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Title: Handcuffs
Publisher: from the UK
Editor(s): Lyndy Harding and Stephanie "Tiger" Jones
Date(s): it ceased publication in December 1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Language: English
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All that is known of Handcuffs is that it was a Starsky & Hutch letterzine published in the UK that ceased publication in Jan/February 1983 and that it was advertised in You and I.

Fans in Shootout #1 (1983) mentioned it, saying it was "late, lamented" and hoped other letterzines didn't end up like "poor "Handcuffs." Another fan in Between Friends #6 (1984) referred to it as "short-lived and much missed."

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There were six issues in total.

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  • Wanna Share?? (German language) (Sept. 1995-April 1998) (gen, non-explicit slash)
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Issue 1

Handcuffs 1

Issue 2

Handcuffs 2

Issue 3

Handcuffs 3

Issue 4

Handcuffs 4

Issue 5

Handcuffs 5

Issue 6

Handcuffs 6 was published in December 1982.

  • Season of..., poem by Terri Beckett (reprinted in APB #33)
  • other unknown content