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Title: APB
Editor(s): Carla Salveta, Janice Daniels and Jacky Birch
Type: letterzine/newsletter
Date(s): spring 1981 to at least spring 1985 [1]
Frequency: monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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APB is a mostly gen Starsky and Hutch newsletter centered around fandom in the UK.

There were at least two issues by June 1981 and it ran for a number of years, at least until 1985. In total, there were 38 issues.

Carla Salveta then went on to publish the letterzines Mixed Doubles and Late for Breakfast, and Jacky Birch began Torino Times.

The submission requests in the letterzine, S and H: "Britain's 1st S&H newsletter. Strictly S&H, no aliens; cartoons, poems, letters, artwork, photos, DobeyCon 3 news. 50p/issue + 14p stamp; US &1/issue + 2 IRCs."

Despite the editor's plans to have this letterzine be strictly gen, an ad in 1985 noted that it "may contain some non-explicit same-sex material on occasion." [2] A fan in late 1985, just as the letterzine ended, commented elsewhere that "Carla does not mind if you discuss as Elaine [in Between Friends] did." [3]

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A Submission Request

From Between Friends #4: "A new British Professionals/S&H letterzine. Now looking for your letters, artwork, reviews, articles, short stories, poetry, whatever."

Reactions and Reviews

That of the fifty recipients of APB only twenty replied does not indicate anything fundamentally lacking in fandom. Not necessarily. If I were you I would be questioning rather your letterzine yourself, and asking whether it is what people want. THIS letterzine, S and H, has been immensely successful because it provides a free, frank and totally unbiased exchange of views. We all contribute and float the wackiest ideas without fear of editorial intervention. APB would benefit from that kind of editorial philosophy. I know that there are several people who have decided not to contribute or subscribe to APB because you have made your own standpoint clear. You will not discuss S/H and refuse to entertain ‘aliens’ even for the save of comparison… Also, you should try to resist the temptation of interjecting your own remarks into other people’s letters. If the S&H l/z editors do that, it’s for a reason. They exercise a great deal of restraint. Naturally, it is your right to make comments as and when you will, but it does distract from the purpose of the letterzine if it merely becomes a parade of your own witticisms. [4]
Very interesting topic this month. By the way, I just had the pleasure of reading our cousins-across-the-sea's l/z APB, and was impressed by the level of discussion, with both an episode of the month and topic of the month in each issue, and they still manage to say 'Hi' to each other. [5]


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