. The old ones will do just fine!

[Terri B]:

Being a romantic soul myself, I'd rather believe that the physical love affair [between Starsky & Hutch] grew out of the passionate friendship over the years, rather than vice versa. The latter premise implies that both men were gay to begin with, and got smitten by the wrapping, so to speak, before seeing what was in the package. I've read some excellent fiction around that premise, but it doesn't fit my own universe.

[Jacky B]:

Nice thought but we don't celebrate our 10th anniversary here until 1986. April 23rd, 1976 being the day 'S&H' arrived. And to think I was not overjoyed when my husband switched on the TV to yet another corny, American cop-show. How wrong can a person get!!

[Jacky B]:

In the end sequence of STARSKY'S BROTHER it is implied Nick has learnt his lesson and sent home with a verbal cuff round the ear. But I've often wondered why, it Nick was such a bad case, his big brother didn't keep tabs on him or keep him under his wing a while longer. Does this mean DMS detective first class is not perfect! Has fandom tarnished the Nick Starsky image? Look what Shakespeare did for Richard III or Paul Scott to the people of India in 'Jewel in the Crown', or the American cinema in the late 50's and early 60's to the Apache race. Fandom is doing the same to Nick Starsky.

No, I'm not going to polish up my Nick-is-innocent badge. He has to be a bad 'un, it makes for a better storyline.

[Freda H]:

I know, I know...a zine editor's life is a hard one. Here's looking forward to Intermission 2. Can we expect a number 3?

I understand the idea of running another con doesn't exactly fill you with delight.. .sorry about that. It's just that so many good things came of that weekend, things that we didn't really expect to happen that it might have been nice to see if they would occur again. Promise I won't spring any more shocks like that again on you.

[Lyndy H]:

It IS a great pity that 'get togethers' in the name of S&H are so few and far between these days. Still - who knows, perhaps some suckers will pick up the gauntlet and organise another Dobeycon.


... when Jan mentioned a less important Con taking place 'on the same weekend,' she was referring the David Soul (Solar Energy) Fan Club meeting which took place at the hotel in Maidstone previously used for DobeyCon 5. The meeting occurred prior to the dates chosen for DobeyCon 6 but even so, the event was close enough to the DobeyCon weekend to affect its attendance. Due to financial hardships one has to make a choice when presented with the possibility of attending two 'get togethers'. The people whose loyalties lie with David Soul and not S&H fandom exercised their prerogatives and chose to attend Soul's fan club meeting at Maidstone. Whereas their presence may not have been an added bonus at DobeyCon 6 their absence, or withdrawal of applications to attend greatly affected the number of attendees, thus rendering the whole exercise pointless - the rest you probably know.

It's great pity, and extremely worrying that you, and others 1ike you, have serious doubts about attending any future Cons, because of all the bitchiness and mud slinging of late! PLEASE bear in mind that anything you may have heard was ONLY a rumour - and nothing more. Thank God, the people responsible have stopped wagging their malicious tongues and it appears they have moved away from S&H fandom. Their names have not appeared in forums for quite some time so hopefully we've seen the last of them. Don't be deterred from attending the next DCon, if and when it occurs. I'm sure you'll be most welcome there and find you were mislead in thinking you'd meet with hostility. You'll be glad you made the effort to attend.

[Lyndy H]:

Friendships are important but since S&H gave me most of my important friendships. S&H fandom is also, mightily important to me. Admittedly, I'd 1ike to believe my friendships will continue to thrive long after S&H fandom is history, but while it is still alive I'll strive to keep it breathing! Perhaps I'm greedy but I want it ALL.

[Lyndy H]: You raised an interesting point concerning writers and alternative characters [in other shows]. To write with any amount of credibility I believe one has to believe in ones characters - care about them. Once that feeling has gone it's time to move onto pastures new. I think that's what happened to quite a few fanfic writers, the characters suddenly ceased to hold any interest for them so they turned to a different outlet. However, we still have much talent in this fandom which I hope will be developed.

[Lyndy H]:

Had to giggle over your comments on DS and PMG - brave lady - and one after my own heart! Let's hope we have gotten rid of the 'groupie' element in S&H fandom and we can completely repair the damage they've done.

[Carla S]:

To be honest, unless one lives close by, a day get-together is too expensive. I even find Dobeycons a little expensive because they really only run from Friday night to Sunday lunchtime, and I've found the only way to make them worthwhile is to make it part of a longer holiday, by going on to stay with friends or shopping in London. That's the biggest problem with such a small fandom - with Trek it's much easier as there are around 50 fans locally and get-togethers are not a problem.

[Carla S]:

Nick and Vanessa - the two most universally 'hated' of fanzine characters. We did at least see them on TV which did allow us a chance to make our own judgements.

[Sandi C]:

You asked for feedback on cable TV. When we moved here last August the prospect of a wider choice of viewing seemed appealing, being one of those who longed for the scope of US TV. But, believe me, those days are gone. In Swindon we have 10 channels now: 2 BBC, 2 ITV, Channel 4, Sports, Music Box, Films, Sky Channel <Satellite), and Childrens/Local. Parts of Swindon also get TVS and TV5 (a French station). Sport is fine if you 1ike the kind of manic mayhem that passes for wrestling in the US. The children's programmes run in cycles of three hours - ever tried watching the same cartoon 3 or 4 times in one day? Music Box equates to Radio One on a bad day, with a team of VJ's that have a total IQ of 10, and the only redeeming feature of Sky is the chance to see two episodes of S&H each weeK - although one of those always clashes with the BBC episode. Other Sky 'gems' are 'Mr Ed', 'Green Acres' and 'The Lucy Show'. We are talking geriatrics anonymous here, folks. And imagine the fun when there are three shows you want to see at the same time. Or four... Or...

Get the message?

[Sandi C]:

They say all good things must come to an end, but looking back won't give us the good old days again, as you say. Friendship is the most important aspect of fandom - always has been ~ because without that we may as well all give up and go home right now. But I must disagree with you over the state of fandom in general. As Lyndy pointed out, it certainly isn't well. We may not have hit the iceberg yet, but some of us can see it on the far horizon .

[Sandi C]:

Yes I do think Vanessa's character is a figment of fandom more than the aired series. Well, let's face it, KH is far from being a saint. How many times has he gone out of his way to put Starsky down - and how many of us have said that we don't know why DMS puts up with him? So how come all the s**t gets dumped on Vanessa? He has to take a fair share of the blame for the break-up of their marriage. For one thing, he must have known in advance that she didn't take kindly to the idea of him becoming a cop. Either that, or he went ahead and enrolled without telling her -- and that, my friends, is typical Hutchinson sneaky.

[Linda W]:

Good luck with BULLET, I hope it gets off the ground. I hope to be there with Carla as it will be a good excuse to see my penpal who lives in Swansea but I only get to meet up with her these days at Trek Cons. I also look forward to meeting up with everyone I hear so much about from Carla. Who knows what my office will think though - the Leonard Nimoy Con is just a few weeks later and I usually go to that.

[Linda W]:

Do you not find it a bit boring reading only zines? I must admit to enjoying a good K/S zine but recently I've been finding a 'sameness' about the plots that has had me reverting to reading old K/S, hurt/comfort and genzines between stories (not between zines!). I often wonder if it is just the stage these stories are going through or is it me after having read some excellent K/S in the past.

[Lynn C]:

Yes, I'm sure there IS something in your comment that maybe the infiltration of other TV and fictional characters into S&H fandom has 'diluted' it some what. I'm as involved and intrigued with the series and its characters as much as I ever was at the very beginning, if not more so. The sad fact is so many people can "go off' things so easily and pass on to something new. Part of being human I guess but such a pity.

[Lynn C]: I'm afraid you misunderstood me. What I meant by 'frills' not being needed in zines doesn't mean I don't mind them being full of typos and mistakes that obviously wouldn't have been there had they been properly proofread, this annoys me too. It's just that I feel there's been a trend recently for people to use higher grade paper, printing techniques and fancy bindings. All this makes for very attractive zines and of course people want to see their work nicely presented so as to do it justice. Printing is expensive, I know that and of course this puts the price up too. What I was trying to say was, as long as I had GOOD S&H and especially S/H to read I wouldn't mind it being in a less attractive state (even loose leaf!) if it meant I could afford it.

[Lynn C]:

Yes it definitely makes sense to me. There is a difference between a) S&H being gay and therefore sexually attractive to each other and b) their physical relationship developing as an extension and deepening of their already close friendship. I'm always saying this and trying to explain the subtle difference to non-believers of the S/H premise. Their relationship is so special and not merely a gay one.

[Lynn C]:

Remembering what I saw of Nick in STARSKY'S BROTHER I don't remember him being as bad as fanfic has portrayed him. Trouble is I remember him from OMM much clearer than I do from the episode and I guess that's why I tend to see him as a 'bad guy'. I've tried to think of other fanfic he's been involved in and can only come up with Forever Autumn and a story from the zine Trace Elements.

[Joan H]:

Right again, about zines and l'zines being dependent on the same people every time. I gather this is even affecting the sales o-f zines now, and that's something I find hard to understand. A lot of us, myself included, don't have the necessary talent to contribute in the way of stories or artwork, but surely we all want to read and see the work of those who have. I'd have thought any S&H zine would be welcomed with open arms by everybody in this fandom. We can hardly blame zine producers for crying 'enough', if they can't even be certain of covering their cash outlay. Not to mention wondering why they bothered in the first place, since the time and effort involved is really more important in terms of personal satisfaction, than the money aspect.

[Joan H]:

We all loved the old days, when the show was still current and it was exciting waiting for next week's episode to discover what new delights were in store. Things are a little different now, but we should be secure enough - or mature enough, if you like - to accept that, after five or so years, some change is inevitable. That's not to say the interest and commitment should be any less, and it's in those areas we should be asking ourselves questions. Your point above infiltration of other TV characters is interesting and may have some validity. People do move on, get involved in other shows and characters. Where writers are concerned, a conflict of interests of that kind, must have an effect on output.

Perhaps I erred on the side of optimism regarding the current state of fandom. Nevertheless, I think we need to take account of the fact that it's six years since the show was cancelled and it would be unrealistic to expect the same degree of enthusiasm, from the same number of people, now. I believe S&H fans are as loyal and committed as any, but to use Jacky's phrase, perhaps we have 'settled gracefully' for what is still available to us. I hope I'm not complacent, and of course the Cons are important, so long as people are willing to attend. In the case of D/Con 6 they weren't, for whatever reasons, which caused me to have the doubts I expressed as to whether the majority really wanted them. I agree that, after the cancellation, there were letters supporting the view that Cons are needed, but that only makes it more surprising that D/Con 6 was forced to cancel.

[Joan H]:

Fanfic has considerably expanded Nick's capacity for villainy, in plausible ways, but maybe there's a case for thinking he learned some kind of lesson from his visit to LA. A story giving him the benefit of the doubt might have interesting possibilities, but the 'bad guy' theory is certainly favourite.

[Terri B]:

Gloria, I'm sure you're glad to get the monster off your back. I know BOP been a long time a-coming, but just think how virtuous you've made us all feel, when our zines are only six months or a year behind schedule...

[Freda H]:

Well, BOP certainly was worth waiting for. As one of those privileged to see it before it goes into print, I can say that it brings out every sort of emotion, and that Allyn and Derek will become very popular. They'll all be asking for further tales, you know.

Hope that you 1ike the rest of the illos. I've been living with most of them for so long that I'm beginning to wonder if I could have done them better...but if you're happy then that's the main thing.

[Carla S]:

Really looking forward to BoP - I'm sure it will have been well worth the wait.

[Carla S]:

I can't understand the lack of zine buyers. Have they all left fandom or has something else happened? I'll buy ALMOST any S&H zines I can lay my hands on, yet a few years ago if you didn't get your order in quickly enough you missed out on the zine altogether. Nor do there seem to be THAT many ads for people selling zines.

Issue 36

APB 36 was published in July 1985 and contains 42 pages. It was edited by Carla Salveta and Linda Watt.

front cover of issue #36

The front cover is by Sandi Chapman. The back cover is a flyer for The Thousandth Man.

One of the editors notes in this issue that "APB" is "the oldest l/z still in circulation."

From the editorial by Linda:

Hi. I am writing an editorial/letter this time as 1 have a lot to say but can't decided what should go in the letter and what should go in the editorial.

I ask/plead with you all to bear with Carla and I. At the moment I am trying out a new word processing package on the typing up of APB and at times, I would add, it has driven me up the wall. Carla has had no option but to go along with me on this matter - sorry Carla. I have just updated the word processing package we used to use and as this one is a lot more powerful and uses different commands, at times I get confused. To further complicate matters I bought myself a printer and with sane luck this is what should be used for running off the master copies in future. It has been a case of going back to square one, like when we started doing APB on our computers. So please bear with us if we make a few layout blunders this time.

Another little apology I must make just now is for any typos that slip by. I am trying to do two things at once - type ABP and watch Live Aid. After all those LZ/RP/JP discussions a while ago, I know a lot of APB readers like me will probably be up to the small hours watching this fantastic concert

You will see in Lyndy's letter that she asks if APB can go back on a four weekly basis. Lyndy, I wish I could oblige but I found that when APB was put out four weekly I had to abandon nearly all of my personal life. During the autumn/winter/spring I only have Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays free and in that time I have to look after my flat (ie cleaning and redecorating), do the shopping, washing etc; keep in touch with relations and penpals; deal with Star Trek Welcommittee matters (which I have just taken over from Carla); perhaps, in the future, act as British Agent for a ST merchandise catalogue (I'm still waiting to hear about this); and, of course, type up APB and MIXED DOUBLES for Carla.

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  • Lyric Page: You're My Home (38)
  • Exchange and Mart (39)

Issue 36: Sample Fan Comments

[Debra W]: I've learnt much of what I know [about policing procedures and vocabulary] from reading fan-fiction, and of course from watching video tapes of S&H over and over.

[Terri B]: I have enough fantasies of my own, thank you, without you encouraging me. Seriously - take S&H away from their time and place - Los Angeles, USA, in 1970-1980 - and you lose much of what makes them unique S&H. You can write about two other guys, and their relationship, but the essential S&H belong where Blinn and Spelling-Goldberg set them. Having pointed that out, before anyone calls me a party-pooper, I'd say 'go ahead and write! Fantasy can be fun.

[Linda]: Suzi, good luck with The Thousandth Man. I look forward to seeing it - if the artwork is anything like the photographs of your personal artwork for Decorated for Death it will be fantastic.

[Ann C]: Would Starsk have become as nauseating as Nick if he had stayed? No, I didn't really think so because you have answered your own question, he has more sensitivity, inborn honesty and integrity than his brother has or ever will have and I don't think Nick the Skink could or would have bettered himself given the chance, he's a guy looking for a get rich quick scheme and he doesn't care who he treads on to get there. [...] I take issue with you that Vanessa (spit) and Nick (spit) (Sorry about the mess...) are the 2 most universally 'hated' of characters. What about dear Kira who must have come closest to breaking the two of them up. If ever a young lady was asking for a sock in the mouth, it's got to be her...

[Lynn C]: A lot has been said recently about 4th season and the problems S&H appear to be having. I haven't seen quite all the episodes in question and some are vague in my memory. Just lately though I've been listening to several audio tapes of 4th season and trying to unravel the puzzle. It's becoming increasingly clear to me that their relationship is changing in ways they just can't comprehend. It's an old saying but very true - 'you always hurt the one you love' - and this is what they seen to be doing. It's difficult to pin down the actual time slot when they become lovers as it all depends on which is the right order for TARGETS 1&2 and SvH to be shown but I feel its around that time. We don't get to see a lot of them before the shooting in S'REV but they certainly seem a lot closer and a lot more like their 'old selves' at the beginning of the episode. Having said all this I now fully expect to come across an episode that shoots my theory all to hell but at least I've enjoyed thinking about it.

[Lynn C]: I know what you mean about preferring to read S/H rather than S&H. Although I can enjoy a straight S&H story very much, I too often feel it lacks something. I also find though that usually my imagination helps out here and often 'sees' more than is on the printed page. To me S/H stories never seem repetitive or boring, there's always something new or different in each one.

[Joan H]: You're missing a lot of good fanfic if you read only S/H. Sane of the very best stories have been 'straight'. I've always found the S/H theme much too narrow for my taste, though I'll read it anyway. Still, to each his - or her - own— I wish you luck with your writing, maybe you could get help with research and info from US fans.

[Joan H]: Enjoyed your BIRD OF PARADISE preview, even if I am dismayed that S&H are not the main characters. If they had been, 325pp would have been fine, as it is, I'm not so sure. I'm not into the rock scene at all, so will probably have difficulty.

[Freda H]: The preview [of Bird of Paradise] was very fair, I thought. Here's hoping we'll get to see the finished thing this year. If Allyn would stop suggesting further illos that he'd like of himself, we'd have had it months ago, I'm sure. Still, he's a joy to draw.

[Lyndy H]: Feel free to share my thoughts any ole' time, Freda - and no-one's wondering why you write to APB, we'd damn well wonder if you didn't! After all you've contributed to S&H fandom, your name should be a fixture - besides which we like you! Long may the pen and brush of Hyatt reign even if I still haven't forgiven you for wiping out my entire mind with your 'Four Seasons' portrait.

[Dale E]:

This is my first time, in writing about the newsletter. I received my first APB last week, and really enjoyed it. I am new to S&H fandom, so everything is new to me. I've been into Trek fandom for over five years now and it was through Trek that I discovered S&H fandom. Last night I sat and watched TARGETS and SWEET REVENGE, and loved it. I love my own copies of them now, so I have II episodes in all. I have the chemistry between the two of them, and I too can see the possibilities in an intimate relationship developing, over the period of the four seasons. One of my favourite episodes is COFFIN FOR STARSKY which is a beautiful hurt/comfort relationship for me.

I plan to go down to the convention in Swansea, it will be my first S&H convention and I'm eager to meet other fans. I haven't really read any S/H yet, only 'Forever Autumn', which I did enjoy, but would like to read more.

[Linda]: I hope you are feeling better and keeping cheerful - don't let the lack of response to all your hard work in getting Bullet off the ground get you down in the dumps. I have heard that you are hoping to use a hotel in the Cower area. [Ann P]has taken me there the couple of times I've been to Swansea and it is lovely - reminds me very much of Jersey, round the St Aubins and Corbiere areas, I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get a better response than you have had so far to the Con as I am looking forward to meet:mg as many S&H fans who read/contribute to APB as possible. I have found Trek Cons great to get to know people that I wouldn't have known if I hadn't gone to them (that is the way I net Carla), nor would I have been so active in fandom, and people who don't go to these surely must be missing something very important in fandom that letterzines cannot hope to cover.

[Carla]: I'm hoping against hope that Bullet Con can be saved - give us another chance, Lyndy, I'll do anything to help that I can, premise!!

[Joan H]: Maybe the question of whether or not you consider fandom 'healthy' depends to some extent on what you want from it. If, like me (and Jacky, and some others) you're happy with the regular letterzines, your correspondents, occasional larger zines (more of those would be welcome), things don't seam so bad. If you hanker for more activities, meetings, cons, you may have cause to worry. I still don't think, realistically, you can expect the same kind of all-out enthusiasm and drive in those areas, that existed when fandom itself was new. The pattern now is less fervent, probably much less exciting, the group itself may be smaller, but presumably loyalty and love for the show is still the same.

[Lyndy H]:

Before I reply to letters I'd just like to thank Carla and Linda publicly for their much appreciated support of BULLET. The ladies took it upon themselves to greatly advertise the proposed venture at their own time and expense. That's what I call friendship. Tiger and I would like to express our gratitude to them and our other friends who've been 'plugging' BULLET during the past few months.

Which brings me to fandom, in general. Where are you all? Many of you expressed great disappointment over the demise of D6 so we're doing this for you! Where's your support? partner and I really want to make this work. Fandom needs it, we need it. C'mon girls, let's put an end to past misunderstandings and make a fresh start - we owe it to ourselves. We assure you that NO-ONE will be made to feel uncomfortable because their opinions differ from others. On the contrary, we welcome the chance to sit down and talk, get to know you, help you to get to know us. You're all welcome. BULLET is not an exclusive or private party. We would never attempt to divide fandom in such a harmful way - there'll be no secretive or private invitations. Each and everyone of you will be shown the same hospitality.

It appears there is a David Soul 'Convention' taking place in August which will attract a great number of fans. Many of the attendees also contribute to S&H fandom. Am I really to believe they're not interested in supporting a S&H Con? I'm fully aware 'times are hard' financially but BULLET will not be taking place until almost 3 months after the DS Con and we intend to keep costs minimal. So prove your loyalty to S&H fandom, join us in October and together we'll re-establish the warmth and love of times gone by.


I believe the reasons behind the demise of D6 are best forgotten. There will always be speculation as to why so many people cancelled their registrations. Some are aware of the reasons, others are not. Whatever, for the sake of civility within this forum certain things are best left unsaid. Yes, it would appear that many fans would like a convention to attend. I certainly hope that many will support the forthcoming venture. BUT, I agree with you - there is loyalty in S&H fandom but I think, now, we have to agree there is also an unfortunate division -- I certainly don't wish to cause any unpleasantness. Lord knows there's enough in the past but I wish someone could explain to me, adequately, why a David Soul convention attracts a far greater crowd than a S&H convention.

The unfortunate division I speak of also appears within the forums themselves. I cannot speak for the ladies who merely subscribe to the L/Z's and do not participate as their views are not expressed publicly. However, there is a marked difference between 'APB' and 'Shootout' though I would stress here any dissimilarities are through no fault of the producers of each publication. The majority of letters printed in APB contain discussions about the S&H shew, episodes and characters etc, but the majority of letters in 'Shootout' contain references to David Soul and occasionally Paul Michael. This is fact. The proof lies within the forums. If, as they continually insist, the ladies who subscribe to 'Shootout' are also fans of S&H why don't they subscribe to 'APB' and discuss the S&H phenomena. Can anyone put me wise on that one?

I seam to have reached an unpleasant conclusion. It does appear that a large number of 'fans' now prefer to discuss DS or PMG rather than KH or DMS and attend DS conventions rather than support an important S&H convention - we are celebrating a decade of fandom! It's such a pity this has been allowed to happen. I have tried to change the situation and smooth things over. I cannot stress more that all fans of S&H will be made welcome at BULLET and I have assured you there will be no discrimination. I would very much like 'Soul Mate' members to attend. I'd like us all to get to know each other a little better. Perhaps, then, we'll realise we have a lot in common. As I have already said I am aware there is a DS Con in August and I fully realise that sore of us have to keep a rein on our finances. However 'supporting membership' is inexpensive and enables those, who cannot attend through genuine reasons, to support their fandom and friends at the convention. I know ray words have been harsh in the past but they were necessary. I have been and still am desperately concerned about S&H fandom. I still maintain it's on a precipice and I don't want it to fall over the edge. I know I'm not alone in my concern/attitude as many have agreed with my past comments. I have much written proof of this. Still - whatever's gone down in the past, I realise new that 'battling' it out in the L/Z's will not resolve the situation. That's why I've tried, sincerely, to extend the hand of friendship - unfortunately it seems to no avail. I have written twice to Miss Allison Soul Mates organiser) but she has chosen to ignore my correspondence. Am I to assume she acts on behalf of all Soul Matemembers. My letter to Miss Allison extended invitations to her and any 'Soul Mate' member to attend our proposed convention BULLET in October this year.

Ah well - at least now I'm satisfied in my own mind I've been right all along. Personally I'm not at all bitter but I'm saddened to think that S&H fandom, something I've supported whole-heartedly since the very beginning may have suffered irreparable damage! I hate to say I told you so, but I did - many months ago!

[Debra W]:

Can I just comment on what you said [in a previous issue]? The meeting that took place last September which you referred to was neither a Soular Energy convention nor a DS fan club meeting. It was in fact a weekend get-together for members of Soul Mates, which is not, repeat NOT a fan club. Knowing the lady who organised the weekend, I know she did not choose the dates for it to clash with DCon 6 - and, being a whole month before the date DCon 6 should have taken place, I don't really see that it did! I personally changed my plans so I could attend DCon 6, as I'd originally planned to attend the weekend. Please, don't lay the blame for what happened with DCon 6 on those who did attend the SM weekend; as I've said elsewhere, most of the people involved with Soul Mates are not involved with S&H fandom as such, and would not have attended DCon 6 if it had taken place....

I was pleased to find out that there will be another S&H get-together in this country this year. After last year, I do hope that it will be a success in bringing people together. I don't know whether or not I'll be there myself at the moment, but I just hope that 'Bullet' will get the kind of support it deserves.

[Freda H]: I'm pondering how I'm going to be able to get to Swansea should the Bullet Con cone off. From what Lyndy says, there don't seems to have been too many people that have been interested. I hope that we aren't going to go the way that we went last year, with rival factions bringing about the demise of Dobeycon 6. My problems this year are monetary. This starving artist is desperate to be there if it happens, but can't really see herself having the spare cash to do it. So I'm planning on selling some artwork. Anyone interested? It includes the cover of 3/11 and APB 23. I'll send photocopies to anyone who might be interested. I also have sane zines for sale which I'll put in the Ad Lib pages. Will anyone help?!

Issue 37

APB 37 was published in October 1985 and contains 40 pages. It was edited by Carla Salveta and Linda Watt.

front cover of issue #37

The cover is by Lyndy Harding.

From the editorial by Lioda:

Well this issue looks like it could turn into a bumper issue. I just about collapsed when Carla presented me with this really thick file For typing - she must have decided that I got off too lightly with MIXED DOUBLES which had hardly any letters.

Hope you like the typeface on his issue - Carla gave me the daisywheel for my birthday. Just wish now I had my printer to go with it. It packed in a couple of weeks ago and I am still waiting for it to come back from Commodore. This issue is being run off on Carla's new printer.


I am sorry Bullet Con was cancelled as I was using the Con as an excuse to visit one of my friends in Swansea. However I hope I will see most of you who were going to Swansea at the get together in London, and perhaps some who could not make Swansea. This time I am keeping my promise to Carla of going to the next S&H get together - so please look kindly on a 'gate crashing' Trek fan!

  • A Cat for All Seasons, poem by Lyndy Harding (front cover)
  • Editorial (1)
  • Your Letters (4)
  • Lyric Page: Brothers in Arms (30)
  • Ad Lib (31)
  • Treat for Trick, fiction by W.D. Bryce (36)
  • Exchange and Mart (38)

Issue 37: Sample Fan Comments

[Lyndy H]:

Most of you should know by now that 'Bullet' has been cancelled. Seems many people wish to adhere to Soulmates and DS fandom - which is, of course, their prerogative. I only wish these people had been serious when they claimed in past forums that they were most definitely fans of S&H - it would have saved my partner and I a lot of running around. Well, at least I now have answers to many of my past questions.

I would like to thank those of you who offered you whole-hearted support, those who registered and those who inquired about supporting membership - perhaps some other time, huh?

[Debra W]:

I do feel sad that 'Bullet' is not going to take place now, and I do understand your feelings of frustration. Although I can only speak for myself about the feelings I have, and the general feeling in fandom, about this, I'm sure a lot of folk will share your disappointment, and also your sadness. I don't agree though that the people who were prepared to attend are the only ones able to 'prove their loyalty to fandom'!... I hope you will be in a better position to understand 'why a DS convention attracts a far greater crowd than an S&H convention' after reading the letter I hope to send to you before this is printed - a private letter, in answer to your recent one to me.

I have a question for you in answer to your own question about l-zines: your question being that if those who subscribe to SHOOTOUT are genuine S&H fans, why don't they also subscribe to APB. I do think, if you look, you will find that some of us who are involved with SO also contribute to APB - myself included. I also think that you will find S&H discussed in SO! My question, however, is this: why aren't you asking those people who subscribe only to APB why they don't buy SHOOTOUT? Surely, it works both ways! Perhaps the answer is that people will only go where they feel welcome or that they have something relevant to say...

As for receiving no reply from Jackie Allison re your invitation to attend 'Bullet'...oh come on, Lyndy! You are rather more short-sighted than I thought if you really believe that one person can speak for an entire group of several hundred in this kind of situation! Would you want anyone not involved in fandom to assume that you alone speak for all those involved with it? I think not. Perhaps you weren't told that 'Bullet' was advertised in the Soul Mates newsletter and anyone interested in attending was asked to get in touch with Stephanie, as you requested in the flyer sent out with APB also.

[Carol R]: I was sorry to hear from you that there has been a poor response to 'Bullet'. I will be attending the Soul Mates weekend but had hoped to support 'Bullet' too. I don't think they're near enough together really for them to conflict.

[Freda H]: What a shame Bullet fell through. What can I say that I haven't already to you in private? I know that I would have found it difficult myself to have got there but I would have had a serious try. All I hope is that you realise that there are still some of us that support you, even if we are outnumbered by those who seemingly don't give a damn.

[Joan H]: I wonder why the two groups of fans you mention - ie those who discuss S&H and those who discuss the actors, have to be mutually exclusive? It seems to me both groups have enough in common for this not to be so. I agree if there is an actual 'split' in fandom in this connection, it's a pity. We were not that large a group in the first place. However, I believe there has always been a section of S&H fandom comprising devoted DS fans, and undoubtedly, for them, DS more important than the show, or the character of Hutch. It may be that some of these fans have now broken away from S&H fandom. This seems to be borne out by what Debra says in her letter regarding attendance at Cons - that most Soul Mates members are not involved any more with S&H fandom, and would not attend a S&H Con.

[Lyndy H]: I certainly don't wish to be offensive when I refer to 'Soulmates' as a fan club. Surely it's an obvious conclusion to reach when a group of people form a society/club/organisation to celebrate one particular person. I would certainly refer to such a group as fandom! Aren't we part of a group who celebrate S&H and don't we refer to ourselves as fans and part of fandom?!

[Lyndy H]: Really enjoyed talking to you recently, Freda. Good luck with your art auction, tho' you shouldn't really need it. Anyone who wouldn't be proud to own a HYATT ORIGINAL must be nuts! By the way - was Allyn at 'The Royal Welsh Show' recently? Could've sworn I saw him lurking behind a straw panama and dark shades!

[Lyndy H]: I was bitterly disappointed that APB did not appear in the listings for the Encore Awards (Paul Muni Special) and I'd certainly like to know why! APB is the original, first British L/Z - and it's still thriving after all this time. Surely it warranted selection for the Encore Awards? Someone definitely slipped up there!!

[Terri B]: I worry. I enjoy meeting and talking with other fans - I can never say enough in letters. And letters can so easily be misconstrued. Face-to-face conversation is much harder to take amiss. Of course people have drifted away from S&H - tastes change, grow, differ - but new folk are also coming in to the fandom. I think it's unfair to deny them the enjoyment we've had in previous Cons, just because we might not feel they're necessary...

[Freda H]: I hope you DO get Bird of Paradise when its finally published. I agree, Starsky and Hutch are not as large in this story as they are in many others, but the story does work, provided you work with it. I agree that Derek Quinn and Allyn Sterling are treated as much as S&H and that that is not usually the norm in fan fic, but their story is one of great power, and worth exploring. I must admit I'm a rock fan, have been for more years than I care to remember (or admit to), so I may be biased in a small way, but I have to say that this zine explores a lifestyle that most of us can only dimly imagine, great wealth, the thrusting into the limelight of men who could never have dreampt that they would one day be as famous or as powerful as they find themselves. It's a fascinating insight into the lives of such men, and as such deserves the reading.

[Terri B]: I can't agree that all S/H stories are new and different - rather the reverse, because some writers can't get out of the romantic rut to explore the really interesting situations that arise from the relationship. How many times can one write a love-scene without repeating oneself? I'll tell you - damn few. I've tried. Whereas, if we start to widen the horizons, see inter-relating people, concepts, events - then we have the core of a story that isn't in any way boring. I've said before that S/H without plot is like a sandwich without bread - and however much you like the filling, it tends to cloy. The soi-disant, 'straight' S&H stories don't clog the palate, which is why I like plenty of them in my diet, too.

[Paddie B]: I don't read only '/', I read almost anything, but I rarely buy straight zines, unless they're so good that I'm going to re-read them. H/C comes into this category often, after all, one can always add a bit!

[Lyndy H]: How does a tall, tanned, golden-headed 'Viking' [named Hutch] grab you (after he's grabbed me, of course!)? Oh god - pillage my village!

Issue 38

APB 38 was published in February 1986 and contains 40 pages. It was edited by Carla Salveta and Linda Watt.

front cover of issue #38
back cover of issue #38

The art is by Freda Hyatt, Sandi Chapman, and Lyndy Harding.

From the editorial by Carla:

This editorial is very difficult to write as due to a number of circumstances, this is the last issue of APB.

Before explaining the reasons why, I'd like to thank all of you who are still buying APB and more especially those who have been with me since I took over production in October 1983.

I'd like to say a special thank you to four people who encouraged me to take on the task and whose help throughout the time I edited APB made the task worthwhile - to Lyndy Harding, Terri Beckett, Freda Hyatt and Sandi Chapman - without you I'd have missed two years of fun.

The reasons for my giving up APB are mainly lack of time. I have been having problems over several months hence many late issues - and have given up a number of other responsibilities in the hope that I could keep it going. At the beginning of December, however, I was moved again at work and this meant my own time was cut even more. I had to decide between giving up APB and MIXED DOUBLES and decided eventually on APB for a number of reasons, firstly, there is a new S&H l/zine in the USA - Who Do We Trust Times and also Shootout in Britain, where there is no comparable Professionals and SH l/zine; and secondly, the number of people subscribing to APB was continuing to fall to such an extent that it was not becoming viable to produce.

I'd like to see S&H fandom continue in Britain and if anyone else wants to take on APB they should contact me and I'll contact Jan Daniels, who holds the copyright.

In the meantime, people may wish to subscribe to Who Do You Trust Times or Shootout or alternatively MIXED DOUBLES. MD is a Professionals AND S&H l/zine and the lack of S&H in recent issues has been due to the lack of correspondence from people and the fact that APB existed. I intend to put any articles etc about S&H into MD and would enjoy reading more S&H dominated letters - the two fandoms do not necessarily need to be compared or even discussed together after all.


My thanks again to everyone who made ARB such an enjoyable part of my life.

From the editorial by Linda:

Like Carla, this issue of APB has been very difficult and sad to type. I have enjoyed the past two years. I would like to thank all those who gave me their support and encouragement in a fandom I was not interested in before, and for putting up with my odd comments on my favourite fandom - STAR TREK. I also enjoyed meeting some of you at 'Ten Years On' (sorry you couldn't make it Lyndy as I would love to have met you - maybe one day) and hope that perhaps one day I will see you all again.


All the best to you all and hope that perhaps I might still be typing your letter in MIXED DOUBLES.

  • Editorial (1)
  • Your Letters (4)
  • Ten Years On by Debra Warner (32)
  • Ad Lib, article reprinted from an unknown issue of "Women's Own" called "LIE BACK and think of the box office" by Rena Leblanc (33)
  • Zine Reviews by Terri Beckett (35)
  • Exchange and Mart (38)

Issue 38: Sample Fan Comments

[Jatona P. W]:

Hello! I am Jatona... (I just had a birthday on [snipped] Black; a very very new into S&H and S/H fandom. In fact, for those of you who read BETWEEN FRIENDS, the American S&H letterzine, I have made my writing debut in issue #12. Believe me, I had a lot of fun doing it, and I would appreciate comments from those of you who subscribe, and from those of you who have friends that do. The only names I recognize from BETWEEN FRIENDS are Terri Beckett, Debra Warner, and Lyndy Harding; therefore, it is a great pleasure, and a lot of fun, to meet those of you I do not know, and I will probably be commenting, individually, to you all.

Before I get into commenting and the TOTM, permit me to tell you a little of what STARSKY & HUTCH, as a TV show and in fandom, have meant to me. It has meant watching tons of reruns and letting your imagination run wild...even before you knew there was a fandom for it (I did this with STAR TREK as well...before I discovered K/S); it is meeting a lot of great people through letters, stories and artwork; it is getting 'high' on inspiration and encouragement - then, finally, sitting down, writing a story, and having it accepted. A letterzine is not a bad place to start! All of this is the sort of thing that gets the old juices flowing and compels me to sit down and write one a little longer...perhaps more complex... I have many people to thank for my introduction to this fandom. To name a few: Elaine Hauptman, Terri Beckett, Freda Hyatt,[ Melanie Athene ], Sue-Anne Hartwick, Sandi Chapman, Karen Brandl, Sandra Ferriday, Carla (our wonderful Editor #1), DARGELOS (God, her stories and artwork are so moving - she is mostly in CODE 7, put out by Karen Brandl), and Marion Kelly (her SCALES OF JUSTICE is excellently. It has meant having wonderful people offer to copy their fanzines for me or giving advice as to who to write for information, and the fun of ordering all the new ones that are coming out.

Speaking of classic fanzines - DOES ANYONE HAVE; TRACE ELEMENTS, STROKES and GRAVEN IMAGES (forgive my spelling if I spelled that wrong)?? I have heard so very much of these classic S/H zines and I would be willing to pay reasonable price for a good xerox or original. That also goes for any other classic S/H zines. So far I have, in that category, THE WATER IS WIDE, ONE MORE RIVER/ONE MORE MOUNTAIN, 3-11, will have SIDE BY SIDE, and WHO YOU KNOW... by Elaine Hauptman. I also have all three volumes of the CODE 7s. So, please do write and let me know. I will deeply appreciate it!

I loved your comments to LYNN (without the 'e'). I am an incurable romantic, but I have definitely learned, in my published involvement with K/S, and my limited one with S/H, that plot is most important. I have also learned that making an outline is a lot of fun and very helpful! Boy, have I had fun and been helpful to myself!! Now, there remains the task of putting it down on paper!! Gee, I have found another person who loves ancient history!! I have several past lives you may be interested in hearing about! Perhaps someone may take them and write them...perhaps I will...one day. I am also an admirer/student and the '/' pairings in ancient history, and can think of several others never mentioned or thought of...such as Sire Kenneth and Saladin (via SIR WALTER SCOTT'S THE TALISMAN, movie version); HENRY II/THOMAS BECKET (which I am thinking of putting into an adult '/' zine not limited to one particular. Whadda ya think? Oh, and may I ask, where did the idea come from about Sir Kenneth and the blue-eyed renegade Jewish Emir? I like that!! Got anymore?

[Again], I have many American K/S zines...some out of print, and I would be willing to xerox them for you, and provide the postage, in exchange for S/H zines I may not have (I mentioned three previously in my introduction). I don't have many S/H zines, but if I can help there, as well, let me know. I will send a SAE and a $1.00 for postage soon.

[Kathy H]: What a pity that the Swansea convention had to be cancelled, though I'll admit I could see it coming, reading between the lines of some of the letters in the last couple of issues of APB. At least some of us had the London gathering to go to, so all was not lost, but it's still a great big shame. I know I couldn't have got to Swansea anyway, but I can understand how let-down and disillusioned someone would feel after putting all that hard work into organisation, etc only to find it all gone to waste from lack of response. Please don't get too discouraged, Lyndy. I'll come to the next one. I promise. Whatever the date...

[Joan H]: I'm sure you're right about the fact that DS is much more visible than PMG having an effect on the continued fervour and enthusiasm of his fans. Also, even when S&H was current, he had a 'second' career as a singer, which attracted almost a separate section of fans who were more interested in that, and in him personally, than in S&H. PMG has always been less in evidence, even in the press, except perhaps for the period when S&H was at the height of its popularity. That seems to have been his own choice, so I can't argue with it, thought I agree it would be nice to see more of him.[6]

[Lynn C]: No actually, I didn't say I found each S/H story new and different, I said I found something new and different on each S/H story I read. Some of them do tend to be similar, some I don't particularly enjoy but I always find there's something in them that I like.

[Lynn C]: [Regarding the episode "A Body Worth Guarding"]:... a defecting Russian ballerina might have been interesting, no? Instead we have a klutz in full embarrassing flood, and on the soapbox to boot. Just the way to encourage East-West relations, I'd think. Starsky's affectionate tolerance throughout speaks volumes. Does Hutch always act like this when he's in love? The evidence is not reassuring. The man's brain seems to go to mush, and he spouts the most nauseating drivel. I suppose this is the most concrete evidence against S/H during the aired series I have yet seen - I mean, can you imagine him making that red balloon speech (GILLIAN) to his partner? Without Starsky cracking up? Now there's a basis for a story...

[Lyndy H]:

I believe quite a number of people were saddened by Bullet's demise. I fully realize that some people could not attend for genuine reasons - lack of finance, time off from work etc and I certainly don't feel animosity towards anyone in that category. The attitudes I do find rather tasteless are those of the people who stayed away simply because 2. was co-organiser. Oh Debra - I always knew why a DS convention attracts more people than a S&H convention. I just wanted someone else out there to come up with the same answer. Whatever, it's taken a long and sometimes unpleasant time to prove a point. A long time ago I was attacked for stating that main discussions in S&H forums should appertain to S&H only - that S&H forums were created by S&H fans for the sole purpose of discussing the S&H phenomena. I maintained that anyone wishing to discuss or delight in DS or PMG should do so in forums created for the actors themselves. I did not and still do not think my attitude was harsh or in anyway unfair. But, oh boy, did I get it in the neck! "How DARE she say that," was the cry. "What gives HER the right," they demanded, and in defence "we're as much fans of S&H as she is!" The element I politely asked to tone down their enthusiasm over DS began to critisize the POV of 'veteran' S&H fans, the '/' premise was masticated and regarded as perverted trash as were other theories concerning S&H. I defended my POV as best I could but nothing prevented me from being labelled the villain of the peace! Well - I'll survive that, I really don't give a toss, the point I'm making is this - two years on and I'm still as much a fan of S&H as ever. I still subscribe to forums, I still discuss and enjoy the show and its characters as much as ever and I'm still writing vignettes and poetry with as much enthusiasm as I've had for the past 7 or 8 years. But where are all those who attacked me so vehemently for daring to critisize them and their motives two years ago? Where are those people who stated so empathically they were as interested in S&H as I was? I'll tell you where they're not - they're not in S&H fandom, they're in David Soul fandom which is exactly where they were when all this unpleasantness began. I personally believe that the only reason these people ever watched S&H in the first place was to see DS. They certainly weren't interested in the relationship between the two protagonists or any other part of the show either. Still, as I've said all along 'different strokes for different folks'. I'm not going to write an epistle on this matter I've said it all before - we all admire DS for similar and different reasons. Again, all I'm trying to say it, let's get off on Hutch in a S&H forum and Soul in a DS newsletter. It's only logical. The irony of it all is that I was right all along. Two years of hostile exchanges have only taken us back right where we started. These people are not and never were fans of S&H! That fact in itself really isn't-important but wouldn't it have saved a lot of unpleasantness if these people had said a long time ago:

a) 'OK - we realise this is a S&H forum and we prefer to discuss DS so we'll drop out', or

b) 'We'd love to join in so we'll limit out references to DS'.

If either of these paths had been chosen there would have been no hostility and the 'one big family' feeling of the old days could have been maintained.

To briefly answer your point Debra concerning Jackie Allison. Of course I didn't expect her to answer for several hundred people. (God - are there that many?) I realize I'm probably not one of Miss Allison's favourite people but a few words to acknowledge receipt of the flyers and the three letters I forwarded to her would have been common courtesy.


Thanks for the kind words. Sorry, but this witch ain't for burning! I believe the position has been made a lot clearer and I for one now wish to leave the heroics to someone else. I've done my bit and I'm quite satisfied to have proved a point. From now on I intend to get on with the business of continuing to enjoy fandom.


Again, I agree that any split in fandom is unfortunate and I still think there may have been room for S&H fans and DS fans within the fold. Sadly it's much too late though I sometimes wonder if things could have been different if some of the DS fans could have applied a sense of humour and no be soo fiercely protective of their idol.

[Debra W]:

No, it isn't really important whether or not SM is called a 'fan club' - just a personal gripe really, that's all. It isn't the title I'd use, and it doesn't really do the group justice...aside from that, it's as good as any description, I guess. However - are you sure what I said about SM in my last letter is what you've been "maintaining for a long time"? I'm not! If that is truly what you've been trying to say, I don't think you made the point very clearly. While it's true that some SM members did for a time, become involved in contributing to l-zines and the like and then chose to 'leave', that surely doesn't prove that all SM members feel the same way about fandom, or about S&H for that matter. Not all fans choose to express their enthusiasm about things in the same way; there are people in SM who are fans of S&H, but who are not interested in 1-zines...that doesn't mean they are any less loyal to the show. And can you explain to me why any; SM member should want or need to "attack" me for "daring" to speak what is quite simply, the truth? If you really believe that could happen, then you do not know the people that you're taking about at all!


I'd like to make one thing clear; I have never said that "most Soul Mates members are not involved any more with fandom..." What I have tried to point out is that most SM members have never become involved with the 1-zines and Cons side of S&H fandom, for their own reasons, but that there are still many people in SM who do regard themselves as S&H fans. I must agree that there is no need at all for the two groups (i.e. fandom and SM) to be separated in all things} there are so many things we could share, if only attitudes would change a little. Perhaps that will happen in time, we will see. I live in hope!

[Jay F]: Your comment about 'other TV characters' being 'to blame' for the shortage of S&H fiction, and authors 'wandering' into 'fringes' sounds rather narrow-minded, as if we are straying from the One True Religion! I'd be surprised if the majority of S&H fans started out as S&H fans: a lot of people were originally in STAR TREK fandom, and I personally began watching S&H from episode one in the hope that it would be about another 'relationship' like Napolean & Illya, Spock|Kirk & Spock, Tony & Doug, Scarlet & Blue - to name but the best preceding examples. I was right, but loving S&H didn't preclude my still appreciating the other shows, nor vice versa. I don't write S&H fiction these days (not that I ever did much) for the same reason as I gave up writing STAR TREK. The good ideas seem to have all been used up, most of them by people who can do it so much better than I could. It's as simple as that.

Issue 38 Fiction Supplement

APB 38 Fiction Supplement was published in February 1986 and contains 23 pages. It was edited by Jan Daniels.

front cover of issue #38 supplement

It contains two stories,:

  • And Puppy Dogs Tails by Lyndy Harding (A story about Starsky and Hutch meeting as children.) (1)
  • The Very Same by J.B. Birch (A vignette written so that the reader assumes it's Starsky and Hutch as gravediggers in 1820s Edinburgh, but in fact the two characters are Burke and Hare.) (21)


  1. ^ from Universal Translator #26
  2. ^ This comment was in K/S & K.S. (Kindred Spirits) #17.
  3. ^ from S and H #22 (June 1981)
  4. ^ from Between Friends #10 (July 1985)
  5. ^ There were NEVER "hundreds."
  6. ^ There were many comments in "APB" about the lower visibility of Paul Michael Glaser (the actor who portrayed David Starsky). What fans did not know, was that the actor's personal life was in turmoil due to tragedy.