Off the Record (Starsky & Hutch zine)

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Title: Off the Record
Publisher: Magic Carpet Press (UK)
Date(s): July 1985
Medium: print
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Off the Record is a 20-page digest-sized non-explicit Starsky/Hutch zine with fiction, poetry, and art.

front cover

The fiction and poetry is by Sandi Chapman, and the art is by Calypso.

There were 50 copies printed.

This zine was a supplement to Intermission #2 which the editors declined to sell separately from "Off the Record." [1]


  • Guilty, poem (2)
  • The Anniversary, vignette (3)
  • The Last Time, poem (4)
  • Hidden Scars, fiction (5)
  • art by Calypso (8)
  • Night Thoughts, vignette (12)
  • Morning, poem (13)
  • Crescendo, poem (13)
  • art by Calypso (13)
  • Wide Blue Yonder, fiction (14)
  • Unicorn, poem (18)
  • an ad for a proposed letterzine called "Arcanum"

Sample Interior

Ad for the Proposed Letterzine: "Arcanum"

letterzine flyer

Magic Carpet Press requests the pleasure of your company in ARCANUM.

A new, bi-monthly letterzine dedicated to the exploration and enjoyment of the "oblique" premise.

All characters are welcome -- Starsky & Hutch, Professionals, Brothers, even Dynasty -- whether from T.V., films or books. Write and share your favourite pairings with us, when you first became aware of the relationship and (if possible) why. Tell us about your favourite books or films on the subject.

We need letters, poetry, artwork, fiction, ads, reviews, and anything else that you want to share.

Deadline for issue one will be 25th April.


Contributions/Orders to Sandi Chapman.

N.B. For those who feel it necessary, pen-names will be respected.


  1. ^ according to ads in Mixed Doubles #6 and APB #35